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I just found a Plot Bunny! Isn't it cute! HEY! It bit me!
Ouch… Oh well… It's not that bad… I wonder why people are so afraid of them.
Ok, well on to the fic! This is a crazy little fic that all started with Telephones, Dishes, and PLOT BUNNIES!
Just a Warning this is EXTREMELY random.

And a Disclaimer
No Matter how much I may want to own them and pretend I own them I DO NOT own the characters from Harry Potter… They belong to the most wonderful J.K. Rowling. The only thing that is mine is the plot…. If there is a plot to this…

AN: I just want to apologise to my reviewers and such. Apparently I forgot to update the rating when I changed it from a one shot.
A love Affair to remember (sorta…)

One day as Harry and Draco were kissing behind some bushes they suddenly heard voices. They broke the kiss to listen and were shocked to realize that the voices belonged to none other then Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy. From the tone it seemed that Lucius, a runaway Death Eater after Lord Voldemort's fall, had kidnapped Arthur and was asking him a security question to see if it was indeed Mr. Weasley.

"Mr. Weasley, what do you call your wife late at night when you are all alone?"

"Now really, that's a rather personal question and I…"

"Answer the question."

"Well that's really rather embarrassing and I can't tell you without asking-"

"I'm gay."


"I said I'm gay"

At this Harry had to restrain Draco from leaping out and killing his father. Lucius had placed Draco under the imperious curse as a punishment after first discovering that Draco was gay. And Lucius nearly killed him after he discovered that his lover was none other then "the Potter brat".

"B-but why would you say that!"

"To show you how easy it is to admit something embarrassing"


"Now see that wasn't so hard."

Arthur has no reply as he is rather angry by now.

"You know Arthur, I've loved you since the first time I saw you. And every time I see you I just want to kiss you."

"Well… I… Please DON'T!" Shouts Arthur as Lucius comes closer.

Lucius ignores Arthur's protests and French kisses him. And at that point Harry and Draco both couldn't take it. They each began to throw up. Which made Lucius realize that they had an Audience.

"Who's there?" says Lucius, blushing madly.

"Oh, god, FATHER." Says Draco standing

Harry stands as well "Mr. MALFOY!"

"Ummmm Draco now… calm down…" says Lucius

"CALM DOWN! CALM DOWN! YOU PUT ME UNDER THE IMPERIOUS CURSE FOR BEING GAY AND NOW THIS!" He said gesturing to Lucius who is still blushing.

"Draco, please calm down" said Harry.

"No! I can't believe this! I'M GOING TO GET YOU FOR THAT DAD!"

Draco chases Lucius around. He is trying every curse that he knows on his father. Harry and Arthur just watch.

"Ummm now Harry, I hope you don't believe that I ever-"

"I know Mr. Weasley."

I know that this is random, but I was talking to a friend who started with the security question to Arthur and I just suddenly decided that that Death Eater would be Lucius and that he would suddenly announce that he was gay and in love with Arthur.

Poor Harry and Draco had to be there because there had to be witnesses to the sudden confession.

As mentioned before I still can't understand why people could possibly afraid of plot bunnies…