"I'm bored", said Naruto.

" I'm so tired it's troublesome", said Shikamaru

"I'm hungry", said Chouji.

"….", said Sasuke, Shino, and Gaara.

"Sorry to break this "I'm-fest" and the Silence Trio, but we have GOT to do something", said Kiba.

Naruto invited all the guys over to his place for a sleepover a couple weeks ago, and strangely, they all accepted! He actually hopped on over to Sunagakure JUST to ask Gaara to the party too.

"What is that game girls usually play at these Slumber Parties?", asked Rock Lee, "Poof or Wear?"

"I think, Lee,", said Neji, "you are referring to Truth or Dare."

"Yes! That is it! Why wont we play that?", questioned Lee, with a giant grin on his face that seemed to glare at unexpected eyes. Good thing they're all used to it by now.

"'Cause it's a GIRLY game, stupid. And shut your mouth, you're blinding everyone.", said Kankurou, clearly annoyed.

Lee closed his mouth into a frown and shrunk back.

"No! That's a good idea! Truth or Dare! Truth or DARE!", said Naruto with one of his fox-like grins, "Everyone in?"

Lee shook his head eagerly, Kiba smirked and nodded, Gaara, Shino, and Sasuke stayed quiet (their way of saying "Sure, whatever."), Neji and Shikamaru just shrugged, while Chouji started munching on some Doritos.

"Good! Yay! I go first!", Naruto insisted.

"Hm…. Lee, Truth Or Dare!", said Naruto as he pointed eagerly at the taijutsu master.

"YOSH, DARE!", answered Lee.

"I dare you to…kiss Gaara!"

Nearly everyone coughed and gagged. Sasuke and Shino just widened their eyes. Gaara's sand defense was acting up.

"Uh…pass?", begged Lee. Well, at least his eyes were begging.

"Nope! A dare's a dare!", answered Naruto, oblivious to the fact that guys just don't kiss guys and most guys get uncomfortable around stuff like that, "Didn't you make some kind of vow never to say no to a challenge, no matter what the obstacles? Fufufu…"

"Uh…yeah…but this is Gaara-kun, I mean, what does he think about it…?"

"Just do it.", said Gaara, in that scary monotone voice of his.

Again, it was silence for at least 15 seconds. Then Lee broke the silence by going "Ahem", and started to inch closer to Gaara, mumbling phrases like, "You do not have to do this" and "Are you sure?" and "You can stop me".

Then they were at face-to-face level. Well, at least as close their faces can meet due to the fact that Gaara is a head shorter than Lee.

Lee then slowly, and so slowly you would've thought time stopped, closed the distance between them. Lee's whole face crimson now while Gaara was showing signs of a faint pink on his cheeks.

"AHH! YOU'RE TAKING FOREVER!" screamed Naruto in frustration. He ran over to them and pushed Lee so hard into Gaara, they both feel over and now Lee was right on top of Gaara in a lip-lock. They seemed to stay like that for a good 2 minutes of awkward silence while Naruto was laughing his big blonde airhead off! Kankurou was starting to get really mad. Gaara was his BROTHER after all.

"OI! LEE! YOU CAN STOP NOW Y'MORON!" screamed Kankurou, waking Lee and Gaara up from their daze.

"Gomen nasai Gaara-kun, gomen nasai, gomen nasai…" Lee apologized. Gaara just hid his face from the others. But secretly, his heart and stomach were doing a strange dance inside of him. His lips also tingled at the sudden physical contact.

"Okay! Who's next? Who wants to dare someone?" cried Naruto anxiously. Seriously, this kid doesn't know how to grasp the gravity of the situation! When no one said anything (except for Lee's apologies), Kiba spoke up, "Heheheh…I guess that'll be me then! Oi, Naruto! Truth Or Dare?"

"DARE! And I wont go back on my word!" answered Naruto eagerly.

"Then I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say this but…I dare YOU, Naruto Uzumaki, to show us your infamous, but very hot (or so I've heard), Sexy No Jutsu."

Now this made ALL the guys squirm. Then Kankurou screamed, "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!"

This cut the ice-cold silence across the room and everyone were in their highest of moods. Even Shino was showing some happy aura as well. Only someone who knew Sasuke inside out (in this case, the narrator) would know he was showing great interest, possibly more than a normal person does (but Sasuke-kun isn't a normal person is he?).

"Fine! You dared me! So here I go!", said Naruto as he did the seals, "Sexy No Jutsu! Henge!"

He came out as a naked girl covered just enough by smoke, but was naked enough to have every boy in the room have a nosebleed. It even stopped Rock Lee from his obsessive apologizing. He was having some serious fun in this form. Even Sasuke was calmly turned away, quietly wiping his nose. He stayed like that for a couple more seconds; then turned back to his normal body with that fox-like grin on his face again.

"Aren't I just the greatest of the great," smirked Naruto, looking at Sasuke, "to have the great Sasuke Uchiha have a nosebleed."

Sasuke turned around and said defensively and very calmly, "I did NOT get excited. Aren't I the greatest of the great? To get the loud-mouthed dobe, Naruto Uzumaki to think I got "horny" at his naked-girl form, which I did not."

And somewhere, in California, Earth, a 7th grade HONORS class just went, "OOOOHHH, Y'GOT TOLD! TAKE THAT MOFO!"

Naruto looked like someone just hit him with a really wet, and really rotten fish. Then supposedly changed the subject and started making fun of everyone who DID get a nosebleed.

"Ack, enough, enough. I call next turn.", piped up Kankurou, clearly now interested, "Chouji! Truth or Dare?"

"Mmmff," answered Chouji through a mouthful of chips. He swallowed and was about to say "Truth", until Kankurou said, "Dare I hear? Okay! I dare you to go the rest of the party without ANY FOOD AT ALL!"

Everyone gasped. Chouji without food is like the earth without like, the sun and the sky and the moon and the stars, and well, everything!

"No!", denied Chouji, "I was about to say Truth!"

"Truce? Okay, he accepted! A true shinobi never goes back on his words! End of discussion, NEXT!"

Then there was a heated discussion at who was next; everyone seemed to want to dare someone else now. Taking this as an opportunity, Naruto crawled over to Sasuke and hopefully started a conversation.

"Hey, Sasuke," whispered Naruto.

"Hn," answered the Uchiha prodigy.

"I think you should dare someone."

"Yeah? And what dare would that be?"

Naruto had the biggest grin across his face as he leaned in and whispered into Sasuke's ear. As he spoke, Sasuke's eyes grew wider and wider and wider until he looked like a goldfish on crack.

"Good idea, ne?" asked Naruto once he was done, but Sasuke was too eager to dare someone to listen to Naruto.

"OI! I CALL NEXT!", screamed Sasuke, STILL with those goldfish eyes.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun, what's wrong with your eyes?" asked a couple of people.

"Never mind that," Sasuke waved his hand up and down, "Shikamaru, Neji, truth or dare?"

Neji smiled at the question. His clan rival was giving him an opportunity to show his stuff. He smoothly answered, "Dare…." While Shikamaru just shook his head and mumbled, "This is going to be so troublesome…."

"Great, I dare you both to go to the Adult Pink Store and buy the first in the series of Come Come Paradise, even I'll pay, as long as you two find a way to get it."

"And why US?", questioned Shikamaru.

Sasuke smirked, "I think the best rookie from last year and the only one out of all of us to become a chuunin this year should be good enough to get a little X-rated book."


"Come on, Shikamaru," begged Neji, "sounds pretty hard. The Adult Pink Store even has a couple of ex-ANBU ninjas who can see through genjutsu, block many ninjutsu, and has the highest ranked taijutsu! This'll be a challenge only the Nara and Hyuuga clans can take! Lets go!"

"Yeah, whatever." Shikamaru stood up and stood on the windowsill, waiting for Neji to come, "You went a little overboard with that whole speech thing."

Neji and Shikamaru departed out the window, hopping roof to roof.

"Whoa, wonder if they'll make it back alive." Kiba wondered out loud, "I tried to get a porn magazine, Playninja, from there and they caught me and my genjutsu before I even saw it comin'."

"Well, I'm sure Neji and Shikamaru'll do a better job than you," teased Naruto, "It's the Genius from the Hyuuga clan and the dude from the Nara clan with an IQ of over 200! I'm actually REALLY sure they'll do better than you."

"Whatever, what do we do now?", whined Kiba.

Everyone's stomach growled, very, very loudly. Chouji's sounded as if the heavens had an earthquake.

"Well, that answered our question! We shall eat!" exclaimed Lee. Everyone seemed eager and was about to run towards the kitchen until they heard a voice behind them, coming from the person lounging on the couch.

"I'll cook", whispered the young man with sunglasses, Shino.