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Author: Bleeding Wings

Genre: Action, Romance, Angst, Supernatural

Rating: "R" For violence, adult language, adult situations, and sexual content

Summary: A top assassin named T.K. Takaishi must assassinate a lovely musician named Kari Kamiya, the younger sister of a powerful Yakuza warlord. Whether he chooses to kill her or to love her doesn't matter; either way, T.K. will go through a whole world of hurt as a result. Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride filled with love, tragedy, and eye-popping action like never before on fanfiction.net.

Welcome to MY world....


As the night was growing older and the moon was still shining the dark skies, it was time for Davis to close the Mt. Fuji Pub. Knowing that the good times couldn't last forever, all his customers nicely left the pub and headed back home. A bit bushed by the busy night he had, Davis put the "Closed" sign and locked the door. He got back to the bar and began to clean up the mess his customers left. Since there wasn't that much to clean up, he sent all his employees home early rather than make them help him keep the Pub in top shape.

"Man, what a night. It's too bad this night couldn't last a few hours more. I was really enjoying that karaoke performance that purple-haired girl was singing. I bet that behind those pair of glasses, she's a major cutie. It's a good thing none of the Kamiya Clansmen came to cause any trouble for the boss, Matt Ishida," Davis said to himself, cleaning a mug with a clean cloth.

As he turned to his left to put the empty mug back into a rack, he noticed someone consumed by the shadows in a corner. The shadowed one stood there with coolness as he put his hands in his pockets. Davis knew immediately that anyone that lurks in the shadows is after one of the two things: your loyalty to his boss, or your life. Feeling his pulse beating hard against his throat, he whipped to his side and snatched his shotgun from underneath the bar. With great speed, he aimed his shotgun right at the shadowed one's heart.

"Who the hell are you? You tell your boss that this place only belongs to the Ishida! Tell Mr. Kamiya that he's never gonna take this place, even if I have to shed blood!" Davis shouted nervously. Davis' finger lightly trembled on the trigger as he tried to aim squarely at the shadow. The shadowed one slowly began to come out of the darkness.

"Davis... is that a way to treat an old friend?" As the newcomer came out of the shadow, he turned out to be a young, blonde-haired man around Davis' age. He wore a black trenchcoat over his black attire, and his Rayban sunglasses suited him very well. His facial expression was as cold as pure ice, showing that he wanted to have nothing to do with anything that's pure and kind-hearted. Finally, that stone-face of his cracked a smile.

Davis knew who he was immediately. He was one of the greatest assassins to ever live. He never failed to take out his targets, and he was a true master at the art of the grim reaper. Through reputation, he was the Angel of Death. But to Davis, he was his best friend in the whole world.

"T.K.!! Good to see ya, man!" Davis put down the shotgun and gave him a big hug. T.K. gave him just as much of a big hug, along with a good pat on the back. T.K. sat in one of the chairs in front of the bar while Davis prepared to serve his friend a drink.

"Man, it's been 3 months since I last saw ya! Looks like nobody can top you, right?" Davis asked, remembering how good T.K. really is in his profession.

"I'm lucky to still be alive, Davis. I had to take out some druglord in Colombia for not meeting the demands of the Yakuza. That was one tough bastard to kill," T.K. said softly. Davis just couldn't believe what T.K. just said.

"What do you mean 'tough'? I've seen you in action, man! Remember when you went one-on-one with that samurai master named Cody? When he was hired to assassinate me, you picked up a sword and went all out on him. Son of a bitch, you beat that guy with ease! Sometimes, you're too damn modest," Davis said. T.K. snorted and turned to the side.

"Hey, T.K. What would you like to have?"

"I'll have some milk, 2% Low Fat, please."

"That's T.K. for ya. You haven't changed a bit."

Davis poured him a large glass of milk and handed it to T.K. T.K. slowly drank half of it down, drinking it as though it was only thing in the world that could quench his thirst.

"Uh... T.K.? I got a call from Mr. Matt Ishida... your brother-"

T.K. slammed the glass on the bar and gave Davis eyes of daggers.

"Don't you EVER address him as my brother, you got that? I don't want to have anything to do with filth like him, okay? He's STILL a disgrace to my family, even though he's the boss of the Ishida Clan!" T.K. blasted.

"Hey, take it easy, man. It's just that he wants to know if you want to accept this assignment when he learned you came back from Colombia. You see, Matt Ishida and Tai Kamiya have been at each other's throats for nearly a year now. Their gangs have been at war for quite some time, and it seems that neither side is giving in. T.K., Matt wants to add insult to injury to Tai. Matt, my boss, wants you to take out a special target," Davis said. T.K. didn't seem to have any expression of eagerness at all, since the art of assassination has become nothing more than a cake-walk. Trying to leave behind his hatred for his brother, T.K. let out a sigh.

"...okay, Davis, who's the target this time? Tai's cocaine head-dealer? His weapons manufacturer? Who is it?" T.K. asked. Without saying a word, Davis took out a photo and placed it on the counter. T.K. slowly picked up the photo to get a good look to see who's next on his dead pool. As he got a good look on who the next victim will be, his eyes widened from underneath his dark sunglasses.

On the photo was a beautiful woman, wearing a dress as white as snow. She appeared to be sitting on a piano, closing her lovely eyes and singing like a caged bird through the microphone. With a dropped jaw, T.K. slowly took off his sunglasses to relish the lovely, short-haired angel.

"Her name is Kari Kamiya, Tai's little sister. Matt wants to take their little war to a more personal level and try to break Tai's soul. And since Tai's soul is the weakest point to strike, Matt feels it's best to strike down the only family he's got. Are ya gonna accept the assignment, T.K.? Her death is worth a lot of money," Davis said.

For awhile, T.K. was completely lost of words. Never in T.K.'s life has he ever seen such a beauty before. T.K. began to lick his lips as he imagined her singing a lovely song just for him.

"Uh... T.K.? How about it? If you're not going to do it for Matt, do it at least for the money! You'll get a helluva a lot of yen if you take her heart and present it to the boss," Davis said. As he heard what Davis said, T.K. shook himself away from the trance and quickly put his sunglasses back on.

"... okay. Tell Matt I'll take the job. And make sure the money will go directly into my bank account. I'll have her heart in no-time," T.K. said in a cool manner. As T.K. left the tip for Davis, he said his goodbyes and left the Mt. Fuji Pub.

T.K. could feel a cold breeze pass by as he raised his collar to cover his face. T.K. knew that where the cold breeze goes, chaos will follow. To his surprise, petals from a cherry blossom tree blew by. T.K. snatched one of them into his hand.

"Strange. There aren't any cherry blossom trees 60 miles from here," T.K. said to himself. As he let go of the cherry blossom petal, he walked down the empty streets of Tokyo. The stars shined the night, but it seemed that none of them could shine away the darkness from within the assassin.

"... time to claim my prize..."

... to be continued.