Authors Note: Ahh! The sweet victory of a Timmy/Tootie story. I've been watching the show a lot recently and been accumulating a few ideas. This is just a small drabble to get me back into the swing of it.

Timmy's thoughts on Tootie!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Fairly Odd Parents.

I always watch you from across the room. I don't think you've ever noticed, because you stopped watching me from across the room years ago. I don't think you realize that my heart pounds whenever I see you, because yours doesn't pound anymore for me.

You don't know that I set my alarm clock a half hour early every morning and peer out my window until I see you pass, so I can follow behind you and watch the way your hips and your hair sway as you walk.

And I'm sure you don't know how pretty you look no matter what you wear. You don't know how you seem to glow in the sunbeams and sparkle in the rain, or how I want to kiss the drops off your lips and eyelashes.

You never see me hold my pillow at night, or snuggle my face in the softness, pretending it's you instead. You don't understand why I stole your shampoo, or even realize that I stole it at all, so I could make my pillow smell just the way you do- Like Honey scented soap and vanilla beans. Just the way I imagine angels would smell; sweet and heavenly.

You don't hear me pray at night for just one chance with you, for the courage to speak how I feel, how I'm dying inside each day you don't notice I'm here. You don't know how your name is always on my lips, and your face is always on my mind.

You don't know how badly I shook and perspired, how my heart accelerated and my breath died in anticipation of you answer when I wanted to ask you to be my girl. You don't comprehend the fact that my heart shattered when I was too afraid to ask, and how broken I felt when you didn't pay much attention to what I was trying to get out anyway.

… And now you don't understand why I sit stiffly as I watch you from my seat. You're curious because I stood -abruptly- when asked if there was a reason you should not be wed, and shook and perspired but didn't say a word.

You don't know why I hold you so tight against me when I asked to dance with the bride. You can't see that I'm soaking the sleeve of your pretty, white dress with the saline of my tears.

You can't see how madly I'm in love with you, and I don't know if you ever will.

-BratChild3 (Formerly BratChild2)