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We all believe in stories. With a prince and a princess, love at first sight. Ok more like an adorable girl and a man destined to murder his whole clan, but… who can resist such innocence of a smile. So Itachi met his match, his love, his purity, his innocence.

"Itachin-neesan why are we here again?" A voice whined brothering the genius from his thoughts. Looking at the coal eyed boy who kept tugging on his shirt, Itachi gave him one more stare before looking off. "ITACHI-NEESAN WHY ARE WE HERE AGAIN?" the annoying brat yelled up to him.

"Make a peace treaty with the Hyuugas Sasuke, that's why," he mutter monotone keep his vision straight ahead. He took a small glance down to see his little brother's mouth in the shape of an 'o'. "The Hyuugas are a very powerful clan almost or even as strong as our clan."

"Really!" the boy watch the large gates come into view, "Itachi-neesan do you think they have any body to play with me?"

"They have a girl—but father said she would most likely be training, she is their heiress and needs to train hard."

"Girls have cooties anyway," Sasuke said sticking his tongue out at the thought of a girl. Itachi shown no emotion but he just wanted to smack his brother and tell him to act more mature. Idiot.

An old Hyuuga with boy bowed looking up with glass eyes he nodded, "I'm Haishi Hyuuga and this is my nephew Neji." The boy looked up with dark white eyes of grief and hidden rage. Itachi noted this, Neji, eh? Wasn't his father sacrificed instead of Haishi-sama?

"Itachi stay here with Sasuke while Haishi and I make the arrangements," the man said towards his son, Itachi's neck pricked he was addressing him like a stranger and not a son. But he nodded even so.

"Sasuke stay here, with Neji-san."


Itachi walked the manor his mask on as many girls giggled and tried to flirt with him. Frankly he didn't give a rat's ass he wanted a quiet place away from the Hyuugas, his family, and life itself.

It's like searching for paradise…



"sniff…hiccup…sniff" Itachi looked forward seeing a young girl about Sasuke's age on a swing. Wearing white kimono that had pink sakura blossoms, one of her wooden sandal was thrown onto the grown below her; while the other dangled off her foot. In her hands she held a dandelion, a water drop landed on it.

Is this the heiress? Curiosity got the best of Itachi as he watch the girl try to sing a song, but her words kept getting caught up betweens sobs and hiccups. Weak…a small smirk was hidden in the shadows stepping on a stick making a loud CRUNCH the girl looked up.

Her eyes were white as snow but around them they were poofy and red from crying. Her navy hair falling into her pale face, she looked up at him shyly and he felt his heart stuck in his throat ………………cute……………… Itachi blinked for a moment did I just think she was cute…god I'm going to be a pedophile…Shaking his head he put back his cold mask, "Who are you?"

"…" she gripped the swing's rope in her free hand harder then let go, "H-h-h-hinata…." And a voice to match too…

"You're the heiress right?"


"Why are you crying?" Itachi asked all too bluntly sitting on his haunches so he would measure up to the young heiress.

"Tou-san w-w-wants me … t-to…a-and…" Hinata rubbed her eyes harder to keep the new wave of tears away and trying to keep her voice straight she tried again, "Tou-san w-wants me t-to be a great heiress, b-but I c-can't, I d-don't want to g-give up… I hear p-people talk about me, they c-call me the H-hyuuga failure…" the girl sniffled again still rubbing her eyes.

So much stuttering… yet she is so mature… unlike the brat. "That's a lot for a seven year old to take on… is it not?"

"Tou-san says, he started y-young t-too."

"But your not Tou-san," Itachi watched Hinata her eyes widen at his reply. Hinata smiled once again he could feel his heart beat quicken, but he knew what she was, she was freshly fallen snow, the beginning of spring, innocence, and purity. All in that smile he turned away feeling his cheeks glow …yup defiantly a pedophile…

Turning to hear her sniffling he mentally smacked himself …you made her cry… "Sorry to …what I said…"

"N-no, no one h-has s-said something like that, I'm foolish, g-gomen," she looked at the flower in her hands. She stared at the black hair ninja, "My father says w-we all have our o-own ninja way…" he glanced at her as she continued to speak. Her white eyes content on the flower in her hands, "He says a Hokage ninja way is to protect the village, while a young ninja's might be to n-never give up and become something great. O-or a young man is to p-protect their family…

"I-I have yet t-to find my ninja w-way…"

"… That's not true," Itachi mumbled watching her, "It all starts with a dream, then turns into something bigger then you can accomplish it. So while your father says ninja way, you need to dream bigger. Something bigger then to be your clan's heiress." Itachi grumbled inside his head, God, I hate being an advice giver.

"T-to dream?"

"Yea…start small."

"…I…w-wanna be stronger."

"There you go, and when you feel stronger build off of that."

"…Thank you…" the girl looked into her hands again. Hinata jumped from her swing and placed her sandal on. "T-take this," grabbing his hand she placed the flower in his palm, "I-I d-don't have anything else to give y-you…" poking her fingers together a blush came to her cheeks.

"nn…" Itachi took a quick survey around, "Hinata-chan come closer."


Leaning over he kissed the side of her mouth. …pedophile…yea…so shut up…"Hinata-chan I want you to take this," Itachi smirked as she looked at her hand was a white flower similar to a rose but not. It glowed faintly with charka, "So it will never die."


Damn brat…"This is our secret, don't tell anyone."

She nodded mutely as he walked away clutching the flower to her chest.

"What do you want?" he snapped at the boy.

"Neji-sama scares me," Sasuke said whimpering clinging to his brother's leg.


"I asked him when he grows up what does he want to be, and he said 'First I'll take over the Hyuugas, then Konoha, and then the world!' He started laughing all creepy too…"


"Hey Itachi-neesan guess what I want to be when I grow up!" Sasuke started bouncing again with a grin on his face.

"No what?" Itachi now had his emotionless mask on, trying his best not to smack his brother.



"Hey Itachi-neesan when you grow up what are you going to be?"

"…" If I ignore him, he'll go away.


"…" He can only keep this up for so long.


"…" Any minute now…



"So whatcha going to be?"

"…A pedophile."


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