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Set 4 years after the whole chuunin exam and all the drama, this is a HinaXGaaXNejiXItaXSasu. In THIS STORY, Itachi didn't kill his clan, Sasuke however ran off to Orochimaru to gain power to surpass that of Itachi's and blah blah. Everythign else is still the same though! I'm a sucker for Hinata pairings and guess what? I'm trying to shove it all in one story. Well, toodles!

Hinata sat at the table of the eloquent restaurant her family had made reservations at, just for the Uchiha family and her own. She knew what this was about. Old people do not just meet up with their families at a nice restaurant just to "hang out." No, Hinata knew better, old people gathered to talk about things that were serious and "important."

Hinata contemplated about walking away from the table and outside into the village. She's never even seen this restaurant before and would've doubted it existed if she wasn't there now. Although her 16 years in the village, she started to doubt whether she knew every single thing about Konoha. She started to glance around to see her relatives and the members of the Uchiha family. She guessed that this meeting was something that would decide the fate between the two clans. It'd be rather funny if they met up just to declare each other as enemies. Hmm, how would the wrinkly and aged fight though? Throw their slippers at each other? Hinata chuckled at that thought and continued to glance around the room.

She was sitting alone of course at her own table in the corner. It's been 4 years since she was a genin; a quiet and reserved girl she was back then. The motivator of her change would have to the blonde in which she's admired for SO many years. Although loud and obnoxious, Naruto's charismatic voice just made her jumpy and infatuated with what he had to say. Too bad he never looked my way. Oh well, I got that 30 second shine during the chuunin exams so many years ago. Hinata sighed as she remembered that Sakura had finally open up to Naruto and accepted him as more than a friend. That was of course after Sasuke's leaving. Oh crap! UCHIHA Sasuke. That means that he should be…Hinata's eyes stopped short as a pair of crimson eyes locked with hers from across the room. Here.

Yes, Uchiha Sasuke had returned to the village. Exactly two years ago when she first became a chuunin. In the very least, Sasuke had second thoughts about Orochimaru's "offer" and actually mutilated Orochimaru and his cronies with the power that Orochimaru gave him. (Oh the irony!) However, Sasuke did manage to find some scrolls that Orochimaru had written himself about the cursed seal that plagued his neck. He was able to remove it by sacrificing ten of Orochimaru's "bitches" (I'm sorry but that's what they are) along with the blood of the person who put the seal on him. He then left and came back to the village. There was a bustle of disagreements about what to do with him. Sasuke was a missing-nin after all. But he willfully took in the nasty comments just to stay in the village. He then trained to attain the title of ANBU as his brother had at a much younger age. However, he would have to serve under his brother since Itachi was captain of the ANBU team.

Ah yes, his brother. Itachi. When Sasuke had returned to the village, Itachi didn't say anything about his absence. More like he couldn't. Sasuke had left just so that he would become strong enough to fight him after all. That shows devotion on Sasuke's part to surpass his brother. Talking about Itachi, Where the hell is he? Gah! I lost him already. Bet the adults are probably congratulating him on anything possible. Sasuke looked around the room to look for his older brother. Why the hell am I here? Why the hell is everyone here! Why the hell am I asking why everyone is here and not here and AHH! Sasuke banged his head on the table which made the silverware fly up but then land perfectly back onto the table.

Sasuke had also chosen his table in the corner of the restaurant, so no one took notice of his self abuse just awhile ago. Sasuke had woke up to his mom's tapping and hearing her say,

"Sasuke, you have to get up early today. We are going to spend the day with the Hyuuga clan," her voice said softly as she pulled his blankets down. She smirked a little when she saw his "morning afflictions." Ah yes, her little boy was growing up after all.

Sasuke scanned around the room looking for her brother. He saw various people from his clan along with white-eyed people who were from the Hyuuga. He noticed one in particular that he would've probably fought with for the reason of nothing. Yes, it was the older Hyuuga that he knew of. Hyuuga Neji. To Sasuke's surprise, Neji didn't notice him. Or at least Sasuke didn't think Neji noticed him because he was turned away. Sasuke narrowed his eyes noticing that Neji was keeping a hard stare at something. Something to his left… Sasuke proceeded to turn his head to the left of Neji.

There was a couple who were making out to the max just to the left of Neji. Oh gods…don't tell me he was staring at them. What a sick guy. Sasuke scowled a bit seeing all the tongue action but his eyes caught something else that was to the left of Neji. It was a girl. A Hyuuga girl at that. Her frame was shaped very well into a woman's body but her wide angular face suggested that she was around his age. She had dark blue haired that were just a tad brighter than his own hair. The end of her hair reached at her mid waist which he could see from here were nicely curved. Her skin looked peach colored and very soft from across the room. He noticed she had her legs crossed over each other and Sasuke actually anticipated to wait until she unfolded them. To put it in short words, Fuck she is hot, Sasuke thought. Sasuke continued to stare at her, but he wanted to see her full face. Her face was turned away looking elsewhere, maybe outside the window. But all of a sudden, Sasuke's onyx met with her pearl white eyes. Shit.

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