I Want One

SEQUEL TO TOO SERIOUS TOO SOON. Takes place 9 Months after it ended, Mari is in labour and still with Sirius but they aren't married. James and Lily are still blissfully happy together, as they should be. Remus told Kelly he was a werewolf, and she left him and none of them have heard from her since, Remus gradually got over it and has started dating again.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Mari, "Black, I'm goin to kill you"

"What'd I do? You're the one squeezing the life out of my beautiful hand" Sirius yelped

"Look what you've done to me?" She screamed

James, Lily and Remus were in the waiting room and could hear the arguing couple quite clearly. James and Remus quietly chuckled to themselves. Lily however was pacing nervously.

"Sweetheart, sit down" said James

"I can't my best friend is in there and I'm not allowed to help" snapped Lily

"Come on, she'll be fine" he said trying to soothe his worried wife

"AHHHHHH Son of a bitch, what the fuck?" screamed Mari

"That's it, something's wrong, I have to help" said Lily and before either James or Remus could say anything Lily had stomped

into the delivery room.




"A Girl. I got a girl" shouted Sirius excitedly running into the waiting room

"Congradualations mate" said James and he and Remus each gave Sirius a 'manly' hug and pat on the back

"I can't believe it. She's gorgeous, this little person, so tiny but so..." said Sirius a little overcome with emotion

"Okay, you can go back in now" said Lily coming out of the delivery room, looking drained but happy

"Yesss. I'm going in to see my daughter. Shit I have a daughter how amazing is that" said Sirius slightly dazed before he rushed back in to see Mari and the baby.

"How are they?" asked Remus

"Good, both perfectly healthy. Mari's exhausted, but they're both okay" said Lily

"What about you?" asked James putting his arm around Lily's shoulder and kissing the top of her head

"Me? I'm fine, just tired, it was amazing seeing her being born" said Lily

'A baby, one of the Marauder's actually has a baby, how grown up' thought James and then he thought about his baby, the one he and Lily had lost, and he pulled Lily closer.

"You, okay" Lily whispered to him

"Uh yeah" he said

"You're thinking about what happened aren't you?"

"Yeah, sorry" he said, feeling guilty about making Lily think about it.

"Don't be, it was your baby too" she said snuggling into him


"They're taking Mari, to recovery and the baby down to the nursery" said Sirius coming back into the waiting area

"Can we see them?" asked James

"Yeah, I'll take you to see the baby, to let Mari get settled" said Sirius and he started to lead to way to the nursery

"Which one is she?" asked James, they were standing in front of a window looking into the nursery where the newborn babies were sleeping.

"In the crib that says Baby Black, duh" said Lily, whom James' arms were still around


"Awww isn't she sweet, she has your eyes" Lily said to Sirius

"You think" he said

"Yeah, definitely. But she looks just like Mari in every other way" said Lily

"I know, she's gorgeous" said Sirius so proud he thought he might burst

"Awww look, she's yawning" coed Lily, "She's so small"

They stood watching the baby for another few minutes. Then James realised something.

"I want one" he whispered to Lily

"One what?" she asked stupidly

"A baby" he said

"Oh" she said a little thrown, she hadn't been expecting that

"I know, it's not easy for you after... But I really think"

Lily cut him off by pulling him down and kissing him so fiercely it shocked him a little.

"Hey, hey watch the tongue, in front of my... my daughter" said Sirius

"Sorry" said Lily pulling away then she turned back to James, "well Mr Potter, I hope you're ready cause once you say it, there's no turning back"

"I want us to have a baby" he said quietly looking Lily dead in the eye

"Wooooooooo, we're trying" squealed Lily jumping into James' open arms, he picked her up and spinned her round

"Oh great, I knew you two would steal my thunder" said Mari, she was being pushed in a wheel chair.

"Mari, oh my good you were great" squealed Lily running over to her best friend

"Thank you, I was pretty spectacular" said Mari smugly