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Chloe stared blankly at the computer screen in front of her. Chloe had been having a feeling of restlessness for the past week. She couldn't explain why though. After all, she'd finally landed that job she'd been vying for since she was born. Chloe Sullivan was now a reporter for the Daily Planet. She was currently assigned to write obituaries. Her interview for the job had been a weird one to say the least. They asked her to write her own obituary, but to be completely honest about it. Basically, she needed to write her life story and what she'd hope to accomplish before she died. It had been a shockingly depressing assignment. She'd had the realization that there was nothing really in her life. For so long she'd tied herself to working on the school paper. The only boy she'd ever been in love with was currently involved with Lana Lang. Try as she might, Chloe hadn't ever been able to move past Clark Kent. Her love life was a void, an arid lifeless expanse of desert.

After writing her own obituary and realizing what a sad state her life had become she decided she needed to get out there. She would throw herself into Metropolis and all the various activities the city had to offer. So far she'd had no luck. Lots of people were dying in Metropolis lately and she'd had little time off work. It didn't help that she couldn't concentrate either. Her mind seemed more alert and yet somehow she couldn't work. She felt excited and exuberant for no reason and it annoyed her.

A shadow loomed in her doorway and a voice broke into her thoughts.

"Chloe, what are you still doing here?" Lex Luthor called to Chloe.

"You scared me, Lex!" Chloe chastised him.

"Sorry," Lex didn't sound even remotely sorry.

"I have to finish this last obit and then I'll be free to go."

"Are you in jail? Don't sound so enthusiastic about your job, Chloe. I might start to think you regretted accepting the position." Lex said in his trademark dull voice.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Shocking as it may be, I would like to do other things than write all the time. Writing about death tends to get a little depressing after a while."

"You know how it goes, Chloe. You have to work your way up. Even if you are a friend of the boss." Lex smiled at her as he said it. Chloe noticed his smile. It was a great smile. Lex looked more human, more approachable when he smiled. Unthinking, she smiled back.

Lex paused as he saw Chloe's smile. He'd been seeking her out lately and that disconcerted him. Chloe was a friend and a great reporter. He didn't want to lose her by trying to be more than that, even if he wanted her desperately.

"Helluuuuuu…Chloe I-" Genevieve, Chloe's friend and fellow reporter, stopped talking when she saw Lex standing next to Chloe in her small cubicle. "Hello, Mr. Luthor. How are you?"

"Good, thank you. I was actually just leaving," Lex nodded at Genevieve. "Miss Sullivan have a good night." Lex insisted on being formal with her around other employees. He didn't want them to think he'd hired Chloe for anything other than her writing skills.

"Why does he do that?" Genevieve asked Chloe as she sat one hip on the edge of Chloe's desk.

"Do what?" Chloe asked distracted.

"He tries to act like you two don't already know each other," Genevieve shook her head, "It's not like I'm stupid. You're both from Smallville, you both know Clark Kent and I've seen you two talk to each other. It's downright insulting, is what it is."

"Oh, Lex! I don't know why he does that. I assume it's because he owns the paper and doesn't want any sort of scandal or anything." Chloe shrugged. "It doesn't really matter anyway."

"Hmm….I think it matters, but I'm willing to let it go." Genevieve told Chloe.

"How noble of you." Chloe said.

"I try. That's what friends are for right?" Genevieve joked. "So are you coming out with us tonight? It'll be fun. We're going to try this new bar. It's supposedly the coolest place in Metropolis. It's called 'Lusanna'. Jack went a couple nights ago and said it was killer." Genevieve informed her.

Chloe wanted to build a social life and she knew this was a good opportunity to start.

"When do we leave?" Chloe answered quickly, shocking Genevieve.

"Right now." She said with a huge grin. "I'm so glad your coming!"

"Wait! Don't I need to change? These aren't exactly bar clothes." Chloe gestured to her black skirt and simple white t-shirt.

"You look hot like that! Are you kidding? Guys are gawking at you all the time. Besides, it's just a few people that are going. No one you need to worry about impressing. Lex Luthor won't be at the club, so it'll be fine." Genevieve informed her.

"I guess so," Chloe stood up to go, "And I don't ever feel the need to impress Mr. Luthor. Except with my mad writing skills of course."

A brightly lit sign marked the entrance to the club. 'Lusanna' glowed brightly in shades of neon. While they were waiting in line Chloe looked around. She studied her surroundings. That ever-present feeling of restlessness grew stronger. The feeling intrigued her. The feeling was a detached sensation, almost like she wasn't the one feeling it. But nonetheless she found herself fidgeting because of it. Along with the restlessness was a sense of doom, of foreboding. There was something going wrong, but she couldn't pinpoint the place or for whom. Briefly she entertained the idea that she was becoming psychic. That was such a ridiculous a thought that she smiled to herself.

She gasped softly as she felt a surge of lust surge through her. Chloe looked around her to see if anyone had noticed, but no one had. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine that feeling again. It had felt so real and so specific. The lust had been aimed at someone particular. Who she wasn't sure, she just knew it was the strongest sensation so far.

The line moved slowly forward and Chloe found herself thinking about the lust. She thought about it and examined it. It had been a very specific feeling for a certain person, but she had the distinct feeling that it was aimed at an unknown person. An ideal of what one would consider the perfect mate. But that made no sense because everybody knows there is no such thing as the perfect mate. Everyone has flaws and problems. Still, she couldn't shake the feeling. The more she thought about it the more Chloe decided she must just need to get layed.

"Come on. Let's go." Genevieve pulled Chloe's arm as the bouncer let them into the bar. The atmosphere was not what Chloe had been expecting. The lights were soft and the room was dim. The music didn't have such a loud bass that the windows were shaking. Instead the music was a haunting melody, but still with a beat that you could dance to. Immediately Chloe decided she liked the place. Inexplicaby she felt at home here. And the last thing Chloe expected to feel at a bar was at ease.

"Jack and Melanie aren't here yet. Shocking, I know. I'm going to get something to drink." Genevieve told Chloe. "You want anything?"

"Surprise me." Chloe said with a shrug. She didn't really drink that often so she had no idea what she should order.

Genevieve walked off leaving Chloe alone. She walked over to a space where there were chairs and sat down. The chair was comfortable and Chloe relaxed into it. Her body became boneless as she listened to the music and emptied her mind of any thoughts.

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