Chapter 11

No Room for Doubt

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Ron sprinted all the way to the library. The nerve of Zabini trying to break him and Monie up! Ron didn't know what Hermione saw in him; he was a Slytherin, well, so was Draco, but, uh, he just didn't like Slytherin's no matter how many his best friend dated. Ron should tell Hermione what Blasie had done, but he reasoned that now he had something over Blasie. If he let the friendship continue then if Blasie ever stepped out of line again, he could blackmail him with the fact that Blasie had started his and Hermione's friendship on a ploy to get to Ron… as disgusting as that sounded.

Ron wasn't a homophobe or anything, but he didn't appreciate being kissed when he didn't want to be kissed… more like attacked. Well, one thing was for sure, he had to apologize to Hermione because she had been right. Blasie had defiantly been gay and was gay and was NOT interested in Hermione. This year was already turning out to be a great one, Ron pondered sarcastically; Draco and Harry are together, Blasie Zabini likes him, and next thing you know Pansy Parkinson will fall for Hermione and Neville will shack up with Crabbe and Goyle. Oh man! Ron was even grossing himself out… shut up brain, shut up!

Ron stepped into the library and noticed that Madam Prince wasn't there for the summer so he called out, "Hermione!"

"Yes," a voice answered him from the back of the library and he followed it back to their usual table.

She was there looking over a huge book that looked like it was about to fall apart and had splattered on one page what looked to be blood. She closed it with a thud when he sat down beside her and she turned to face him with an expectant look on her face.

"Look, Monie," Ron look her in her eyes, he knew she would respect that. "I'm really sorry about jumping to conclusions and being mad at you for having friends. I don't expect you to give up your social life for me just like you don't expect me to for you. I understand that even if Blasie wasn't, well, gay, you have the right to have friends of both sexes and that I should trust you to love me and be with me." Ron finished his speech and took a deep breath, that wasn't so hard or painful.

"Apology accepted," Hermione leaned in and kissed him. When she pulled away she hugged him and said, "I've missed you."

Ron missed the amused and knowing look that she quickly covered.

"I missed you too." Ron smiled.


Harry was unpacking the school things that Mrs.Weasley had sent him from Diagon Ally. He hadn't felt like going shopping for his school supplies so he had just had her mail him the basic things he needed. She had also, thankfully, agreed to do the same for Draco; that had taken Harry a very long fire chat to straighten out.

Now Harry was trying to organize everything into spaces, like desk, book bag, and trunk. It was harder than it looked, one, because he had never been a very organized person, and two, because he was just doing this because Draco was organized and didn't like clutter.

Harry finally had to take a break or he was going to shove everything out of the window just so he wouldn't have to deal with where to put it… it would be out of the window and on the ground in shambles… but, it would be gone.

He sat on the couch to read, but ended up staring into the fire for a while just thinking. He and Draco hasn't bonded yet; neither one of them had brought it up since Harry had said he wanted to wait a couple days ago. They also hadn't done anything but kiss, afraid that it would aggravate the already straining bond.

Harry knew that Draco was ready, really ready, he could feel it. But, he was waiting for the perfect moment. He didn't want it to be planned as in candles and music or anything; he just wanted it to be perfect.

Draco was out with Blasie right now, spending some time together as friends and Harry supposed that he could attack Draco when he came in. Yeah, maybe it was time. Blasie wouldn't come over after he and Draco had just hung out and Ron and Hermione were having what they called "us time", so Harry and Draco had all tonight and all tomorrow to spend doing what they wanted to do… like spending a lot of time in bed.

Harry got up off the couch and jumped when he heard a thud; the book that had been on his chest had fallen to the floor, oops, he thought. He headed to the bathroom to shower and brush his teeth and then he slipped on some black pajama bottoms.

He conjured a chair in the corner of the bedroom and sat in it. Harry thought about it and decided that he did want candles so he conjured a few but didn't light them. Then, he turned out the lights with a flick of his hand and waited for Draco.


Draco was hurrying along the halls. He loved spending time with Blasie, but he had had to cut the evening short because something told him he needed to go back to Harry. It wasn't a panic or emergency kind of sense, just a feeling that he had to be with Harry right now.

Draco was ready to bond with Harry and he guessed that it could be a little of that, but he hadn't felt this pull to go to Harry in a while and he wasn't sure what to think. He skidded to a halt from his jog in front of the portrait. The panther was pacing back and forth predatorily and admitted him without the password.

Draco didn't see Harry in the living room so he walked over to the bedroom door and went in. The minute Draco walked into the room he noticed something, the lights were off, he didn't ever remember the lights being off.

"Harry," Draco called to his mate. Draco jumped a little when candles in the room sprang to life and illuminated the room in a soft glow that shimmered on the walls. His eyes found his mate sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. Draco met Harry's eyes and saw the gleam that he had seen in the panther's eyes in the portrait.

Harry uncurled himself in the chair and stood up in one fluid motion and Draco let his eyes room over Harry's tasseled hair and naked chest, down to his sexy, black, silk pants. Draco thought that Harry already looked like he had had sex and the blonde licked his lips accordingly, only to hear a deep chuckle, Harry's, echo in his mind.

Harry walked or stalked over to Draco. He stood there for a second to take in the moment and then he slowly started to undress his mate, starting with the buttons on his shirt. Every button reveled more creamy skin and Harry took it all in, stopping to touch and caress when he felt like it. Draco had remained silent except for the occasional moan.

When the shirt finally fell to the floor Harry started to undo Draco's belt and tug his pants down. The neatly pressed slacks fell to a pile on the floor and were kicked away by Draco who Harry had never seen treat his clothes with such carelessness. Without hesitating anymore Harry pulled down Draco's boxer shorts and those too were thrown across the floor.

Harry stood back and looked Draco up and down, circling him. The Carpathian in Harry was memorizing his mate's body: the curves of Draco's neck and shoulders, the thin, but firm muscle in his arms, his slim hips where Harry could see his hip bones denting out the skin. Harry traced a finger over Draco's abdomen and the muscles there, watching as they clenched and unclenched. Then, he walked around and let his hand trail down Draco's spin and Harry watched Draco's back muscles ripple at the sensation.

Harry, what are you doing? Draco spoke into Harry's mind because it was more intimate and because he didn't think he could talk. He could feel Harry's eyes on him and it was burning holes in his skin.

I'm looking at you Beautiful, just looking.

But, you've seen me naked before.

I know. But, this time I'm taking it all in. Harry had finished and was now facing Draco who looked Harry up and down again.

You aren't naked. Draco felt it only fair that Harry should get just as naked as he was.

Draco reached out and slid Harry's pants down his legs till the silk was pooling on the floor and then he stood up.

No boxers? Naughty. Draco smirked.

Harry was now equally naked and looking at him intently. Harry then pulled Draco into him so that their bodies met and he touched his lips to Draco's. Draco opened his mouth for Harry to slip his tongue in and they kissed for a while, Draco wrestling for that last bit of dominance before he gave it all up for the night.

Harry knew the moment that Draco quiet trying to win the kiss; the blond sighed and wrapped his arms around Harry's neck.

Both of them let go of the restraint they had been holding back and the mental shields they had put up for a while to ease into the bonding. Now there were emotions and lust and love flowing between them and it made Draco dizzy to feel it all at once. Harry must have sensed this because he guided Draco over to the bed where he picked him up and laid him on it.

Harry lay down beside Draco and started kissing him again, following his jaw line down to his throat and then he rolled on top, kissing his way down Draco's chest. Harry got to Draco's belly button and then summoned the lube that had been in his dresser. Harry caught the tube and then looked up at Draco.

Draco was laying on the bed with Harry over him and he was about to have his first time with a guy, he was about to bond to a Carpathian who happened to be Harry Potter and all he could think about was that if Harry didn't hurry up Draco was going to jump him. Harry hadn't even touched him any where below the waist yet and Draco was in pieces. The pleasure was just building and building to an unimaginable height. Draco could even feel the pleasure Harry was getting from Draco's pleasure through the bond, it was intense.

He noticed Harry had stopped his ministrations and Draco looked down to see green eyes looking up at him. What?

Are you sure about this? I want you to know what you're doing. Harry rested his chin on Draco's stomach.

Harry, I know what I want. I love you and this is what I want, forever. Draco looked at the ceiling and moaned. Now, if you want me to ever speak to you again you will finish what you started immediately.

Harry kissed his way back down Draco's stomach and then sent a wave of pleasure through the bond. Draco made an impatient noise in the back of his throat and his hips twitched. Harry spread some of the lubricant on his fingers and some on his cock.

Harry slid his finger into Draco's entrance at the same times that he took Draco's prick into his mouth, the assault was almost too much and Draco screamed in pleasure and rocked his hips. Harry continued to lick and suck to the rhythm that he was moving his now two digits in and out of Draco, scissoring until Harry thought he was ready.

Draco felt Harry move above him and he opened his eyes to see Harry settling above him. Draco felt a wave of panic for a second and then he felt a calming feeling go down the bond and Harry leaned in to kiss him and said out loud, "I love you."

Before Draco could answer and while he was a little distracted, Harry positioned himself and pushed in. Draco gripped Harry's shoulders and winced as the pain spread up his back and then dissipated. He took a couple of breaths while Harry kissed his neck and shoulders. Finally he told Harry to move and as Harry pulled out and pushed back in Draco felt a different sensation spread through his body.

Harry was pumping in and out concentrating on bringing Draco pleasure when he felt the words start to stir in the back of his mind. Like the words to a song he had heard a long time ago and didn't know he knew. The bonding words started flowing as he angled up to hit Draco's prostate.

Draco was seeing stars as Harry hit his spot again and again. Then, he heard Harry start to talk and Draco realized he was hearing Harry speak the bonding ritual that would bind them forever.

"You are my lifemate. In cruor, in diligo. I give you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into keeping the same that is yours. Forever is est totus nos teneo. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own. You were once my enemy, now I will protect you. Where I used to hate you, I now give you everything I am. You are my life mate, mi Corazon, bound to me forever. Duos una. Do you concede?"

Draco had been so wrapped up in the words and the sensation it took him a moment to realize he was being ask a question, "I- I concede… I give you all I am… I love you."

Harry had been thrusting faster and faster and now that the words were over he took his nail and dragged it across the left side of his neck to draw blood. He then asked Draco if he knew what he had to do. Draco nodded and with one final thrust they both hit orgasm at the same time. Screaming Draco's name Harry swooped down and sunk his fangs into Draco neck who cried out in pain and from the orgasm ripping his body, but managed to get his lips to the cut on Harry's neck and drink.

Draco had never tasted any alcohol or candy that tasted this good and gave you this kind of high. Harry's blood was bitter and sweet all at the same time as it slid down Draco's throat. Draco let the liquid fill his mouth and run down his throat as he felt the after shocks of the orgasm rippling through his body. His hips were still thrusting and twitching. Draco could hear Harry moaning and breathing heavily as he came down from his blood lust, post orgasm high and stopped sucking on Harry's neck.

Harry rolled off of Draco and to the side. Draco curled into Harry's body with their legs still tangled.

"That was amazing," Draco said a bit huskily.

"Yeah, it was," Harry looked at Draco. "Thank you for, well, having me, for everything. You didn't have to do any of this. You didn't have to fall in love with me." Harry looked down.

Draco lifted Harry's face with his finger under Harry's chin, "I didn't have to, but I did."

Draco kissed Harry, their tongues touching, their mouths melding together. Then, Draco pulled away and laid his head down on the pillow next to Harry.

Draco closed his eyes and whispered, "Good night."

Harry smiled, "Good night, I love you."


Harry lay in bed the rest of the night just staring at his beautiful mate. He had found the one person that he was going to be with for the rest of his life. His Carpathian side was proud of himself, pleased that he had gotten Draco and gotten him to bond. But, Harry's human side was just relieved that he had someone to love; he had finally found the lover, friend, and confidant he had been looking for and that was worth anything he had had to go through to get to this point.

In a couple of days they would all start back to school and everyone else would have to deal with two Slytherin's and three Gryffindor's becoming chummy. It was going to be an interesting first couple of weeks. Harry was almost looking forward to the looks on peoples faces when the world finally realized that Potter and Malfoy were together.

Harry was sure that he and Draco would take it all in stride, in fact, when it came to his and Draco's relationship Harry had no doubts… because in love, there is no room for doubt.


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