Sun shifted through the particles and a girl with long burnette hair shifted through a box. She bit down on her lip, worrying it for a moment, and shifted some more. A sigh escaped from her as she fell back, kicking the box with her tiny feet, her brunette hair making a halo about her head. " Spring cleaning is so boring," said one Hinata Hyuuga, who did in fact, look sp thoroughly bored it could make Shikamaru seem energetic. . . and that's saying something.

It all started earlier this morning, when her cousin, proposed a new training! It would be new and never heard of it! Hinata sat in front of him sweat starting at her temple, a bead rolling down the side of her face, her fists clenching the fabric of her pants in anticipation, and it was so hard to swallow the spit that was collecting in her mouth.

Neji got up and moved with a grace of a dancer, his deep voice rattling her ear drums, " Now Hinata, we shall be training with new equipment." he moved into the next room, Hinata's heart pounding against her rib cage. That is, until Neji walked in well . . . an apron, his long brown hair pulled up with a bandana, holding a mop and duster in hand proudly.

"Hinata! Today we start spring cleaning!" he said in a voice that could have rivaled that of a commanding officer . . . Hinata felt her spine stiffen even more. "It is officially March first, and if we ever want to get this whole estate cleaned by the end of summer we have to start now!" Neji stood over Hinata his arms crossed glaring at her with an evil eye that Hitler would have wanted . . . yes. Hitler.

Back to the present Hinata still sat slumped looking pretty lethargic, thinking that perhaps, a faster way to clean her closet was setting it on fire, and sweeping the ashes into a pan. But unfortunately, she did not have any fire jitsus and Neji would be so thoroughly angry at the soot marks on the wall that it would cause more trouble than needed.

Sitting up straight, and pulling her long brown hair into a loose bun, Hinata set onto the weary ninja task again.

Shifting through crap.

She could have swore she was going back through time.

Hinata was on when she was nine years old, when she began liking Naruto. EVERYTHING in the box was either orange or yellow, the colors she mostly associated with him. A little pink diary, with a piece of Naruto's hair taped into it, and secret picture of him with more tree trunk then Naruto in it. A light blush covered her cheeks. She had such stalker issues as a kid which going to a therapist four times a week had cured.

( a vague memory of when she that age and someone had asked what she was going to be. She remembered said therapist telling her dad that Hinata was having "stalker issues" and with a smiling blushing face replied, "A stalker." )

Embarrassed, Hinata took a red marker and wrote in big, red letters: THROW AWAY.

Pushing that box away with her foot, grabbed the next box. It was long, perhaps a foot long, black, with a red silk ribbon.

Hinata felt a crease in her brow as she yanked away at the ribbon, a white card sat on the top, embedded in red silk. Picking it up, she glanced over the pretty cursive: My princess, I depart today. I apologize for sneaking into your room but I wanted to make this gift more special. - I

Flipping the card to look at the back, her eyebrows shot up. For on the creamy card's back was the Uchiha's emblem. Laying the card gently on the ground, she began flipping though red silk she uncovered a glass case, and suspended in the middle of it was a white flower. . . very beauty and the beast esque. H

Hinata stared at the casing, touching it gently with wondering fingers. Her face glowed pink in the afternoon light recalling something from long ago . . . a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth.

She frowned placing the glass case on the ground.

"Geez. What a pervert." She said with a smile in her voice.

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