Rating: K
Spoilers: None...but I got the idea from 'Deception', but it has nothing to do with the episode.
Disclaimer: NCIS and its characters don't belong to me...I just play with them.
Author's Notes: It was meant to be a drabble, but it got too long, so it's just a really short fic. shrugs Just a random idea that came to me after watching 'Deception' again.

He had promised himself that the last time was the last time, but it was time that Gibbs realized that sometimes, you had to break a promise. As he watched her sleep, he couldn't help but be reminded of Kate. The way that she smiled and how her eyes lit up whenever he walked into the room…they were so much alike.

He ran a gentle finger down her soft cheek, careful not to wake her. This was the first night that she had been able to get to sleep in weeks, and he knew that he should take advantage of the situation, and catch a few winks himself. But what he was feeling was so much more peaceful than any amount of sleep he could get.

He sat back in the chair he had taken up residence in the past few nights, and looked to the door as he heard someone approaching. "Come to bed Jethro." Kate murmured softly, coming to stand beside him. "She's finally asleep…you should be too." He looked up at smiled at her, amazed with the fact that this was his life now.

He got up from the chair softly, as to not wake the sleeping baby inside her crib, and wrapped an arm around his wife. Kate grinned and leaned into him, as he placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. They walked out of their daughter's room, silent and together.

This wasn't how Jethro Gibbs had pictured his life, but he certainly wasn't complaining