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Chapter 1

Harry Potter, now aged 20, was sat at his desk. His Raven hair now fell to his shoulders and was secured at the nape of his neck with a leather band. He wore a stylish green t-shirt with black jeans. His feet were bare and folded beneath him.

Harry held a blue file in his hands with various papers of importance which his intense emerald eyes scanned over. Sighing Harry placed the file on the mahogany desk in front of him and reached for the phone, quickly dialling he waited.

"Hey honey, it's me." Harry paused to listen and his lips curved into a smile.

"You think you can come to my office in an hour the kids will be in bed by then." Harry said and nodded whilst playing with a pen which had been on the desk.

"Great." Harry paused. "I love you too." He placed the phone down and spun the chair round so he was looking out of a large window which was slightly open allowing a crisp breeze to circle the room.

It was summer in Aduro and from his office the sound of laughter and a shriek every now and then alerted him to the fact that some students were outside. It was dusk meaning the students had no lessons at this time and tended to relax outside when the weather permitted it.

At the moment it had being warm and sunny for a few weeks and all the trees and flowers were at there best making being outside even more enjoyable. There were only three students this year so far. But a large class had just graduated.

Looking down he saw a lone figure sat under a tree, Dante Otero. Dante had only been with them for two months and Harry was at his wits end with him. To begin with he's painfully cautious, doesn't trust easily. Despite the name, he's very light skinned, shoulder length inky black hair that looks slightly red in the right light tends to keep it in a short ponytail, warm brown eyes, around 5ft 10in, wardrobe leans towards cargo pants and hoodies with the occasional baggy black jeans and long sleeved shirts thrown in, wears converse like they're going out of style

Dante worked hard but after what he had being through Harry didn't blame him for avoiding things by throwing himself into work. Dante wanted to prove he was good but didn't want to prove it to anyone but himself. Harry smiled as the door opened and spun around on his chair as Scarlet walked in. A pregnant Scarlet. Their baby was due in about two weeks. They had two kids already, Matthew and Julia. This time they would call their baby Maria Lily if it was a girl or Drew Keith if it was a boy. Harry got up and walked to his wife and kissed her.

"Hey Scarlet." He said to his wife and then knelt down and rubbed her stomach. "Hey Baby." He said to the unborn child and grinned widely when he was rewarded with a kick.

"Hi." Scarlet whispered and she waddled over to the sofa and sat down heavily.

"The kids asleep?" Harry asked as he sat next to her.

"Yeah, I put up a spell to let us know if there are any problems." Scarlet answered.


"Why'd you ask me here? What's bugging you?" Scarlet questioned.

"I went to see about a few students, but someone had gotten to them first. This is the smallest group we've had since we started the school." Harry said tiredly.

"Do we know who's doing this?"

"Nope, I have no idea, but I want to prepare the students for a mission. Just in case." Harry stated.

"Yes, probably for the best. I just hope the kids are okay where they are." She said as she pulled on the sleeve of her red top. Scarlet's brown hair was now to her chin after she cut it and fell around her face in soft waves.

"I'll ring the curfew bell for you on my way back." Scarlet said as she gave Harry a peck and then got up and walked from the room.