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Chapter 7


We're back in our rooms and we're a bit pissed off about what happened. That stupid Sai guy made us have those nightmares, and he used this technique that made us disappear one by one. He apparently came back for a visit during his on going mission, acting as an ANBU.

The rest of the day was normal, and we haven't seen Sai since this morning's incident.

--Main Sai killer, Ino (Day6)

It's been a few days since that incident. I dislike him. That's all there is to say. That guy is just a jackass; he won't get to me, not now not ever gain. Neji seems to be thinking the same thing. He and I are just laying here thinking about things and make some small talk… I find it weird though, it's like we're a married couple, you know by what I just wrote

And as Ino has said, the rest of the day was normal. And The day after that was the usual; Neji and I training, Ino soaking in the tub and annoying the hell out of Shikamaru, Hinata and Naruto getting along and talking, and Sakura and Sasuke…uhm well… continue to be in silent discontent? I don't know what to say about those two, I haven't seen Sakura since breakfast yesterday.

--Another Sai killer, Ten-ten (Day8)

I hate Sai. That's all there is to it. If I ever see him again, I'll get him back for what he did. I never want to have that nightmare again. But as the other's say, the rest of the day was normal. What about me and Sasuke? There's nothing there, just his silent glare and my intellectual remarks. He allows me to come with him to train, but we train separately; probably afraid I'll kick his ass! Hahaha!

God! My neck has been hurting lately. It's like its burning. And I keep feeling Sasuke's burning cold gaze on my back, it's starting to creep me out… but his brother sent for him awhile ago and he hasn't been back for over two hours. Should I be worried?

--Worried in black, Sakura (Day8 or 9?)

I set down the pen I was using. Where is Ice Cube? I'm actually staring to get worried. I stood up from the old darkly stained desk and walked over to the door and slightly opened it and peered both ways to see if anyone was around. No one, just silent darkness. All the torches had gone out making everything absolute pitch black. I took a deep breath and sighed.

The only way I would be able to survive these halls was to use my senses, all six or seven of them. I'm going to be pretty tired after all this. I stepped out side and closed the door along with my eyes. After a deep breath I reopened them and it seemed like I could see arrows pointing me in the direction I needed to go. I followed my instincts down through the empty dark corridors, not hitting any walls. I continued through the shadowed maze, stopping every once in awhile.

I continued down the halls until I came upon two superiorly large bamboo doors, much bigger than the doors of the bathhouse. I felt a strange and strong presence behind these doors. This presence was hurting, it was calling to me; I wanted to comply and go to it but there stood a big obstacle. On the door were many locks and seals, but strangely they disappeared as I drew nearer. It's like this presence that's calling to me has whipped away the locks, opening possibilities to me.

I pushed open the doors only to find a dimly lit room, a gigantic room at that, but it's not fairly as big as the training grounds, but a little bigger than a basketball field; maybe a basketball field plus a third of another field. It was may have been dark, but it sure was hot, more like someone was breathing on me. I continued through the room, but I didn't see something; unfortunately the sound of something rough slithering caught my attention.

Oh crap, what was that? I turned around and I felt my heart explode with fright and horror. In front of me was a huge reptile, the size of a basketball field; in other words, taking up most of the room. It may have been a reptile, but it wasn't one you'd see everyday, as it was a crimson color dragon. It's head was only about a yard away from me; just resting it's head on it's arm, it's eyes were staring at me. Oh my god. However, what caught my attention the most were it's eyes.

The eyes of the dragon, were made up of the Sharingan, only two commas were in the eye however, not three like Itachi's. Here in front of me stood a Dragon with Sharingan eyes.


I stared at her. How'd she get in here? So many questions raced my mind as I stared at her, then she said my name. All the thoughts ceased except for one. How did she know it is me? I wasn't myself; I have a huge scaly body at the moment. But how did she know? Was it my eyes? What was it?

In this form, I am unable to talk to anyone except for Itachi. He was the one who did this to me, it is my punishment and only he can undo it. It's part of the Sharingan eyes, but it's more of a curse than a gift.

She continued to stare at me. Why didn't she run away? Why doesn't she scream? Why isn't she froze in fear? I'm a monster, she should be afraid; is she?

It was almost like she read my mind, "Sasuke, you are you. You're not a monster."

She said it in such a soft comforting voice. I hate her, how can she say that? I hate her.

Sakura walked closer to me, why? I just want to kill her. She shouldn't have come here. How dare she look at me while I'm like this, how dare she see weakness. How can she stand to look at me, I'm a monster.

"Sasuke… it's ok. You aren't a monster"

Why do you say that? Don't you know that I hate you? Don't you know that I could kill you right now? I could snap your body in two. I could crunch you in my jaw. I could swallow you whole. I could rip your body aside with my tail. And yet, you don't scream and run away, like all the others?

When I was little I used to turn into this form randomly. Everyone would run away and leave me, screaming, calling me a monster; and I am. They hated me. But why does she continue to stay? I hate you. I hate you Sakura.

I lower my head in front of her body, to both get a better look at her and to show her my fangs; I'm a monster. She just stares at me.

"Sasuke…" Sakura's voice fades as she puts her hand on my snout.

She's brave, that's for sure. But I still hate her. She can't understand me. She doesn't know what it's like to be hated by the people around you, and grow up that way.

The next thing I know she's hugging my neck. What is she doing? I can hear her, she's crying.

"Sasuke… You're not a monster. And you're not alone." Sakura was crying a lot now, letting her tears flow down like a river.

I am alone. Why can't you get that through you're stupid pink head? But, why are you crying? Do you pity me? Are you looking down on me? I should kill you. She let go of my neck and jumped on top of my snout. She's straight into my eyes with her teary ones. Why is she so sad? Sakura, I hate you.

"Sasuke. You aren't alone. There are others out there, who are in the same spot as you. The people around them thought of them as monsters, and they tortured them, they killed them slowly. Sasuke, don't believe you are alone, you're not a monster." She was still crying.

Why does she care? All she says are lies. I'm the only one. I am alone. There aren't any monsters like me in the world, there's just me. You don't know anything you stupid girl. Sakura laid down against my jagged scaled skin. What is she doing?

"Sasuke, you aren't alone, believe me please." She hugged me.

What are you talking about? Before I knew it I was back to normal. No scales, no tail, now claws; just human flesh and bones. How did that happen? Did she do that? I looked around and saw Sakura falling slowly to the ground, I caught her bridal style. Her eyes were closed and her breathing wasn't normal. I felt her forehead; she has a strong fever. Stupid girl, risking you life for another's, risking your life for a monster.

I carried her back to my dark room and laid her in my bed. The least I could do is take care of her; but I owe her so much more. I tucked her gently in and retreat to the bathroom for a washcloth. I found one, a black one. Perhaps I should get more colorful things, who knows how long she'll be around; I bet she's tired of the darkness that plagues this place. I poured cold water onto the cloth and wringed out some of the water. I returned to her side and placed the cloth on her forehead.

She won't be awake anytime soon. She's got a bad fever. All I can do is wait it out. What time was it? I lost track. It could be morning all ready, or it could still be night. I continued to sit on the bed by her side. I sighed, who was this girl, why did she risk her life for a monster? I looked away from her and saw something that did not fit this room at all. On my desk lay that journal. Didn't I once say that it was ugly? I realize now that it isn't, instead it has a peaceful look to it.

I stand up and walk over to it. Sakura once told me that they record things in here. Should I record this for her? Why the hell not. I took the journal and a pen and sat back on the bed next to her. I opened the book and flipped the pages until I came to the most recent entry. I didn't read what they wrote, Sakura and the others would probably get mad at me; like I give a damn, but they have a right to privacy. Instead I scanned the last entry made by Sakura to see the format, it's pretty easy.

I'm not sure what to write, I'm not one for words. But here I will record the recent events. I am currently sitting next to an asleep Sakura; she has come down with a persistent fever. I'll stay here by her side even though I hate her. I don't know much about her, or any of you. I suppose I'm not one to really know people, unless you're part of our group; as we have known each other for years.

Many hours have passed and Sakura's condition has not subsided. There is a possibility that she won't make it. I hate her, but if she were to go I'd miss her.

God, I suck at this, but it's too late to turn back… it's in pen, shit! Sakura, get better soon, you're annoying the hell out of me! Oh by the way, I didn't read any of the crap you guys have written.

--Pissed off, Sasuke (Day 8 or 9?)

I reread me piece. It sucks, majorly. I glared down at the book and shut it closed. Too late now. I set the book aside and glared down at the pink haired girl. She's always causing so much trouble. She's always annoying the hell out of me. I hate her, but, I owe her. I owe her more than this. I'm not sure why, but I just feel like it.

"Nn…" Sakura moaned.

Oh shit, what do I do? Stay calm, not like she's going to punch me…right? Just in case I think I'll scoot away a bit. Her eyelids fluttered and reveal teal green eyes. Looks like she's survived.

"Welcome back to the living." I smirked.

"Oh shut up…" She mumbled.

"Ok Madam forehead." I take that back now, she gave me a hurtful look.

I don't know why but she looked so sad when I said that. She's so annoying.

"What?" I grunted, this is pissing me off.

"Please don't call me that." She said in a sad voice.

Now I can't help but be curious. "Why not?"

She looked at me and closed her eyes, "Because that's what they used to say…"


She reopened her eyes. "I-I would rather not talk about it. Go ask the others if you wish. Once you know the main reason, come back and maybe I'll talk to you."

Now there's that snobbish annoying girl I remember. What a snide comment. But whatever.

"Rest." I mutter.

"Whatever Glacier." She smirked.

Annoying pink haired girl, I hate you. But I suppose I should go find out so I can understand you better. Maybe if I go talk to them the mystery on why women are so stupid will be answered. I smirk at the thought. Sakura has gone back to sleep, she probably won't wake up for another five hours. By this time Neji is probably up training, I'll go see him.

I exited the room and walked toward the training grounds, only to meet up with Neji and Ten-ten on their way to the training ground. They look up as they notice me walking towards them. Neji raises his eyebrow at me.

"Aren't you supposed to be…?" He didn't finish his question; after all he was in front of an innocent.

"I'm off already. What time is it?" I ask.

"1 p.m." Ten-ten answered.

Damn that's late. "I see."

I remember that I had taken the journal with me so I shoved it into Ten-ten's hands. She looked at me perplexed, then looked down at the book. Neji just continued to stare at me, he knows that I was punished… but he doubts that Itachi let me off so fast.

"Actually, Ten-ten I have to ask you something…"I say in my usual tone. "Privately." I add.

Neji frowns but obeys as he enters the training grounds room, leaving us two alone.


"It's about Sakura."

"What! What's wrong!" She frantically yells at me.

"Nothing. I just want to know about her. She told me to ask someone else." I asked while trying to stop my forming headache.

Ten-ten looks down at the ground with her glum face. "I see. There's actually a bad story behind it…"

Like I really give a damn about that. Just tell me already. "Yeah?"

"Well you see… she doesn't remember much of her childhood, she lost her memory four years ago. And during those four years she lived in a forest near a village, by her self." Ten-ten said this sadly.

"By her self and near a village? Why not in the village?" This sounds like a stupid and pointless story.

Ten-ten shifted, "Uhm… well. The villager's hated her."

What? "What?"

"Because she was abnormal, they decided that she was… a monster. So every time they'd see her… they'd hurt her, a lot." Ten-ten looked really sad now.

What? So then… Sakura was talking about herself when she was talking to me. I think I understand now, I'm not alone… Sakura's not alone either.

"The villager's blamed Sakura for everything that went wrong. And they tortured her…" I stopped her.

"It's ok. I don't need to know anymore. Thanks." And I walk back to Sakura, leaving an almost crying Ten-ten.

As I walked into my room I saw green eyes watching me. She was sitting up in bed.

"You're supposed to be resting." I glare at her.

"You know… don't you?" Sakura asked me quietly and I just nodded.

It was silent for awhile, "Thanks." I mutter.

She looked up at me, surprised. "What? What for?"

"For when I was in the other form…" My voice trailed off. I still owed her.

"Oh." Sakura looked down at the covers.

"Hn." I walk over to her side and stand there, wanting to push her down and force her to sleep.

"You know, I never had any friends until I was kidnapped, funny isn't it?" Sakura sadly laughed. "That's why… I was afraid from the nightmares. I dreamt that the villagers came back and found out that I had friends… and they punished all of you for it, killing all of you." Tears were streaming from her eyes.

I understand. "I have dreams like those too."

She looked up at me through her teary eyes.

"…My brother… killed everyone in our clan. And because of him I was alone and people feared me, leaving me to die because of my other form. And then I was taken in by the Sharingan and I met the others. They became my family." Why am I telling her this? I… hate her? Right?

"I see…" Sakura sniffed. "We're the same."

She's right. "Yeah."

"I may not remember much, but I do remember seeing my entire family dying in front of me… I also remember moving place to place almost dying because I had no where. Other than that… I don't remember anything up until four years ago." She whispered. "But we're the same."

"Monsters should sick together." I smirk at her.

She frowns while hiding a smile, "Monster? Sorry, but I have a family now, too. They don't see me as a monster, do you?"

Her words struck me hard. She doesn't see me as a monster, just family. Surprising that in such a short amount of time these four girls have become part of our family. I shake my head as a no.

"Do you see me as a monster?" I ask.

"Not at all Glacier." She smiled.

"You're annoying."

"I know."

"You piss me off."

"I know."

Sakura leaned forward and hugged me, and my body reacted on it's own and hugged back. I'm not alone; I have a family that can understand me. And so does Sakura.

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