Lori and Kolulu

'Oh, what am I going to do? I can't just tell her that I'm a mamodo, because I don't want her to get involved in any of this,' Kolulu thought to herself. 'What should I do? ... Hey, I'm hungry. Maybe I'll refresh my mind after I've had something to eat. Or I could ... Yeah! That's what I'll do!' "Lori, I'm going to the kitchen to get a bite to eat."

"But what about my question?"

"I'll answer it later," Kolulu said nervously.

Lori was a little confused about the way her 'little sister' was behaving. "Was it something I said that got her all worried?" she thought out loud.

Meanwhile, Kolulu was coming out of the kitchen very slowly and quietly with a frying pan in her hand. She snuck up behind Lori and thought, 'Lori, I'm sorry, but it's for the best,' then BANG! Kolulu hit Lori on the head with all of her might.

"Whoa, what was that?" Lori said a little dizzy. "I think I need to lay down for a while." Then, led by Kolulu, she went to her room and slowly went to sleep.

Kolulu closed the door to the room they both shared and let out a big sigh of relief. "That was so close! I actually thought I had to tell her what I really am, for a moment! Good thing I'm a fast thinker, but I don't know if I hit her too hard with the frying pan. I really hope not."

Four hours later ...

Lori got out of bed and looked at the clock, which read 5:51, and said, "Yes! I finally woke up before the alarm rang! Hey, Kolulu, wake up, this is great! I-- Kolulu? Where are you?"

From seemingly out of nowhere, Kolulu shouted, "I'm in the living room!"

"Kolulu, I woke up before the alarm on my clock rang, isn't that great? The clock said it was 5:51, and the alarm rings at 6:10!" Lori said, all excited.

"I don't mean to dissapoint you, but it isn't 5:51 in the morning, it's 5:51 in the afternoon. And it's not tomorrow yet."

Lori was speechless.

"Sorry ..."

Lori was now thinking that she'll never get over her disappointment, but then she remembered the 'crazy dream' she had. "Kolulu! I just remembered, I had the craziest dream ever! Want to hear it?"


"Okay, so I had just finished waking up at one fourty-eight, kind of weird, right? When the front door rang. When I opened the door, guess who was there."

"Your parents?" Kolulu guessed wrong on purpose, because she didn't want to tell Lori that it wasn't a dream, but that it had actually happened.

"Nope. It was Megumi!"

"No way!" Kolulu said sarcastically.

"Yes way! And she was with her, partner, was it? Yeah, her partner, and then they both started singing this outrageously weird song called the Thirteen Days of Christmas. It was weird, I tell you. Then they started fighting because they thought the song had come out bad. Then... Then I woke up, I think. I know it's a little hard to believe, but in dreams, anything is possible, right?"

"Oh, I believe you, all right," Kolulu said.

"Wait! I just remembered! I have to go wrap the presents I got you! While I go wrap your presents for tomorrow, you go do whatever it is you do while I'm at school, okay?"

"Okay," Kolulu said as she went to her room, but then, she remembered something important: the Christmas tree. "Lori! We don't have a Christmas tree! Where are we going to put all our presents under? And where's Santa going to put all our presents? We don't even have huge stockings!"

"You're right! Santa is going to need a place to put all of our presents. I've been extra good this year," Lori said with a smile, because she still believed in Santa. You'd think she wouldn't, because she's eleven, but in Lori World, anything can happen, just like in dreams. "Kolulu! I've got a very important job for you! Go to a store, any store, that sells Christmas trees, and buy the first good tree you that see. Wait, trees cost a lot of money, so just forget that idea. New job: Go outside with my dad's axe, it's in the hall closet, and chop down a medium-sized tree. Oh, but a little seven year old girl cant use an axe ... Hm ... Oh! I know! Use my extra sharp cloth cutting scissors! On second thought, use my old scissors that cut paper but not skin, and get some duck tape,just in case the scissors try to fly out of your hands and hurt you. The supplies are inside one of the cabinets in the kitchen."

"Which cabinet? Your kitchen has more than a dozen cabinets! And why would scissors try to fly out of my hands?"

Lori thought for a while before saying, "It's a long story... And I don't remember which cabinet. Just check in all of them."

"But there's a ton of stuff in each of them! How am I supposed to find a pair of scissors and some tape in more than a dozen cabinets which are filled with more things than just food? Once I saw a rat coming out of one! And I'm scared of rats! They're ugly!"

"No they're not, they're cute. Just go find the scissors and the tape while I go wrap your presents."

"But ... Okay," Kolulu agreed reluctantly. When she was in the kitchen, she thought out loud, "Who thinks rats are cute? And who puts them in cabinets? And why would scissors want to hurt people? I don't even want to know what she did to them. I just have to find the evil scissors and duck tape, and get out. I hope I come out alive."

Meanwhile, Lori was looking everywhere for Kolulu's presents. "Where could they be? What did I do with them? Okay, first, I went to Dollar Tree and bought two coloring books, a box of colored pencils, a snow scooper, a butterfly net, a small colored pencil case, wrapping paper, a packet of batteries, and aluminum foil. Then I got lost and went to the tent of Zofis, the fortune teller, put my bags on the floor, then when I left ... When I left, I forgot to pick up the bags! Oh, no! This is just great! Now what am I going to get her? I know she expects at least one present from me, and a ton from Santa, but when she goes to the tree and sees that I forgot to get her a present, what will she say? Oh, I know what she'll say: 'Lori, why didn't you get your little sister a present?' And then she'll run off to her room crying and lock the door. Or maybe she'll say: 'Lori, it doesn't matter. You didn't have to buy me a present if you didn't want to waste your parents' money. I understand.' But still, I don't want to take that chance. I better find something good for her soon."

Then Lori heard a little scratch at the door. "What was that?" She slowly opened the door and hoped for the best, but no one was there. When she was about to close the door, she heard a soft meowing sound and looked down. "A kitty! How cute! What are you doing out in the snow all alone, little one? You need a warm home with a family to love and care for you."

The black and white kitten meowed, and Lori picked it up and brought it inside. "You know, I should get you a can of moist chicken and tuna flavored cat food. You do like that flavor, don't you?"

Lori waited for an answer, but the kitten just kept on staring at her with a blank look. "I'll take that as a yes. 'Besides, it's the only flavor I've got.' Okay, you just stay here while I go get you the food."

At the kitchen, Kolulu was balancing on a chair that was on top of a stool that was on top of a box of Fruit Loops. She slowly and carefully opened the last cabinet, hoping to find the supplies and at the same time ready to attack a rat, when Lori came in unexpectedly and tapped her shoulder.

"Yikes!" Kolulu jumped up three feet in the air and hit her head on the ceiling, making a huge hole in it. When she tried to balance herself on the chair, the stool decided to crunch down on the fruit loops, making poor Kolulu slip and fall on the floor face-first.

"Oh, my. Kolulu, are you okay?" Lori asked.

Rubbing her head, Kolulu answered, "Yeah, I think so."

"What were you doing up there? Didn't you know you could've gotten hurt. Actually, you did get hurt."

"I'm sorry. I was just looking for the scissors and tape you asked me to get. I'm too short to reach the cabinets from here, so I had to balance on three things so I'd be tall enough. That was going to be the final cabinet left to check in."

"The last cabinet? Wow, it took you five minutes to check in all of them? It took me nearly a week when I was your age. And I just remembered where the supplies are: the supply closet."

"The supply closet. Oh, why couldn't you have remembered four minutes ago, before a rat growled at me and that awful snake almost bit me?" Kolulu whined.

"My parents always said: 'Stop whining. If you do it too much, you're going to get drunk.' Just go get the tape and scissors so you can cut down our Christmas tree, okay?"


When Kolulu was out of the kitchen, Lori opened the refrigerator door and got a can of moist chicken and tuna flavored cat food, and brought it back to the kitten.

As Lori watched the kitten eat so eagerly, she thought, 'You will be my present to Kolulu this Christmas.'


Ha ha, this story is getting wierd. I couldn't update until now because me computer had a virus. I tried to destroy the virus, but the more I tried to help, the worse the problem got. I guess that explainswhy my parents never let me help when there's a problem ...