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Room 3: Kitchen

Pairing: LeeGaa

"4997, 4998, 4999…5000! Phew!" Lee sat up from his push-ups and looked around.

"Great…no one's here and I'm bored." Lee stood up and placed a hand on his stomach. It growled. Hn. We haven't eaten since Shino-kun's dinner 4 hours ago. So he hopped on over to the kitchen.

But right outside the door, he heard clashing and clanging of objects falling onto the tiled floor. What was happening in there? He opened the door slowly then slammed it open as he saw the mess.

Pots, pans, everywhere! Glass met floor and crashed! Water met floor and there were fish o'floppin'. There were also traces that there have been a LOT of ramen consumed in this room because of the sight of old rusty bowls piled in the small corner with flies and other unsightly insects flying and crawling about.

So that's where Shino got his ingredients for his…um…feast. (A/N: Chapter 2. MUAHAHA.)

Only after those observations did Lee notice the cute teen boy, in a maid outfit FYI, trying to reach the top of one, and ONLY one, cabinet. Seems like he wasn't tall enough to reach it, so he climbed onto the countertop, making a mess of everything…

Just to clean the top of one cabinet.

Lee just stared for a few moments until Gaara finally reached the top and started dusting and HUMMING to himself. What the hell? Gaara does NOT hum. He SHOULDN'T hum. Pleased with himself, Gaara finished with a 'Hmph!'. He turned, slipped on a random banana on the counter, fell down to the floor with a splat.

Lee squeaked at the sight. Gaara's dress went up to reveal some delicately concealed skin that looked like it never met daylight. Much like Lee's.

But he knew better. He ran to Gaara and helped him up and pulled his dress down.

"Are you okay Gaara? That looked like a rather nasty fall." He had worry sketched on his face.

Gaara looked up at him in emotionless eyes, "Yes."

"Phew, glad you're okay." Lee's face was less worrisome now.

"No, I just said yes."

"Yeah…as in 'Yes, I'm okay!'…right?"

"No. I said 'Yes, that was a nasty fall'. I am not okay."

Lee began to worry again, "Then where are you hurt?"

Gaara looked at the ground as if it was quite thought provoking. He mumbled something.

"…eh?" was Lee's answer.

Gaara mumbled something again. Lee leaned closer in attempt to hear his mumbled words.

"What was that?"

Gaara whispered into his ear. Lee's eyes grew wider with every word.


Gaara nodded in affirmation and held the front part of his dress down.

"So…so you mean…that when you fell…your…your…" Lee was stumbling with his words.

Gaara nodded again.

"Well, not as much as it hurt, but…different. Strange since I was thinking about you, and then you came in and saw me." Everything Gaara said was in that creepy monotone he naturally had, which made awkward conversation…creepy.

But Lee understood what he meant. And he had a nosebleed at the thought.

"So…Lee-senpai,"—Lee was getting treated with proper respect now—"How do I make it feel better?" His eyes were wide open, like a puppy's, as if asking for a huge favor.

"Um…uh…y'know? I'm not the right person to ask this to…" Lee pulled his pajama collar quite far from his neck. Boy! Was it getting hot in here, or was it him?

Gaara slowly walked towards him, "Lee-senpai?"

Lee didn't answer so Gaara kept walking towards him, forcing Lee to walk backwards until his back hit a wall with a slight, "Thump!"

Gaara had a glazed look over his eyes and murmured, "Why is it that every time I see you, I get like this? It's as if nothing else matters and I can't think. Why is it that you're the only one who can do this to me? Why is it that I desperately want to do this right now?"

Lee looked confused at the sudden confession, but perplexed at the last comment, and it was clearly shown on his face.

What seemed like hours of silenced passed over them as Gaara stared, still glazed-over, at Lee's chest, watching his chest move as his heart beated rapidly at the invasion of personal space. Gaara got more and more anxious, worried, and angry as time passed and there was no answer from Lee.

It didn't look like Gaara was going to move anytime soon, so Lee finally answered in a whispered voice.

"Y'know…I feel the same way," Lee answered, Gaara eagerly looked up into his eyes and saw great love deep within those obsidian pupils. It still had that one-of-a-kind sparkle, which only added to the great love shown through them. Lee cupped Gaara's face with both palms and angled his head lower until his chapped lips reached the younger boy's supple and pink ones. Gaara's eyes shot open quickly, but then slowly closed at the satisfaction of the kiss.

They just stood there, holding each other, never wanting to let go.

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