title: Sh-t Happens
author: cheebs!
fandom: Tru Calling
chara: Tru, Harrison
summary: Brotherly love, Harrison style.
disclaimer: Tru Calling isn't mine, but the story is.
note(s): response to dirtywrong100 challenge 16, "Potty Break."
warning(s): poop. ewwww. /babyPlucky>
archive(s): Wherever I post it, plus those with standing permission. Others, please ask.
date: 3/10/04
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"Harrison, what did you do to my sink! Luc just fixed it!"

Shrinking back from his sister's rage, Harri began, "It wasn't my fault, it was Bryan's...or Ryan's...whatever his name was. Guy was losing big and drinking bigger --"

"And?" she prompted.

"And he was in the bathroom a lot."

"So why is my kitchen sink broken?"

"You remember that time Jimmy Schmidt dared me to piss in the fountain at school?"


"Oh. Well, he did, and I did, so it didn't seem like a big deal to go in the sink."

"Har, you didn't."

"I tried to clean up after myself!" he protested. "That's how the disposal broke."

"What exactly did you do, pass a kidney stone?"

"It...ah...wasn't exactly from my kidneys..."

Tru felt ill. "Enough details." She slung her bag over her shoulder. "I'm going to Lindsey's. Phone book's in the table drawer. Get this fixed."

"Okay, I'm on it." Harrison smiled benignly at her as she left. Once she was gone, he found Tru's personal phone book in the aforementioned drawer. He found what he was looking for under "M."

"Hey, Mark? I hear you want to get back with Tru. She's got this problem..."