Romance at the Carnival

Summary: It's President's Day at Amity Park and after their friends cancel, Danny and Sam get to spend the day alone together at the President's Day Carnival. D/S fluff all the way! Fluff rules!

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom. All I own is this fluffy story. If I did I would've made Danny and Sam together by now, and I wouldn't cancel it at all.

Chapter 1: Classroom stares

16-year-old Danny Fenton was secretly staring at his best friend, Sam Manson, stare at him. I can't believe Sam's staring at me. Danny thought. When he put his head up and stared at Sam she turned her head and started to blush. I can't believe Danny's noticing me! This is like some lame '50's movie! Ugh, oh well, I think its okay to stare at him again. Sam thought to herself.

When Sam turned her head and stared at Danny he was the one, who turned his head and blushed, I can't believe I'm acting like I'm in a stupid '50's movie! Oh, well, maybe it's okay to notice Sam again. Danny turned his head and saw Sam stare at him again; once again Sam turned her head in embarrassment.

A row behind them, Danny and Sam's other best friend, Tucker Foley, was watching his best friends in disgust. I don't know why they don't just say they love each other! They now it's true!

Tucker sighed, even though the three friends were only juniors in high school, they have been through many struggles and changes. For example, last year while he, Danny and Sam were batting his arch foe, Vlad Plasmius, Valerie Grey accidentally saw Danny transform into his alter ego, Danny Phantom, Valerie felt so ashamed about trying to destroy Danny Phantom and believing he was evil that she swore she would only use her ghost fighting abilities to help Danny, which resulted in the 3 friends adding Valerie into their group. Also, there was the time during the summer before sophomore year when the trio almost faced one of their greatest struggles yet; battling the evil ghost king once again. It was so bad that the friends considered themselves lucky to go back home alive. Even though the group faced many changes and struggles; not everything had changed. For example; Danny was still considered a clumsy nerd, and he still wore a white and red shirt, baby blue pants, red and white sneakers, had baby blue eyes, and raven black hair. Sam was still an animal-loving Goth girl vegetarian individual who wore black bracelets, a black shirt with a dark purple circle in the middle, a black skirt with dark green stripes, dark purple stockings, and big black boots, had lilac eyes, and raven black hair. Tucker was still a techno-geek who wore black glasses, a yellow shirt, dark green pants, a red berets, brown boots, and had green eyes. And lastly, the most important thing that stayed the same is that Danny and Sam still had feelings for each other but were too scared to admit it, and whenever anyone assumed they liked each other, they as usual, would deny it. All of a sudden Valerie entered the room and said to Mr. Lancer, "Sorry I'm late Mr. Lancer, I was in office, and they had the wrong Valerie Grey." She then handed Mr. Lancer a pass from the office.

Mr. Lancer smiled and said, "That's fine Miss Grey; just go take your seat next to Mr. Foley, please." Valerie did as she was told and headed to her seat.

When she got to her seat Tucker whispered, "Hey, check them out." Then he motioned his head towards Sam and Danny, who were still sneaking glances at each other.

When Valerie saw them she crooned, "Aww… they're so cute. Oh, if only they weren't so scared to admit their feelings."

Tucker sighed and said, "Wait, Valerie, I have an idea, why don't we try and make up a plan to get them together?"

Valerie asked, "How are we going to do that?"

Tucker said, "We just have to think of a great idea, now, let's start brainstorming."

Suddenly Valerie said, "I got it! The President's Day Carnival!"

Tucker said, "Wait, I thought the four of us were supposed to go together."

Valerie said, "I know! Tucker, you call Danny that you're to sick to go, and I'll call Sam and I'll tell her the same thing."

Tucker asked, "How are we supposed to know if this plan worked out or not?"

Valerie said, "Duh, we secretly follow them."

Tucker asked, "How are we supposed to make sure that they confess, I mean, the carnival will probably be all loud and stuff."

Valerie thought about it for a while and said, "I know, we can make it really romantic, like what Technus did when Danny was about to ask me out."

Tucker looked at Valerie in awe and said, "You, Valerie Grey, are an evil genius."

Valerie smirked and said, "I know, I can't believe it took you this long to realize it." They laughed and then they discussed how they were going to make the carnival romantic without getting caught by Danny and Sam, when they finally came up with what they were going to do, they looked at Danny and Sam and noticed they were still trying to sneak glances (though they still couldn't do it without the other seeing).

What do you guys think? Valerie and Tucker are such meddlers! I know this chapter might be a little short but trust me; the other chapters will only get longer and better! So keep waiting for updates. I promise I'll add a new chapter soon!

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