Breeding School…

By: KibaSin

Summary: They all go to a special school, where secrets are held, and magical things take place. The older students say nothing, so they are all left in the dark, but there is something strange about this school; Breeding School High… SessXKag

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Rating: M

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Chapter 1 – Letters

Her shoes tapped against the concrete sidewalk as she continued home for the night. It wasn't unnatural that she'd be found walking from her friends to the shrine her family lived during the summer months. After all, school had been out for a while and Higurashi Kagome had been happy that it was. It was too bad that it was soon coming to an end and she'd be shipped off to the boarding school that she and her cousin, Kikyo, were locked away within – of course, a couple of her friends went their as well. She knew it was only for the best, since she could hurt a lot of people with the hidden powers she held.

It was a shame that summer was over, though. It'd gone by so quickly… and she was somewhat saddened that she wouldn't be able to help her mother around the shrine, watch her little brother go to his public school, or help her grandfather around the house when it came to his youkai exorcisms. Sure, sometimes it could be hectic around the shrine, but other then that she was just happy that she could be around her family.

Autumn leaves fell around her, each falling onto the sidewalk before her shoes stepped onto them, crunching them down into little pieces. The wind picked up, blowing her hair to the side, before she reached up to pull it back out of her face. It really didn't bother her, in fact she liked the wind, but as she continued forward, she held her hair back to keep it in place. Still, golden, brown, red, and yellow leaves began falling around her, yet each one never touched her as she turned toward the steps that led up to the level piece of ground the Higurashi Shrine was located on.

Sighing, Kagome glanced up at the dusking sun, before returning her attention to the long set of steps. Of course, there was this little voice in the back of her head that continued to talk about how she wished the days had lasted longer. Maybe it was because she'd been having fun with her friends, and hanging out with her family, but either way the summer was now at an end and come Monday she would be shipped off to that stupid boarding school once again. Well, unless her mother had decided that because she'd gained enough control that she could go to a public school, but she doubted her mother would allow her to even step foot inside of one with all the youkai that would be present.

Her mother was just trying to help, but she wished that for once she wouldn't have to go back… She knew that she could cause a lot of damage to the youkai community, but she promised many times that she wouldn't hurt anyone. That if she could she wouldn't use her powers at all – her mother knew that she meant it, but she was always sent away as if it would help her for something her mother wanted to happen when she got older. Well, here she was, older, and nothing had happened so far.

She climbed the steps with ease, each one that would have been trouble for someone who had first arrived. However, she'd lived there all her life and climbing the many steps was really easy. By the time she'd reached the top of the steps it was time for her to be on the shrine grounds, just like every other day, since her mother wanted her home at a certain time. She never got into trouble unless she was over twenty minutes late, or if she snuck out to be with Sango and Miroku, which she barely ever did.

With about the same energy she had from when she was told she needed to leave Sango's, Kagome moved over the cobblestone covered ground toward the front door. What she didn't expect, however, was for her mother to be standing there, a slight smile on her face, a twinkle in her eye. That meant she wasn't in trouble, but then why was her mother waiting for her? Her mother barely ever waited for her unless she had done something she wasn't supposed to, like gone out when she was told she couldn't go. Well, that wasn't the case, so that meant her mother might have some good news…

Mrs. Higurashi smiled when Kagome moved past her with a curious gaze. After she was inside, she moved to motion for her daughter to go into the kitchen where she sat on one of the chairs, before smiling brightly at the younger woman. Kagome didn't know it yet, but she wouldn't be going back to that boarding school she hated so much. She'd only sent Kagome there because that's where most of their family went before they were transferred to another school, one filled with magic and wonder. The name was the strangest thing about it, but none of the students actually figured out why it was called that until to late because of the spell that the teachers had placed over the walls. Still, though she was going to tell her daughter that she was going to go to a place known as 'Breeding School High', she wasn't going to tell her what was in store for her in the springtime. No, her daughter would learn that when she was given a 'partner' and sent into a room where either they mated freely, or the strange liquid they gave them caused them to go into a mating frenzy, where they learned later that they couldn't leave each other because of another factor inside of that strange liquid substance. However, she also knew her daughter would be happy to know that it wasn't only ningen, and a few youkai that went to the school, but tons of ningen, youkai, and hanyou. Yes, her daughter would be very happy to hear this, though she might not like everyone who went to the school with her.

Glancing up at her mother, Kagome watched as she placed an envelope on the table. It was the strangest thing, but she was slightly happy that whatever it was she wasn't in trouble. Yes, because it meant that she wasn't going to have to clean the entire house or something within two days. Still, what importance did that envelope hold? Her answer was given when her mother held up the contents of the letter, allowing them to wave a little bit. Still, she asked, "Mother, um… is something wrong?"

Mrs. Higurashi shook her head, before replying, "Iie, nothing wrong, Kagome. I do have great news, though, dear!" Her daughter was probably confused beyond reason, but for right now she was happy that her little Kagome was so oblivious about what she was going to tell her. After all, she always did love shocking her children.

Kagome glanced at the paper again, before saying, "You do?" Her voice wandered off a little, as her mother began reading what was within her hand. Her curious only rose with each word until her mother came to the end, and happiness swelled within her veins.


"Miroku, knock it off," Sango hissed. He was really the only reason she'd reminded Kagome that she needed to get home soon or get into trouble. His hentai ways were going to get him hurt one day, since she wasn't sick of him touching her per se, but she was sick of him touching others while she was around. Still, as he grabbed onto her ass once more she allowed her hand to fly, striking him across the face with enough force to leave a nice red mark. She knew that she'd hit him harder if they weren't alone at the moment, but she was ready to strike him again before her mother stepped into the room.

Miroku quickly pulled away, smiling up at the older woman. He listened as she told him that his mother had just called and he needed to go home, but really he merely watched her face. However, after she was done, he turned to Sango and said, "It is clearly obvious where you obtained your beauty, Sango. I will forever be grateful to your parents for allowing you to come into existence…" He was going to continue when he felt something hard slap him in the arm.

Sango's mother, Mrs. Taijiya, tilted the pan she held toward the left, warning the young boy to continue. However, when he gave her that innocent smile, she said, "Not today Miroku. Now, go on, your parents are waiting for you. They have something important to tell you, and I need to speak with my daughter." She watched as the boy stood only to bow a little, before moving toward the door. She rolled her eyes when he blew a kiss, before turning back to her little Sango.

Sango gazed up at her in mild confusion, before saying, "Mom, is there something wrong? Does it have to do with dad…? I mean I know his flight was cancelled but…"

"Oh, iie, this has nothing to do with your father, Sango," she replied. "I merely wanted that hentai boy out of this house before I told you the name of your new school. After all, I know him and I also know a few of the things he would have said… that little—"

Allowing her confusion to stay, Sango said, "I'm going to a new school? But what about my friends, mom! I don't want to go!"

A laugh stopped her, as her mother continued, "Iie, iie, Sango! I've been talking to my friends, you know, the parents to your friends, and they all said that they received the same letter today. You'll all be going to the same place. So you don't have to worry about leaving your friends behind."

"Great," Sango smiled. However, she was still confused, and said, "So, I'm not going back to that lame boarding school? I don't even see why you continued to send me there, mom. Don't you get about twenty phone calls about my behavior?"

Mrs. Taijiya nodded, before saying, "I also get about three letters stating that if it doesn't change you won't be allowed to return, Sango. However, they couldn't afford that since I did pay a lot of money in order to keep you there. Now, though, I won't have to pay anything but a simple twenty dollars. Still, you must promise me that you won't get into too much trouble. A lot of the teachers are youkai and they won't allow you to get away with all the things you did."

Sango nodded, "Yeah, sure, mom. I mean as long as I don't have to go back to… what was it called again?"

Her mother laughed again, before going to retreive the letter. Once she returned she began to read it to her, leaving out a few important details that only she needed to know. Of course, she'd gone to the same place when she was younger, since the school usually picked students out of certain family lines. Only when they thought a new family line was needed they'd go out personally to the family and talk to them about it. From what the letter said about thirty new family lines were issued, one of them being Miroku's. For that she was slightly glad, since the boy would make a good match with her violent daughter.


Smirking, Sesshoumaru allowed his hand to glide silently behind his half-brother's head, before pushing it into his blow of ramen. He would always enjoy tormenting his brother; it was a shame though that he wasn't allowed to kill him. He'd love to get that opportunity. However, as his younger hanyou brother trashed around in his noodles he allowed his smirk to grow, before Inuyasha's head shot up from the bowl, his eyes turning to glare at him. Sesshoumaru didn't allow this to affect him, no, he merely said, "Real smooth, hanyou. I think you'd win the contest for staying inside your bowl the longest inside this house."

"Shut up, Sesshoumaru," Inuyasha growled. He allowed his ears to fall back against his head, before letting out another growl of anger. However, he soon turned back to his ramen dinner, and slurped the contents of the bowl into his mouth, his ears standing up in happiness. Soon afterward they twitched toward the door, listening as their father, a taiyoukai, and a businessman, walked into the room a smile on his face.

"Father?" Sesshoumaru asked, not wanting to know if they were in trouble. Usually their father only beamed in such a way when he'd thought up the perfect punishment for them. Which wasn't really against his nature, since youkai liked to bring forth pain in others, and punishing their children could be hard if they didn't bring down enough force. That, after all, was how younger youkai usually learned who was the alpha inside a household.

Inu shook his head in amusement, knowing full well what his oldest was thinking. However, he merely held up the piece of paper he held, and shook it a little in defense. "You're not in trouble, my boys. I merely wanted to tell you about something that came in the mail concerning you two today."

Inuyasha looked over at his elder brother for a moment. However, he sighed when he saw that Sesshoumaru was merely giving off the same blank stare that he usually did. It was obvious the older full-blooded inuyoukai wasn't going to be any help to him. So, he slurped up the piece of ramen between his chopsticks, before saying, "So, what's it about, dad? Or are you going to leave us in the dark?"

"Well, according to the letter I got you two have been selected to go to a school I went to when I was your age," he replied. "They have one of the best educations in Nihon, and I'm proud to say that when you return you'll both be… well, different then how you are now."

Sighing, Sesshoumaru said, "So, in other words, we are in trouble?"

Inuyasha glanced at him, before saying, "Be glad we don't have to go back to that fucking prep school we went to last year. After all the stuff you did to get me in trouble I'll be glad to go to a new school."

Sesshoumaru locked eyes with him, giving him a smirk, before saying, "You know full well you did all those things, half-breed." He knew he was lying, but his scent never changed so his father would believe him.

Still, when Inu smiled a little brighter at the idea, Sesshoumaru continued, saying, "This Sesshoumaru does not like that look, father." That he was being honest with. He did not like it when their father beamed at them so. It made him feel like he was in a small room with a light being shined directly into his face.

Their father sighed, before saying, "You'll never be able to trust this old man, will you? Even after I try so hard to keep you two happy and still you can't find any bit of trust within you for your father?"

They took another glance at each other, before shaking their heads. They didn't expect it to happen, but at the same time, they said, "Iie."

Lifting his nose into the air, Inu said, "Well then, I'll leave you with the knowledge you now hold and allow you to find out Monday where you're going. However, I feel I should share some good news with you. Do not be surprised my boys when you come home with the perfect person on your arm." With that he turned on his heel and moved out of the room with grace you could only be born with.

Allowing his chopsticks to swirl around his noodles, Inuyasha glanced at Sesshoumaru, before saying, "Do you have any idea what that was all about? Why the hell would we want to come home with a person on our arm?"

Giving him a more serious look, Inuyasha said, "Do you think he's finally lost it, Sesshoumaru?" When his brother merely shrugged, he turned back to his bowl and began slurping up his ramen once more. However, what he didn't expect was for his brother to speak after he'd thought over the questions he'd shot at him.

"This Sesshoumaru does not know, Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru said.

However, when his brother shook his head, he allowed his hand to slip behind his head once more. When he wasn't paying attention he knocked his face back into his bowl, and let out a small chuckle. "You should learn to never give your opponent an opening, Inuyasha. You are a baka for not storing what our father has taught us into that thick head of yours." He knew Inuyasha had heard him for his ears were still sticking out of the flavored water.

Bubbles rose around Inuyasha's head as he growled. However, when he said, "Waaaahyy yoooo" Sesshoumaru merely smirked again. After he'd had his fun he moved away from his younger brother, moving toward the door to disappear into the hallway.


"So I'm going to a school with the name 'breeding' in it?" Miroku blinked. His mind was a little confused, but he smiled when he thought of all the things the name pointed to. However, he looked toward his elder brother, listening to him as he wrapped his arm tighter around his girlfriend's shoulder.

"Stop being such a pervert, Miroku," the boy hissed. He held onto his newest girlfriend, before continuing, "Its only a school! Do you have to make everything with some strange name sound so sick? I'm ashamed to even call you my brother…" Shaking his head, he turned his head away from the younger boy, continuing to watch the TV as his girlfriend leaned against him.

His mother nodded, saying, "Hai, don't get the wrong impression because of the name, Miroku. I've talked to the headmistress, and a very perverted person named the school long ago. It was founded by a woman, but years later, when it was being remodeled, the name was changed and since then they haven't found a reason to change it since it allows them to keep unwanted visitors away."

"Of course, mother," Miroku smiled. However, his mother merely shook her head, knowing full well that what she had just said went into one ear and straight out the other. Miroku was always like that when it came to his lecherous ways.


"Dear Mrs. Higurashi,

We are proud to say that your daughter had been selected to go to 'Breeding School High.' Of course the name is just a name, and shouldn't be taken in the wrong way. We have an extra high education standard then most schools and hope you allow your daughter to attend this year.

We will only need a few items brought to the school, for their teachers will give the rest to the students. Within the school walls we have all the children spilt into three

groups. These groups will be symbolized by different colors. Art, will be green. Drama shall be white. Music shall be gold. All children shall be placed within a different category.

You daughter, who is known well in school for her artistic talents, shall be placed within the art section. This will require you to buy a green cape, and have your daughter pay $20 for the necklace/bracelet/headband that comes with the subject," Mrs. Higurashi held out a piece of paper to Kagome, allowing her to see the difference between the necklace, bracelet, and headband. She knew there really wasn't anything different about them. All of them were simply a certain size silver square plate with a piece of large fabric attached to the sides so they were easy to tie together. It held a small-engraved paintbrush in the middle, a small circular symbol hidden behind it. She, herself, had gotten the headband when she was within the school and she still had it. However, unlike Kagome she had been in the music section.

As her mother continued to read, Kagome decided that she liked to necklace the best. Of course it really wasn't a necklace, but it looked cool, and from the picture it would hang around her neck a little, settled against her clothing to tell everyone that she was an art student.

"We hope to see your daughter walking our halls after summer, and we will love to have her. As you know the students will stay at school until the end of the year, but they will be given certain dates where they do not have to attend classes, and may walk the campus," Mrs. Higurashi ended by saying the name of the headmistress, a good friend of hers in fact, by the name of 'Professor Ivy'. After she finished she smiled at Kagome, before saying, "So, what do you think?"

"I'm all with it, mom," Kagome smiled. As long as she didn't have to go back to that boarding school she'd be fine. However, she was really looking forward to the art program, since she'd been told about that first. She'd get two hours of art class each day with a woman by the name of Mrs. Parker. Still, when she got there it might be fun to find out why the school had such a strange name, even though her mother had told her about the hentai man who'd changed it. She had a funny feeling her mother was lying a little.

"Well, I've already bought you you're cape, which has a hood as well. I've also bought you a cloak in black, one in purple, and one in green. Each, Kagome, have your name embroidered into the inside fabric, so you won't have to worry about anyone stealing from you. Oh, and I've packed most of your belongings, as well as a couple of new things I bought," she said.

"You didn't have to mom," Kagome said.

"I wanted to, dear," Mrs. Higurashi replied. She smiled once more, moving away from Kagome, allowing her to think over most of what she'd told her. She knew her daughter would be in for a big surprise when they told them that they were going to be 'partnered' up in the spring, only to find out that she was going to either mate with a youkai, or have sex with another male. However, she was sure that Ivy would give her daughter a youkai mate because of her attitude. That wouldn't be so bad as long as Kagome could learn to love him, and respected him somewhat. Still, it would be funny when her daughter came home yelling about how she should have mentioned why the school was called 'Breeding School High'. After all, that's what she had done when she brought home Kagome's father.