I decided to try something little different of what I usually write. This one is gonna have more chapters sooner or later. I don't usually write sequels/multiple chapters, not my style to just keep going on about something without an end, so eventually this one is gonna meet its end too, just not yet. I usually try to be as true to the characters as possible so if this one's a little different, I apologize, but as I said, I'm trying something new. So just read & review and tell me what you think. Rating is going to change in other chapters… first one is rated K+ for f/f content.


Hermione lifted her gaze, stared beyond the dark lake-view opening in front of her. She could see the lights of the castle. She sighed in awe, the view never stopped to impress her. She felt the familiar tingling feeling in her stomach, new school year was about to begin. She couldn't wait for the lessons to start; she had of course read her new schoolbooks already. But reading them twice, maybe five times couldn't hurt anybody. She hoped that the fourth year would be even more exciting and more educative than the last three. Dying to know who was going to be this year's new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, she followed Harry and Ron to the carriages, taking them to the castle.

At the feast, Dumbledore announced this year to be extra special. There was going to be a Tri-Wizard Tournament, between three magic schools. Hermione couldn't help overhearing a conversation between some girls of her house, talking about potential good-looking guys from the other schools. Hermione suppressed a snarl. She hadn't really told anyone about herself, not that she would have been hundred percent sure herself, she just knew she wasn't into boys. She preferred not to categorize herself, the word "lesbian" just sounded so harsh. Most importantly, she was not sure if this was not just a phase in her life and she'd "return to normal" after a while.

She spent lot of her time in the library, in her favourite corner, mostly unnoticed and distracted only by Madam Pince when Hermione didn't notice the time flying and the library was about to close. When the arrival of the other schools was getting closer, she had read most of the books written about Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.

Soon Hermione was joining the crowd of chatting students, all of them excited to see the new faces. Hermione though, felt rather prepared and calm, little excited but hiding it better than the others. She stood there, outside with the others, getting little bit bored. She could be in the library reading now, or in the common room by the fireplace now that everyone else was out, she'd have her own privacy. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang finally arrived; Hermione couldn't help feeling a little bit stupid just standing there, like a huge window display, all the students standing in lines. After a while they got into the Great Hall, Hermione was starving.

She hadn't really paid much attention to the new-comers, she already knew what their school robes looked like and she had seen people before. She wasn't acting as thick as everyone else, she wasn't staring at the foreign students like she'd never seen a human being before. Ron's comment on one girl got her attention, though. Hermione noticed how Ron couldn't keep his eyes away from that particular girl; he didn't seem to be the only one. She looked around and saw many boys looking at the French girl's direction. She sighed in frustration, "Teenagers," she thought to herself. She liked to think that she was more mature than others of her age. She continued eating, not lifting her gaze off the plate. Suddenly she heard something that made the hair in the back of her neck stand up. A girl, the French girl, asked something. It wasn't what she said, but how she said it that made Hermione shiver. She immediately lifted her eyes off the food and met a pair of icy blue eyes staring at her, momentarily only but it felt like many minutes. She watched the girl take the food she asked for and leave back to sit at her table. As if the French girl could feel the gaze burning in her back, she turned to look straight at Hermione, chuckled as Hermione turned her gaze immediately away.

On the way to the Gryffindor tower, Hermione wasn't listening to anything Ron was talking about. "What did just happen?" a voice in her head asked. They stayed in the common room for a while; Hermione was absently staring at the fire. Then she was getting frustrated overhearing Ron talk about the girl all the time and left to bed. She couldn't get any sleep, so she got up and sneaked out to the grounds. She did that sometimes, not very often though, she didn't want to get caught. Only at times when she couldn't get any sleep, she found it really relaxing just to gaze at the stars. She could have done it from her window, but she needed to hear the sounds of the night around her.

She panted a little, after a quick run through the green field of grass, trying to run under the shadows. She found the rock she usually went to; sit behind it so nobody would notice her. Only this time her comfortable spot was occupied. It was dark, but she could see a blond figure, the French girl, staring at the stars. The blond girl noticed her presence, turned her head to see who it was.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know anyone would be here," Hermione said quickly; ready to return to the castle.

"It is ok, I couldn't sleep and came 'ere to watch the stars. Please, you're welcome to join me if you want to," she said with a noticeable French accent. She gave Hermione a tiny smile and patted the ground next to her. Hermione hesitated for a moment, but sat down. She sat there without saying anything, just fixing her eyes upon the stars. She couldn't think of anything to say, except to ask her name.

"So, um… What's your name?" she broke the silence.

"Fleur, Delacour. What is yours?"

"Hermione… um… Hermione Granger," she was still staring at the sky, knowing that it was rather rude not to look at Fleur when she talked to her. So she turned her head and glanced at the blond girl, trying not to stare for too long.

"That is a pretty name, 'ermione," she said in a 'matter-of-factly' tone. Hermione wasn't sure if the girl was serious or just being polite. She hadn't really thought of her name like that before, nobody had ever told her it was a pretty name. She let a smile spread across her face.

"Thank you, no one has ever told me that," and she immediately thought she had said something stupid. Maybe the other girl didn't mean it like that. Maybe she was just being polite. She wanted to hit her head hard against the rock but was content with gazing the stars again.

"Well, zey should 'ave. Pretty name for a pretty girl, non?"

Hermione shivered at the sound of French accent and maybe partly because of the cold night breeze that was blowing. She turned to stare at Fleur, she was sure that wasn't just being polite, that was a compliment, obvious one. Fleur was staring back at her, making Hermione blush.

"I'm… thank you but I don't think I am… I mean, no one has ever told me that either…" she stuttered a little. "But you are really beautiful… you must know that already though… I bet many people have told you that… um… yeah…"

"A few, yes. I'm getting tired of people staring at me all ze time," she sighed. Hermione noticing then that she was staring at the blond girl, turning her gaze away. "No, 'ermione. I did not mean you, ze boys," she said laughing a little. Hermione smiled.

"It must be fun though; I guess you can choose any guy you want."

"I probably could…" Fleur said, lifting her gaze up to see the sky. "I just don't want to."

Hermione thought of those words for a long while. The French girl could have meant she wanted a girl, not a boy, but still, Hermione could have misinterpreted her words. So she didn't say anything in response, just gazed at the sky. There was a long silence and for about fifteen minutes they both stayed quiet. Hermione was repeating the last phrase in her mind over and over again till the other girl interrupted her thoughts.

"What are you thinking, 'ermione?"

"Just something you said, I mean… um… " she startled about saying it aloud, "I mean that I could have understood you wrong. What did you mean you don't want to?"

"Are you attracted to me, 'ermione?" Fleur asked with a slight amusement in her voice.

"I… you… You did not answer my question," Hermione said quickly, astounded by the French girl's straightforwardness.

"Well, I meant zat right now I don't want any guy. I do like girls too, if zat is what you want to know," Fleur stated, with casual tone.

"I didn't. I mean… I guess I did."

"So?" Fleur said, rising her left eyebrow to pressure the tone of the question.

"So what?"

"You did not answer my question yet, 'ermione," she suppressed a giggle.

"Maybe," Hermione said, biting her lower lip with a confused look on her face.

"Maybe what?" Fleur was little taken aback of the sudden and short answer.

"Maybe I am attracted to you. That's what you asked, right?" Hermione frowned a little.

"Oui, zat is what I asked," she said, returning her gaze back at the stars. Hermione was feeling frustrated at this.

"Why did you want to know?" still staring intensely at Fleur, frowning.

"Just curious, zat's all. I'm actually little bit tired, I'd better go to sleep, non?" she said, leaned over to plant a kiss on Hermione's cheek and rose up to her feet, "Good night, 'ermione."

Hermione couldn't get a word out of her mouth so she just nodded. A huge smile spread across her face and she watched the other girl leave. She ran her fingers across her cheek and kept smiling. She didn't get back to the castle for another hour, just sat there thinking about the interesting conversation she just had with Fleur.