Romance at the Carnival

Summary: When their friends suddenly cancel, Danny and Sam spend the day alone together at the Carnival. What will happen? D/S fluff all the way! Fluff rules!

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom. If I did, I would've made Danny and Sam together by now and I wouldn't cancel it.

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Chapter 3: The Carnival

When Sam woke up in the morning the fist thing the thought of was her 'date' with Danny. When it was about to be five o'clock she got in the shower, got dressed in the close she picked out the night before. When she got out she put on her new perfume.

Over in the Fenton house Danny was doing the same. He took a shower, changed into his clothes, and put on his new cologne. When it was 5:40pm, Danny looked at the sky; it's a beautiful night he thought. He could drive to Sam's house, but decided it would be much nicer to walk around, seeing as how it was such a great night. When he reached Sam's house at six o'clock, he knocked on the door. When Sam opened the door, Danny wasn't expecting to see what he saw.

Danny P.O.V

When I knocked on Sam's door, I was shocked to see how Sam was dressed, it's not that she looked bad, it's just that I was expecting to see Sam the way I usually see her. With her black t-shirt with a dark purple circle in the middle, black bracelets, a black skirt with dark green stripes, dark purple stockings and big black boots. Instead I saw her wearing a black spaghetti-strapped shirt with a picture of a silver flower, her hair was tied back in a ponytail, her usual black bracelets, a plain black skirt that was 2 inches above her knees, and instead of her purple stockings all I saw were smooth legs, and instead of her black boots I saw black tennis shoes. I couldn't really speak; all I was able to do was look at her beauty, and to make matters worse, I was able to smell her shampoo and her perfume. I know I must've looked to long because Sam gave me a weird look, God what is wrong with me! After a moment of awkward silence I realized that we need to talk, so since I was the guy on this 'date' I asked Sam, "So, do you want to go now?"

Sam nodded and we went to the Carnival.

Sam P.O.V

Danny is acting really weird, I know I probably am too because he hasn't really said anything since we started walking, but it's so hard to say anything! I mean, Danny just looks really great right now! Tonight instead of wearing his usual white and red t-shirt, with baby blue jeans and white and red sneakers, he's wearing a plain baby blue collared shirt with light blue jeans. Plus, I was able to smell his shampoo and his cologne.

I really wanted to talk to him so I asked, "Hey Danny why aren't we taking your car to the carnival?"

He answered, "Well, I thought I would be a lot better if we walked, I mean, it is a great night." When we got to the carnival Danny asked me in a chivalrous way, "So miss, tell me, where would you like to go first?"

I rolled my eyes and laughed at his playful antics and said, "I wanna go on a ride were we'll go so fast that we'll feel really nauseous."

Danny, still fooling around said in a chivalrous tone, "A, excellent choice, madam, May I suggest the tilt-a-whirl."

I rolled my eyes and said, "Danny, you need to stop talking like that."

He rolled his eyes and then we raced to the tilt-a-whirl.

Third person P.O.V

Five minutes after Danny and Sam got to the carnival, Tucker and Valerie were there.

"Where are they?" Valerie asked while looking around the carnival.

Tucker said, "I don't know, but if I know Sam, she'll probably want to go on a ride that'll make you fell sick."

Just then they heard Danny and Sam laughing as they got off the tilt-a-whirl.

"They were on the tilt-a-whirl, come on they're headed this way!" Tucker said while he dragged Valerie and him to a spot were they could spy on Sam and Danny better. When Tucker and Valerie saw Danny and Sam about to sit down on a chair near them (probably to catch their breath after the tilt-a-whirl) both of them noticed one thing: Danny and Sam were really dressed up for their date.

When Danny and Sam sat down they were still laughing.

… "I swear, that 10-year-old was about to pass out!" Sam exclaimed.

"I know, but what about that fat guy who almost puked on that girl with blonde hair!"

A couple of tables away Tucker and Valerie were watching their best friends inconspicuously and thinking of a way to make the carnival more romantic.

"I have an idea!" Valerie said after a moment of thought. She then ran to the electric box and dimmed the lights to the tables, and turned up the lights on all the attractions, which made the entire carnival colorful.

She then looked at Danny and Sam, who were looking at the carnival in awe.

"Wow, the carnival looks beautiful." Sam said

Danny nodded and said, "Yeah, it does." Though he really wasn't looking at the carnival, he was looking at Sam. When she turned her head and looked at Danny, he quickly turned his head.

"So, um… where do you want to go next?" Danny asked her.

Sam thought for a while and said, "How 'bout the bumper cars?"

Danny got up and said, "Okay, let's go."

Sam gave a cocky chuckle and said, "Yea, just don't get too upset when I keep slamming you."

Danny chuckled and said, "Sam, I am not going to get all competitive with you."

"What's wrong? Are you chicken?" Sam challenged him.

Danny rolled his eyes and said, "All right, fine. Bring it on little missy! Let's go!" Then they raced to the bumper cars.

Tucker and Valerie heard the whole conversation and were running to catch up with their friends.

"Aww, that is so cute!" Valerie said while they were running up to them.

Tucker chuckled and said, "Yeah, they're actually flirting."

after a couple of moments they suddenly heard Danny and Sam laughing.

"Come on, we have to hide." Valerie said to Tucker while she took him by the hands.

Danny asked Sam, "Hey Sam, I'm going to get a soda, do you want to eat or something?"

Sam nodded and said, "Yeah, I'll have a veggie burger and a Coke."

Danny nodded and said, "One veggie burger with a Coke coming right up!" Then Danny left to the food stand. When he left Sam sat down on a bench and thought about how lucky she was to be with Danny. Wow, I can't believe I'm actually on a date with Danny. My best friend, Danny, and I can't believe how much fun I'm having with him, especially at the bumper cars! I mean, I was just ramming into him! Ha, I'm never going to let him live it down!"

Valerie and Tucker were watching Sam look at the sky, then all of a sudden a man with a camera was coming up to them.

"Hello, I'm going around the carnival taking a picture of couples. Would you like me to take your pictures?" The man asked them.

Tucker said, "We're not a couple. What made you think that?"

The man looked down. When Tucker and Valerie looked at their hands they saw that they were still holding hands.

After a moment of blushing, an idea came to Tucker's head. He looked over at Sam and saw that Danny was coming to her.

"Hey, we know of a couple, they're right over there." He then pointed to Danny and Sam. "They might want their pictures taken."

The photographer smiled and walked over to Danny and Sam.

"Hello, I was wondering if you would like to take your picture." The photographer asked Danny.

Danny answered, "Sure, I guess its okay."

The photographer smiled and said, "Okay, I'm going to need you two get close together."

Danny and Sam looked at each other and got closer together.

The photographer said, "A little more."

Danny and Sam sighed and got closer together.

The photographer said, "Now, put your arm around her waist."

Danny looked at Sam and put his arm around her waist. Danny could feel his heart beat faster.

The photographer smiled and said, "Great, now hold it!" Then he took two pictures. When it was over Danny immediately took his hand off Sam's waist.

"Here one for you," He handed a picture to Danny, "and one for you," he handed one to Sam.

The photographer said, "Thank you and enjoy the rest of your time at the carnival." Then he walked away.

Sam looked at her picture and said, "You know, this is a great photo."

Danny looked at his and said, "Yep, Tucker is never going to let me forget about this photo."

Sam smiled and said, "Yep, Valerie is going to love this picture."

After a moment of silence Danny asked, "So, were do you want to do now?"

Sam said, "Well, maybe this should be the last thing we do, it is getting pretty late."

Danny nodded and said, "Okay, so where do you want to do?"

Sam said, "How about the Farris Wheel?"

Danny said, "Okay, let's go."

Tucker and Valerie followed them to the Farris Wheel, and then when they saw them about to get to the Farris Wheel, the got on the one before them.

When Tucker and Valerie got on the Farris Wheel, they heard a slow rhythm come on.

Valerie spoke, "You know Tucker, even though we're just here to keep an eye on Danny and Sam, but I'm really having fun."
Tucker said, "Yeah, I am too."

Valerie sighed and said, "Tucker there is no one I'd rather be here than you."

Tucker looked at Valerie and asked, "Do you really mean that?"

Valerie nodded. Then without thinking Tucker kissed Valerie on the lips. It took Valerie a minute to realize what Tucker was doing; when she did she kissed him back until they landed on the ground. When they did they saw that Danny and Sam were barely getting on a wheel. Tucker grabbed Valerie on the arms and went to the person who was in charge of the music.

"Excuse me; I was wondering if you could play a slow rhythm for my friends who are on the Farris Wheel." Tucker asked the man. He nodded and then he and Valerie ran back to the Farris Wheel were they saw Danny and Sam talking.

… "So, did you have fun?" Danny asked Sam.

Sam smiled and said, "Yeah it was great especially the bumper cars."

Danny rolled his eyes and asked, "Sam, will you just let it go?"

Sam laughed and said, "Nope, sorry." They laughed.

When they stopped laughing Danny looked at Sam and said, "Well, it was nice, spending the day together, you know, just the two of us."
Sam smiled and said, "Yeah, it was nice."

Danny looked at Sam and said, "I really liked hanging out with you, Sam."

Sam looked at him and said, "Yeah, I really had fun today."

Danny sighed and looked away, after a moment of silence Danny asked, "Do you want to know why I had a lot of fun?"

Sam asked, "Why?"

Danny answered, "Because I got to spend this day with you."

Sam stared at him and asked, "Do you really mean that, Danny?"

Danny nodded and then before he knew it he and Sam were almost on the ground and Sam's lips were on his, and right when he kissed her back, he not only felt fireworks, he heard them too. This was positively the best night of his life.

Tucker and Valerie were watching all of these events in awe. Their plan had worked! When Valerie and Tucker saw Danny and Sam's wheel hit the bottom they met their best friends with whoops, applaudes, and laughs.

"What are you guys doing here?" Danny and Sam asked after a moment of shock.

Tucker answered, "You know how we said we were sick," Danny and Sam nodded, "Well, we made that up and followed you here, we hung out in the shadows and watched your every move."

Danny and Sam looked at each other in confusion.

Valerie smiled and asked, "Yeah I mean, why do you think the lights dimmed and the lights of the rides didn't?"

Danny and Sam asked, "You did that!"

Tucker nodded and asked, "Yeah, why else do you think that photographer came up to you guys?"

Danny and Sam looked at them in anger, but that quickly turned into a smirk when they looked down at their hands.

Danny said, "Ordinarily we'd be mad-"

Sam finished the sentece and said, "But we see that you guys finally told your secrets for each other."

Tucker and Valerie looked confused until Danny and Sam motioned down where they saw they were hand-in-hand. The friends laughed and headed home.

Along the way Sam shivered from the cold and Danny wrappped his arm around her. Sam smiled and gave his a kiss on the cheek.

Tucker complained and said, "Jeez just because you guys are a couple now doesn't mean you have to get all mushy." He and Valerie pretended that they were gagging and raced off. When Danny and Sam caught up to them they saw that Tucker and Valerie were kissing each other softly.

Danny said sarcastically, "Yeah, and you call us mushy."

The four friends laughed and they went home. It was the start of something new. It was the start of Danny and Sam's relationship, Tucker and Valerie's relationship.