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Chapter 1

For Harry the beginning of school came quickly but his friends could tell that he was just going through things automatically.

He would spend hours meditating and would disappear for whole days sometimes. What they didn't know was that he was in his domain sorting through things for Jor-El and enhancing his control over his powers.

He also made a stop to Gringotts to make sure he had control over all of his vaults and properties. He also made sure to set up an account for Scarlet so that would always have something in case she needed it.

He made sure that his family and friends knew nothing of this though. He after all didn't want to alarm them, after all Molly Weasley and the others still treated him like a child even after he proved that he could take of himself like in Smallville.

It just seemed that now more than ever his godfather and Remus had taken it upon themselves to shield him from the world.

Now Harry was stood on Platform Nine and Three Quarters ready to go to school. He could tell that Sirius was taking extreme delight in since he was now announced to be free.

Pulling Harry into a hug he murmured a goodbye in Harry's ear. Harry awkwardly patted Sirius on the back before breaking away only to be pulled into a hug by Remus. Muttering a goodbye he stalked off towards the train without a glance backwards towards the Weasley's and Hermione.

Harry struggled to find an empty compartment but through his training with Jor-El used a simulation to make it seem like the compartment was full and he wasn't one of the people there.

He knew that Jor-El would lecture him when he next went to Aduro; Harry had chosen a name for his domain. Aduro was Latin it meant to set fire to, to burn, to singe, to kindle, to light.

He was only meant to make simulations to see how one of his battle plans would turn out but right now he needed to be alone. After all he had just left behind the love of his life. He hadn't felt this way about anyone, not even Cho Chang.

The rest of the train ride passed uneventfully except when he had to make one of his simulations talk to Hermione who had asked if they had seen him. He had a laughing fit about this.

When heading towards the carriages he super sped to one and made it go as soon as he got in. He was considering super speeding straight into the hall but figured that that would cause too much suspicion, since he didn't intend to tell anyone about his secret.

Getting out he strode into the hall ignoring the looks he got from the staff he sat at the Gryffindor table and pulled out a book and started reading.

He even ignored the questions from his friends. He did keep an eye on the sorting though and put his book down out of respect for Dumbledore when he started to make his usual speech. He did notice though that the sorting hat had stayed in the hall.

"Welcome, welcome to another year at Hogwarts! Now this year we have a special occasion, a student from America has transferred here after being home schooled her whole life. Please welcome Scarlet Evitide!" Harry's head snapped up and he turned to the front, and he saw her.

Her brown hair blew behind her by an invisible wind; she wore Hogwarts robes but without a house defined on them. She had no make up on but was radiant anyway. He also noticed most of the Hogwarts male population were drooling over her.

Scarlet sat down on the stool gracefully and the hat was place on her head.

Scarlet then heard the hat's voice in her head.

Ah, Miss Evitide, now, now I realise that you aren't human and can also see that Mr Potter isn't fully human.

Hat if you even tell a soul about his I swear I will set you alight was Scarlet's response.

You have my word, now Slytherin wouldn't be a good place to be sorted into, Ravenclaw defiantly wouldn't be you would skin them alive.

Not skin them alive just maul them a bit Scarlet snickered.

Hufflepuff would be too boring for you, I can see you like action and you also wish to be with the one you love.

Sure do

Very well, it better be GRYFFINDOR!

Harry smirked as Scarlet stood up and gracefully walked towards the table. She ignored that calls from the males and seated herself next to Harry and gave him a peck on the lips.

He saw the looks of shock on everyone's face and was even slightly amused to see Cho glaring at Scarlet. Actually most females in the hall were glaring at her, they seemed to have being staring at the 'new' Harry during the sorting.

Dumbledore stood again, "Now its time for our feast. Enjoy!" The plates then were filled with food and everyone happily dug in.

"Scarlet, what are you doing here?" Harry whispered.

"Missed you, spent the rest of the summer catching up to this year's standard and wrote to Dumbledore."

"Missed you too." He said as he held her hand.

The rest of dinner passed with very few words between them but it was enough for them just to be with each other. Once back into the common room they sat in a chair and curled up together. Scarlet pulled out a book and they sat together reading it.

"I've got something to show you." Harry whispered in her ear. She nodded and put her book into her bag. Holding hands they quietly walked out of the common room and Harry headed towards the room of requirement.

Once inside Harry explained what the room did to an impressed Scarlet.

"So, does Clark know you're here?" Harry asked.

"Yes, he also wanted me to be with you since he is in Gotham City this year for an internship at Wayne Enterprises."

"We'll have to send him a congratulations owl." Harry snickered.

The rest of the night was just spent talking and snuggling.


Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises was currently looking through the files of the interns he would be receiving from Smallville. He had also run them through the computer in the bat cave.

The only one that came back with any interest was a boy named Clark Kent, he had apparently saved quite a few life's in Smallville. He had also noticed that his was the only adoption handled by the company.

"Maybe your just the man I'm looking for." He whispered to the photo of the teen.


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