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Chapter 5: ugly friendships and THE birth

Harry was quickly thinking on what he could do to distract Molly and Ron. And then it came to him. Ron and Molly hated Homosexuals and Harry was with Draco, but what if…

Suddenly Draco saw Harry's gaze become unfocused and he began to fall. So of course Draco went to go stop Harry from hurting himself. When he had grabbed Harry and Molly and Ron couldn't see them he winked at him then he started screaming.


"Harry? Harry are you ok?" said Ron looking concerned


"Harry dear! Come over here and we'll get you away from the nasty homos." Said Molly


"Nothing you didn't deserve." Said Malfoy sneering

Then Harry turned his back on Molly and Ron and winked at Draco again and Draco got it.

They both mentally counted to three and then shouted "STUPEFY" at the top of their lungs. Harry hit Molly and Draco got Ron.

"I've always wanted to say that Harry." Drawled Draco Smirking

"Say what?" asked Harry

"That I never gave you anything you didn't deserve."

"Oh bloody hell. This could wear off any time now! Arthur take Lucius and run. We'll take care of things here."

"But Harry, what will you-"

"Don't worry. We have things covered." Shouted Draco cutting him off.

So Arthur grabbed Lucius and ran off out of the room. They knew where to go. They would go to Hermione. She had broken up with Ron a while ago because of his intolerance. Besides she liked Blaise better anyway. The reason they ran to her was because she was the godmother and there was no way she would let anyone hurt that baby.

Soon after Arthur and Lucius fled the room the spell broke. Ron turned to Harry and stared at him.

"Harry, what in the hell did Malfoy do to you! Why did you attack me?"

"Well let me think." Said Harry with more then a touch of sarcasm "You just attacked my family, you were probably going to kill them. What else would I do?"

"Harry love," said Molly "we're your family."

"No you're not. You are not his family." Said Draco. "Family means that you accept someone for who they are."

"How would you know Malfoy?" sneered Ron

"Because I, unlike you have a real family, Weasley."

"Harry I'm sorry love, but if you're going to be in the way I must…" said Molly Raising her wand "Obli-"

"EXPELIARIMUS!" Shouted Draco before Molly finished.

When Draco had both their wands in his hand he tied them up and then looked towards Harry and said. "This will certainly be a surprise for the ministry won't it?"

"Yeah, Dray, it will be."

Harry and Draco finally managed to free themselves from the ministry building a few hours after they brought in Molly and Ron. It seemed likely that they would be going to Azkaban for a while. Draco only wished it could be forever. A life without the Weasels would be great.

They arrived at Hermione's to find the home in a total uproar.

"Oh bloody hell…" remarked Harry as they walked in.

Draco felt that it was a well placed remark because the place was a total wreck. There were various items scattered everywhere. And then Hermione came running.

She answered all their questions. Lucius was going to have the baby early. No, there wasn't anything they could do about it. So they, erm, they might prefer to stay downstairs… if they took her hint. Which Harry and Draco did to Hermione's immense relief.

The atmosphere upstairs was tense to say the least. All the very best Healers were brought in to see that both Lucius and the baby would make it. Arthur couldn't stop worrying and they couldn't let him stay with Lucius so he was pacing. That was when Severus arrived.

"I don't think Miss Granger is going to appreciate it if you wear a hole through the floor you know."

"Oh!" said Arthur, rather startled, "I didn't know you were here…"

"I know. I was just called in for some potions… nothing unusual and Poppy asked me to tell you that you can go see Lucius and your baby now." He said before stalking down the hallway.

Arthur ventured into the room that Lucius was in. And then he just stopped and gasped. Their child seemed in no way to be a preemie. In fact she, because it was a girl, looked like any normal baby. You could already see that she was going to have the Weasley red hair. Then Harry, Draco, Ginny, and Hermione came in… all gasping as well.

Lucius spoke softly then, "Isn't she beautiful. Poppy says that it's not so surprising that she's ready early. She says that it probably just has to do with the fact that we're the parents."

"So what's her name?" asked Ginny and Draco at the same time.

"Well," said Arthur looking at Lucius and their baby as he spoke. "We decided last night to name the baby Elbereth Bianca Malfoy." as he said this Lucius smiled up at him.

"And I still feel the same way now."

"So then it's settled. Her name is Elbereth Bianca Malfoy."

There will come a time that rends reality

The true evil thought to be gone

Alive again in a new soul

And also will be born a savior

And the darkness will mark the one

Only with the aid of the one before

Can the savior hope to conquer the darkness...

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