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Blood was all she saw yet she didn't even flinch. Cold is what she felt but she didn't shiver from it. A smirk made its way to her lips and she changed her skimpy clothes back to her assassin outfit composing of a black sleeveless shirt that was zipped to hide her chest, a black pair of spandex shorts that was two and a half inches above her knees and over it was a white mini-skirt that hugged her hips, reaching four inches above her knees with a slit on it starting from her waist to the hem. Adding to the look was a pair of black fingerless gloves and some black combat boots to go with the whole outfit.

She walked over to the window of the hotel room after collecting her things, from the scanty clothes to her kunai pouches. She attached and wrapped the case of the daggers around her right thigh and the shuriken pouch on the back left side of her waist. Taking out a communicator, she attached it to her ear and the mouthpiece near her lips.

"Mission complete." She said and opened the window, jumping out of the building and into the night. "I'm on my way to commence the next one."And she headed to a hotel to do her last task for the whole day.

He suppressed a twitch and a frown when all the girls in the club started to swoon all around him, flirting with him and trying desperately to catch his attention. He continued to sip his alcoholic beverage, not minding the girl that pressed her seemingly large chest against his arm, bringing her lips closer to his ear, breathing on it.

"Come on, dance with me." She urged and tried to pull him but he remained firm and smirked, looking at her. "Maybe later." He answered and got a sly smile from the girl, as well as a very red face. Another didn't want to be beaten so she placed an arm around him and neared her bosom to his face yet again, he appeared to be uninterested and continued drinking his booze.

"Maybe you want to do it with me?"

"Nah, too busy." He answered and gave a flirting look to her. "But I could give you something else if you answer my question." He said and waited for the girl to respond. Hearing this, most of those who tried to get his attention started to sit beside him or near him. "Shoot." They all said, eager to answer.

"Where is the owner of this club currently residing?"

His mission was too easy. Just when he got his answer(s) from the girl(s), he had downed the remaining contents of his drink and stood up, having his eyes closed and a small smile grazing his lips. "For that, I'll be giving you all a treat." Just as he expected, the girls swooned and went closer to him; he smirked and opened his eyes to reveal them red as each and every one of the women stared into his eyes and began fainting, one-by-one.

The bar tender looked over at the counter after hearing many thuds. He sweat dropped at the sight of many girls unconscious and having red tints on their cheeks. Raising his head to look up at the lady magnet who had took a wad of cash and placed it on the counter, the bar tender gaped.

"They drank too much." Was the teen's answer before he left, pocketing his hands inside his dark blue jacket pockets and walking out of the bar. "Tche, damn annoying girls." He thought and took off to the address he got from the persuading females.

Chapter 1: Assassin meets Assassin

Slowly and gracefully, she danced in front of her victim to the slow beat that was playing. Unknowingly, the man she was to kill was amused with her performance and was even thinking of hiring her as a dancer in his club that was always packed with people every night.

She gave a seductive smile to him and neared the man, seducing him some more. He, on the other hand, was lured into her trap as he pushed and pinned her to his bed, kissing her neck and touching every part of her body. She smirked and slowly took a kunai from her pouch that was at the side of the bed as he began to slip his hand under her white nightgown that was see-through and very short for her own good.

"Die…" she thought and was about to stab the man on his back when the windows suddenly broke and two guns clicked, indicating that they were loaded and were about to kill. The two looked up to see a young adult with a stoic face. "Go to hell." And he began shooting the man as the girl rolled over to the side of the bed and ducked her head, grabbing a gun from her bag and waited for the shooting to cease.

As soon as it did, she did a front flip and landed on the carpeted floor on a half-kneeling position as they both pointed the gun to each other at the same time. She furrowed her eyebrows at him and opened her mouth. "Who are you?"

"Before I answer, you should state your name first."

She smirked and put down the gun as he did the same. "Haruno Sakura, but you'll most probably know me for my alias as blood-thirsty blossom." She said and replaced the smirk with a serious expression. "And you are?"

This time, it was his turn to smirk as Sakura felt goose bumps crawl up to her arms and neck. She tried to shake the feeling off and waited for his answer. "Uchiha Sasuke, a.k.a. shadow assassin." He turned to the doorway and closed his eyes, hearing footsteps rush to the room. They were brought back to the victim as he groaned and Sakura quickly pulled the trigger of her gun when it was aimed on the man's head, finally killing him.

"You missed." She teased while he only smirked. "At least you didn't have to lose your virginity." and he turned around, missing the blush that crept through her face. "I suggest you leave soon or those secret agents are going to catch you." And the same way he entered, he left, jumping off the window.

Sakura frowned. It was a 26 storey building and this was the ninth floor, how did he enter and go out on this floor? Her thoughts were interrupted as people began banging through the door, demanding it to be opened. Sakura cursed and grabbed her clothes then ran to the window and jumped. She threw a string to the closest tree branch and swung towards it, landing safely on the ground. "Maybe that's how he got out but how did he get in?"

Her eyes scanned the place. She landed near a swimming pool that was designed to be surrounded by trees. Her ears picked up more footsteps running toward where she was and she cursed, hiding to the trees, hoping she wouldn't get caught. "Damn it! If that guy didn't interrupt me I wouldn't have a problem! It was supposed to be a silent kill!" she gritted her teeth and suppressed a yell to come out from her mouth.

"Here, some of the people who were walking around said they saw a girl running here!" One yelled and three agents ran to where Sakura was. "Oh shit…" she cursed and sighed, thinking of a way to get out. She left her weapons and all she has are her assassin clothes.

"Play along." She heard someone say and when she looked up, her lips were locked with another. "What the-?" her mind screamed as she fought the urge to kiss back and pull the guy closer to her. Her green eyes looked up at his closed ones and she realized it was the guy who she met earlier, Uchiha Sasuke. "Crap," she thought and heard the agents' voices. "So that's what he meant by play along." She thought when she felt him press his lips harder. "Fine, I'll give you something you will never forget." She thought and closed her eyes and pulled Sasuke closer to her, opening her mouth as she didn't hesitate to let her tongue slip into his mouth when he did the same thing.

"Hey, you-" one agent stopped when he saw the pair making out. Sasuke acted normal and pretended to kiss the girl more when in truth was, he covered her with his whole body to prevent the agents from seeing her unique pink hair that gave away her identity. "Uh…" another said and they began to leave when they heard a moan come from the girl.

Sasuke pulled away and smirked. "Not bad," he said and shoved a bag to her as she quickly caught it when it was about to fall on the ground. "I wouldn't mind becoming one of your victims, Haruno." He teased and earned a blush from the girl. "Heh, I take it you enjoyed that kiss?" again, she blushed a deeper shade of red and glared at him. "Be seeing 'ya." He quickly pecked her lips and took a step back, the smirk not leaving his face and slowly faded into the shadows. "Uchiha Sasuke, shadow assassin…" she thought and placed a hand on her lips. "Damn you for stealing my first kiss." She muttered and jumped to a tree branch where the leaves hid her body as she changed back into her assassin outfit.

She checked the contents of the bag and saw that it was the things she left in the room. "How..?" she looked around, trying to see if he was still there. "Uchiha… where have I heard that name before..?"

"Done already?"

Sasuke remained passive and just waited for his boss' comments on his job as he handed a folder of his report. Hatake Kakashi, was once an assassin but now, he's the one assigning the missions and jobs. His silver hair looked as if it were shining because of the single light that lit the dark room. "You met another killer who was also after your victim?" he raised a brow at his top assassin who gave a nod. "Details Sasuke, details…"

"Her name's blood-thirsty blossom," he said and looked at Kakashi seriously. "You didn't tell me that there could be another killer." Sasuke smirked and eyed Kakashi. "She was a good kisser by the way."

"Have you been reading one of my Icha Icha Paradise books?"

The assassin shrugged. "Hey, that book helps me with my missions."

"Oh well, you're 23 years old already, no harm done."

"If that's it, I'm going." He said, turning around and walking out of the office. He stepped out into the night and looked up at the starry sky, hugging his jacket closer to him. "I keep forgetting that autumn is ending and winter will soon be arriving…" he thought and went inside his blue sports car. Normally, he'd be riding his motorcycle but it didn't have gas, not after the whole mission the other day.

Sasuke glanced at his flip phone and took it, opening its flap and dialing his home number. As soon as an old man's voice answered, Sasuke spoke. "Wei, it's me, see if you can find anything about the name Haruno Sakura."

"Did you say shadow assassin?"

Sakura gave a nod but didn't look up at her boss or friend. She just remained quiet in her seat and continued cleaning her kunai even though it was already very clean. "Why? Does the name ring a bell?"

"Sakura, where have you been?" Kurenai asked, rather, stated in disbelief. "I said something about him! You didn't listen, didn't you?"

Hinata nodded. "He's a part of a group of assassins called Shadow Serpents." She placed an index finger on her chin for a thought. "I think that's where they get their codenames. I heard that a member there had a name as shadow dagger or something…"

"You mean their boss?" Sakura asked and got a nod from Hinata. "My cousin works for him."

Sakura raised a brow. "But aren't you guys supposed to be comrades instead of rivals?"

"True, but the SS only accept male members, ours only considers female killers." Hinata leaned down on the sofa and sighed. "It's getting late, we'd better go home."

Kurenai nodded and dismissed them. The two headed for their own home and went to their respective rooms. Sakura locked her room door and opened her computer. This wasn't an ordinary one but was more advanced than any other kind. In their association, Kurenai made sure that every one of her members would get specialized PCs and Sakura now realized how the thing was really useful.

Opening a window, she typed in the search bar the name "Uchiha" and in another, the codename "shadow assassin". "I have a feeling I'll be seeing more of this guy…" Once the results were shown, she clicked on the name and read the information. "Uchiha… their past are of a prestigious ninja clan… their modern lives are… what the..?"

She re-read everything and was shocked to discover the history. "Everyone was killed..?" her eyes dilated and she suddenly shook. "Did that guy… kill his whole family..?"

He heard his cell phone ring but he didn't budge or made a move to answer it. He only placed a pillow over his head and tried to ignore the persistent caller. When it stopped for a while, he thought he had won the battle and slowly drifted off to sleep but again, it rang.

Sasuke wasn't much of a morning person, well, who is in the middle of 3:15 AM? His phone rang and even if he didn't want to answer it, he had to. Groggily, he sat up from bed and grabbed his flip phone, answering the caller. "If this isn't important you'd better hang up now." He said icily.

"Chill Sasuke," oh no, that voice always pissed Sasuke whenever the owner calls him in the middle of the… dawn. "What do you want dead-last?"

"Hey, hey, don't rub it in."

"Naruto, spill it, I'm trying to get some sleep!"

"You know anything about a killer whose alias is blood-thirsty Girl?"

"Blood-thirsty..?" he thought and got up from bed. "Why?"

"I was in the middle of a mission when some girl beat me to my target and before I could interrogate her, she disappeared and left her backpack and it has a tag."

"And on it is the name?"


"Meet me at Kakashi's house, ASAP." He said and hung up. He sighed and grabbed his black shirt and put it on. Despite the cold nights, he still sleeps topless and in only a pair of knee-length shorts. "What is it with female assassins with codenames starting as blood thirsty?" he stopped his train of thoughts after remembering that all of their codenames begin with "shadow". The Uchiha took his beige cargo pants and his navy blue jacket before putting on some white socks and his black rubber shoes and grabbing his car keys.

Downstairs, he saw his ever faithful servant/caretaker, Wei, holding up his motor key and with a smile on his face. "Young Master, your bike has been loaded up with gas, and I do believe it is a lot faster than a car."

Sasuke smirked and took the key. "Thanks Wei, I'll be gone for the rest of the day again," Wei gave a nod as Sasuke opened the front door. "And call me if you get any news about Haruno."

"If I may ask, why are you so interested in this girl?"

He shrugged and got on his bike. "Hormones perhaps." He joked and started the ignition of his bike, placed on his helmet and he rode off as the tall gates of the Uchiha manor opened automatically.

"Coming, coming..." a voice called out as the man slowly descended from the stairs to answer the door. Kakashi groaned upon seeing who were his visitors. "What in the world are you two doing here in the middle of the dawn?" he asked, yawning. Naruto just entered and Sasuke followed while Kakashi gave a sigh and closed the door. "Explain."

"Blood thirsty, ring a bell?" Naruto asked.

"W-what?" Kakashi gasped then rushed to his room and came back down fully dressed in an all black attire. "Come on, we're heading to HQ." They nodded and Naruto got on the passenger seat of Kakashi's car while the silver-haired man got inside the driver's seat. Sasuke put on his helmet and started the engine, driving off ahead of the two as the black car followed his lead. "Looks like I'll be seeing more of you, Haruno Sakura…" he smirked, if they were to have a showdown, he would enjoy it.

They reached the building and the guard by the gate immediately recognized Kakashi's car and Sasuke's bike that he opened the entrance to let them in. After parking their vehicles, Kakashi quickly rushed inside the building with the two assassins tailing behind. Once they reached his office, he quickly turned on his computer and checked his mail. "I knew it…" he murmured. Naruto scratched his head. "What?"

"Sasuke, I have a mission for you," Kakashi said, eyeing the teen who raised a brow at him. The silver-haired assassin opened his drawer that was attached to his table and handed a folder to him. "Read, this will be your mission." The Uchiha took the cream-colored folder and sat down on one of Kakashi's couches in the office, opening the file and reading its contents. Naruto turned to Kakashi. "And what will I do?"

"This," he answered, making the monitor of his PC face him slightly. "Blood-thirsty Girl was it? Well, she works for my former partner in assassination; her real name is Hyuuga Hinata, Neji's cousin. Their group is named Blood-Lust or BL for initials. Right now, I want you to spy on her and get as much information about her as you can, this will test your abilities and skills in gathering information." Kakashi turned to Sasuke when the raven-haired teen got up and stared at him with wide-eyes. "A joint mission..? What the hell, I don't do missions which involve another assassin working alongside of me."

"You have to, it's sort of, a challenge, you two may be working as partners but what matters really is to see who can kill the most or can get to the target faster. It's like a game, the one who kills the big boss wins." Kakashi explained and took his cell phone out of his pocket, dialing a number and calling the person who owned the digits displayed on the LCD. "Send her in." he said and all their heads turned to the door as it opened and revealed a girl at the age of 23. She had a unique hair color that reached her waist and her eyes were a striking green. She turned to Sasuke who looked back at her, both staring for quite a while before pointing a finger at each other. "You!" they said in unison.

"Haruno, I didn't expect to see you soon." Sasuke said, regaining his composure as he got up and smirked at her. "Back for more?" he teased. Sakura glared at him. "You stole my…" she trailed off, remembering how he somehow saved her from the agents. "Nevermind…" she muttered and also recalled the little research she did earlier. "Was he the one who killed his entire family?" she thought, surprised that there was a human living that could care less of his own family. "Kurenai-san said he was a dangerous and elite killer, once he plans to kill you, he won't hesitate."

"Back to the point, why exactly are you here?" Sasuke asked, his amused look earlier turning to a serious one. "Don't tell me you're the assassin I have to work with." He muttered but Sakura heard it and her eyes widened. "What? You're my partner?" she nearly yelled and later, Kurenai came in with Hinata following. "All four of you have a mission. Sakura, you will be working with Uchiha here, both of you are fit for this job, while Uchiha here uses his looks to get information from girls, you use your body to lure the targeted men, it's a good combination."

Kakashi grinned. "Like what we used to do, huh Kurenai?" the woman blushed and ignored his statement. "It's a thing of the past Kakashi, it was only a mission and you've won, ever since then, you were my rival and now, I am betting my assassins can beat yours."

"Oh contrary my dear ex-partner, my boys can beat your girls anytime, anyday."

"Is that a challenge Hatake?"

"You bet, Yuuhi."

"Bring it!" and thus, the joint mission of Uchiha and Haruno starts while Uzumaki's spying skills are put to the test and Hyuuga's alertness is being challenged. Four assassins with completely opposite characteristics and different types of killing are put together to see who really is the best.

To be continued…

Next on Cold: Chapter 2: Looks VS Body Language

"I'm going to enjoy this mission…" he thought as Sakura neared her face to him with a daring look. "I bet I can turn you on like other guys I seduced." She whispered in a really low and tempting voice. Sasuke shuddered a bit and looked back at her eyes. "Is that a challenge Haruno?" when she placed her hand on his shoulder and made it roam around his body in a really slow manner until it went all the way down, he got his answer. "Alright, and I bet that I can make you fall in love with me within the limited time for our mission." He said, placing an arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him, his face near one of her private parts as his eyes didn't leave her green ones. She returned the smirk and lowered her head. "Bring it on, Uchiha."

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