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Chapter 1

Kidnapped Tales

The morning was young in a small sleeping quiet town a few miles away from the great city of Konoha. In that city was the magnificent palace of the Hokage family. The Hokage family ruled over the country of Fire for many generations. The country was a peaceful and well ruled land. The queen was alone, her husband and brother had died some years ago, all she had was her secret.

This secret of course, wasn't known by many. It was more of a legend, but it involved four girls from the country, these four had strange birthmarks on them. These birthmarks, however, were special. They symbolized the four elements, fire, water, earth, and wind. They also symbolized the start of a new generation of the Hokage family, as it's heiresses. When the four girls appeared, it would mean the end of the greatest tragedy the country has known, the Sharingan Seven.

The Sharingan Seven were well known throughout all the countries, but mostly in Fire country. Why? Because they were the most sophisticated thieves and warriors known. They managed to escape all of their missions and eluded capture for many years. Not much is known about them other than that.

The poor Queen has been trying to keep up with all her work for both her country and tracking the villainous bandits. She was unable to have children, so instead she searched for the legend, the four Princesses. She had searched for many years and they too eluded her. She was getting old and there was no heir, all she could do was search.

Light was peeking through the closed curtains into the dark shadowed room, revealing four bodies, bodies of young women. Two of them had been awake for sometime now and they were whispering to one another.

"I can't believe this has happened!" Hissed one of them.

"I know, how could we have been snatched up like this!" frowned a pink short haired girl, she was talking to her new long blonde haired friend.

Another girl turned over and stared with them with drooping eyes. "Will you two be quiet? Some of us have work tomorrow." Yawned a young woman with milk chocolate brown hair that was put up into two buns, he eyes were also milk chocolate brown.

The blonde haired girl stared with her light blue eyes at the one that just awoken, "I don't think you'll be working today. If you haven't noticed, we're far away from home, all of us."

The chocolate haired girl's eyes widened as she remembered the events that happened the night before. She sat up with a jerk and shrieked. The pink and blonde haired girl's pounced onto her and covered her mouth.

"SHHH! They might come back!" hissed the pink haired girl.

After some odd minutes of silence the brown haired girl calmed down and the two retraced their hands and sat back down.

"Where are we?" Asked the brown haired girl.

"Don't know." Replied the Blonde haired girl.

"Who are you?" She asked.

The pink haired girl smiled,"I'm Sakura. And this is another kidnapped girl named Ino." Sakura paused and she looked over at the other sleeping girl, "That one there is Hinata; she was awake earlier but fell asleep.

"And you are?" Ino asked.

"My name is Ten-ten…" She said.

They sat in silence then Ino broke it, "So, where are you all from?"

Sakura looked up, "I am from the small town of Ivaice."

"Ivaice? Never heard of it." Ino said. "I'm from the city of Konoha."

"So is Hinata." Sakura added onto Ino's sentence.

Ten-ten gulped, how could these girls be so friendly toward each other when they've all been kidnapped! "I… I come from Alum Rock."

The two other girls stared at her and Ino said, "Never heard of that either. What were they like?"


It was a cold afternoon and Ten-ten was skipping along beside a long river. She was on her way to her job. She worked as a weapon maker's assistant, which was pretty unusual for that area. She was humming happily until she saw him. He had short brown hair and great amber eyes. He was tall and sturdy with some big sized muscles bulging from under his shirt. His name was Dominick. Unfortunately, Ten-ten had fallen for him, even though he had a bad temper and the brain the size of an ant, almost non-existent.

Dominick looked up and smiled, "G-morning." He said in his gruff 'manly' voice.

Ten-ten blushed a bit and nodded as she quickly passed him.

Once she got to her job in a small building beside the river, she spent many hours there, all of which she was concentrating hard on her work. Once she realized what time it was, she decided to tell the master that she was leaving for the day. Ten-ten walked into the back room and told him that she was leaving. She exited the small building and slowly closed the door. Unknown to her a person was standing behind her. As she turned around she caught a slight glimpse and everything went black.

--end flashback—

Ino and Sakura stared at her and began to laugh uncontrollably as Ino did Dominick impersonations.

"Erg, My name is Dominick; I prance around like a sissy man." Ino said trying to imitate his gruff 'manly' voice.

Sakura was on the brink of crying from laughing so hard while Ten-ten couldn't help but join them. Hinata also was laughing, but quietly; she had been listening in since Ten-ten began her story.


Hinata was prancing her way home in the happy sunlight. When she reached her home she stopped and her smile faded. She always disliked coming home. Her father wasn't very nice to her. There were many times when she had been late by one second and he had gotten so mad that he slapped her and threw her to the ground. He always made her feel bad, how he praised her sister instead of her. He always found something to bring her down. 'Your skills are so poor that a slug could beat you!' was one of the main ones.

Hinata sighed and entered the house. Her house was always so big, but it wasn't homely, it never was. She walked passed the garden, knowing well that he would be there…

A figure cut her off before she could escape, "Hinata! You're late!" Called the cold criticizer's voice, his white angry eyes met her soft white ones.

"U-uh, I'm sorry father." Hinata trembled.

"Sorry? There's nothing called sorry!" He slapped her across the face, making her fall back onto the ground.

She couldn't help but start to cry as her hands flew to the red mark on her face and she ran into her room. She closed the door hurriedly and slid her back down against it and she cried into her knees. Hinata didn't notice the dark figure standing behind the door, standing next to her. She looked up and everything went black.

--End flashback--

The girls stared at the young woman with short black hair and white eyes. They felt so bad for her. They pounced onto her and gave her a great big bear hug. They all smiled as they embraced the poor girl.

Sakura said, "We're like family now. We've got to stick together, you know?"

All the girls nodded and Ino was happy that she had met these girls.


The Yamanaka flower shop wasn't very busy on days like these. Ino was sitting at the cash register, resting her head lazily onto her hand. She closed her eyes and reopened them a few seconds after. Ino stood up from her chair and walked over to a tub of purple orchid. She'd always loved orchids, they were the most romantic flower other than a red rose. The orchid represented elegance and destined love. Ino heard the door jungle as a customer walked in.

"Welcome to-"As Ino turned she was smiling, only to be greeted by darkness…

--End flashback--

Now they all looked at Sakura for her to tell her tale.


Sakura was sitting in a somewhat open area in a forest, she sat on a tree stump. This was one of her favorite place for solitude, she came here pretty often. Her head was lowered, looking down, as her forehead rested against her palms. She had a lot of things on her mind. Not long ago she had another premonition. She's been having these visions for a few days now, about 2 weeks. Each time they came true, that's what scared her.

Her latest one Sakura found that it was the strangest. It was currently on her mind, it was about a girl trapped in a house of flames. After that it skipped to where a dark figure stood behind her. Then it skipped to a freeze frame of a tall man with raven black chicken hair, his eyes were cold and deep with anger and sorrow.

Sakura's mind was distracted by a strange smell that is hardily around in this forest village, smoke. She looked up and was grey fumes arising to the north. Before she could stop herself she ran in the direction. When she got there she found a house covered in flames. She gaped in horror at the sight. Some of the village people were already tending to it, but they were having no luck.

"Someone save here!" cried a woman in serious mental and physical pain.

There was a girl in there, it was that girl. Sakura ran into the burning home, not paying attention to the flames cutting into her skin like knives. She ran throughout the rooms and came upon a room where the body of an unconscious girl lay. Sakura picked up her body and ran out of the house just in time before it collapsed.

The villagers ran to her and took the girl. Before Sakura knew it she was thrown to the ground. Many of the villagers stood over her, surrounding where she had fallen. Their eyes showed what they felt towards her, hatred.

"Demon girl, you were the one who started the fire!" Yelled one man.

"N-no." She said in horror as she was kicked in the stomach.

"LIAR!" Called more of the villagers.

They punched her, kicked her, and pulled her hair. She got up and pushed the men aside and ran away into the forest. There weren't any bruises visible but there was blood coming from her mouth and tear falling from her eyes. It had always been like this. Just because her hair was pink and she wasn't normal, they treated her like this, always and forever, nothing would change it.

She reached her stump of solitude again and sad on it, burring her face into her hands. She stayed like that until she felt a presence behind her. Sakura quickly pulled away and jumped out of reach. She looked down at the dark figure; he was also from her vision. He would take her away, she knew that. Sakura would not let him, she had decided that. But before she knew it he was behind her again and she quickly turned around and met darkness.

--End flashback--

Sakura finished her story, leaving out some of the details of how the village treated her. The three girls hugged her and Sakura yelped in pain as they brushed against the bruises and wounds on her body. When they pulled away the helped bandage up the pink haired girl. Once they had finished up, a knock came from the door as it opened to reveal five guards. Each one took the girls by the arms and dragged them away somewhere.

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