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Link found himself walking along the mountain path, having dodged the castle guards on patrol in the area, searching for the Sanctuary they couldn't see. He noticed a signpost with his likeness on it, saying a reward would be offered for aid in capturing him.

He yanked it out and threw it into the bushes.

'I guess I won't get much help from the nearby village, then'
'People are so predictable, its no wonder it's so easy for the wizard to turn the royal guard into his puppets. They're halfway there already.'

He realized heading straight to the village at this point was no good,
even though he still needed supplies and to get the information he needed from the Wiseman. So he decided to ducked into the forest instead, and sneak into the village through another path he knew.

Luckily, the only thing he met along the path to the lumber yard were a few crows, which he suspected could have been spies for the wizard, you never know with the way they dove at him. Then he heard the 'Lumberjack' twins arguing up ahead.

"I don't like this Jack, I think this tree may be special, it feels all squishy, what if it's cursed!?"

"Ah, quit ye whinin' big bro, and keep sawing. Cursed, hah!"

suddenly my brain froze. 'Squishy?' Uh oh.

Rushing out from behind the brushpile, I yelled at them to stop.

"You idiots! That's not a tree, it's a disguise for that fairy hollow!"

But as fate likes to handle these things, it was a little too late. A swarm of angry pixies flew out of the hollow in the tree and began attacking the two brothers. Two of them had snatched up a nearby axe and was chasing Jack with it. John was being carried through the air by the scruff of his neck and was dumped into the nearby well. The other fairies were chasing Link and so far he was sporting three or four stingers. Anymore and he'd probably pass out from the sleep poison. Suddenly he remembered his new boomerang, and decided to see what the thing was capable of.

He suddenly stopped and ducked low to miss the fairies that were tailing him. He then hurled the boomerang straight at them. He was surprised to see them all dodge the boomerang, and then fall to the ground, stunned. 'I was right, then. It was enchanted by the wizard. Probably knockout dust. I hope he's not able to track me down with it.'

Link helped Jack get his brother out of the well and found a heart shard inside the hollow tree they'd been sawing at. he wrapped it in some cloth the brothers had and stowed it in his pack. He'd have to find the other parts of this particular crystal for it to do any good.

Heading into the forest, Link waved goodbye and immediately went on guard. This place would be filled with thieves and other dangers thanks to the wizard.

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