DISCLAIMER: the characters of Naruto and Final Fantasy 7 are not in anyway owned by me. This story takes place a short while after the film Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, and also around the time of chapter 236 of the Naruto manga.

CHAPTER 1: Konoha, here we come!

Thirteen years ago … Wutai Island …

Godo, Kage of the village of Wutai stood by the beach with his wife as the great beast Leviathan approached. "Hello, Hokage, We are prepared as you requested." Godo greeted the blond headed man as he hopped off the monster with a young five year old girl in his arms.

"Thank you, I am indebted to you and your people, Godo," The Hokage nodded to the older man, before returning the sea monster to its Materia. "Thank you for all your help, old friend. Watch over my sister, now." The Hokage turned to the little girl and, dropping to one knee, said "Yuffie, you're going to be staying here for a while, ok?"

"What? No, you promised I'd get to watch over the baby …" Yuffie stuck her lower lip out in a pout.

"And you will, when it's safe for you to." The Hokage smiled at the bright-eyed little girl. "But it's not safe in Konoha right now. So you're going to be staying here while I get everything ok again."

"But … I wanna stay with you, Nii-chan…" Yuffie whimpered on the verge of tears. "I can help! I'll be a great ninja, even the Hokage someday too."

"I love you, little sister," The Hokage said, doing a few hand signs and then touching the girl's forehead. A moment later, her eyes dilated and she fell forward into his arms. "When she wakes up, she'll have no memory of Konoha or me. When she reaches adulthood, give her this and tell her of her heritage." He said as he pulled his old Konoha headband from his pocket. "Whether I survive the beast's attack or not, I want her to remember who she is when she's ready to accept it."

"Are you sure that was necessary?" Godo asked with concern.

"It's better this way. Remember, when she reaches adulthood, give her the bandana and the seal I used on her will dissipate," the Hokage said before summoning a large frog. "Take care of my little sister. I'm counting on you."

Godo watched the Hokage return to his village before glancing down to the sleeping girl in his arm. "I swear I will treat her as if she was of my own blood."

Present Day … City of Edge (Formerly known as Midgar)

A young woman wiped down a newly abandoned table in the bar known as the Seventh Heaven. It was a quiet day, and she smiled as she watched the two children still living with her running outside the front of the bar playing. "Denzel, Marlene, would you come in here for a second?" the woman asked as the two kids came bounding in. "Ok, you two, what do we want for lunch?"

Before the kids could offer a reply, the phone jingled from the other side of the counter. "Hold that thought, guys." The woman said before walking quickly around to answer the phone. "Strife Delivery Service, this is Tifa Lockheart speaking. How may I help you?" Tifa leaned against the counter, "Hello, Godo, it's been a … what happened to Yuffie? Yes … yes I'll have Cloud come … you want all of us? I'll see what I can do … ok … ok … We'll be there as soon as we can. See you then … Bye." Tifa then turned to the kids, "There's been a change of plans. Go pack your things we're going on a little trip on Uncle Cid's airship."

"How long will we be gone, Tifa?" Marlene asked, glancing to her best friend to her mother-figure.

"Don't know, so pack plenty, and you're going to see Daddy too," Tifa touched Marlene's head as she beamed happily.

"And Cloud?" Denzel asked excitedly.

"Yes, Cloud too," Tifa smiled wistfully, "Now scoot, you two, while I make some calls."

Mountain Range near Cosmo Canyon

Fenrir, the customized, armored motorcycle of Cloud Strife, zoomed along the dry soil as he pursued a pursued a pair of gang bikers. The blond, spiky-haired swordsman narrowed his eyes behind his sunglasses as he closed the gap between the two thugs, who had grabbed the package he was personally trying to deliver.

He pressed a button on the handle of the bike and the sides opened with the sound of blades drawing as the pieces of the First Tsurugi, Cloud's massive multi-part broad sword. Showing a deep concentration of skill and practiced ease, he, with one hand and without taking his eyes off the thugs in front of him, assembled the massive blade and drew it from its confines.

He passed one thug and slashed his tires, sending him tumbling to the ground, and the bike destroying itself as it flipped head over wheels. Cloud never slowed as he continued on to the one holding the stolen package. This one was smart enough to stop the bike and jump off to draw his bladed weapon. He just wasn't smart enough to surrender the item.

"Put the box on the ground and walk away," Cloud warned, pulling off his sunglasses and placing them in the pocket of his dark blue uniform.

"What's it to you?" the idiot replied, as Cloud readied the Tsurugi.

"Put the box on the ground and walk away," Cloud said yet again, "Last warning."

"Bring it on, pal," the thug smiled before dashing toward Cloud with his short sword swinging wildly around him. With a simple flick of the wrists, Cloud hit the blade of the thug's sword with his own, sending it flying into the air. While the thug was distracted by the sudden disarming, Cloud, with his free hand, punched him square between the eyes, knocking him out, and still caught the discarded box before it hit the ground.

"Baka," Cloud shook his head to the KO'ed thug before sheathing Tsurugi.

Dadada-da da da-dada

Cloud pulled his cell phone and flipped it open. "Cloud." He answered. "Ok. Have you contacted the others? Good, where are you now? I have to deliver this package, and then I'll meet you at the usual spot."

Cloud hopped back onto Fenrir and took off back toward his destination. He came to a stop at a small wedding chapel near Gongaga village.

Fenrir came to a stop as a pair of bridesmaids came running out. "Sorry I'm late, had some … difficulties." Cloud explained as he handed the women the dress box.

"How much do we owe for the delivery?" one of the women asked.

"Wish the couple good luck for me and we'll call it even," Cloud nodded before he saw the airship Sierra soar overhead. "I have to be going. Enjoy the wedding, ladies." Cloud nodded, taking off again, back toward the mountain range.

Fenrir ran parallel with the airship as he shot up toward the jagged cliffs. He cut his eyes to the Airship that lowered altitude and circled toward the large cliff he was racing toward. He bit his lower lip and held his breath as he punched the accelerator and leaned forward.

"Don't mess this up, Cid …" Cloud breathed before Fenrir jumped from the cliff toward the in-motion Airship. "Don't look down…" Cloud said to himself as the cycle left the ground and flew through the air toward the airship, landing roughly on the wooden plank deck and spinning around where the rear wheel of bike slammed against the far railing. "What a rush …"Cloud breathed before he dismounted and rolled the bike inside the airship.

"You're getting better, Cid," Cloud said as he entered the Sierra's bridge, "I only just barely landed on the deck this … Cid?" Cloud stopped dead when he saw his old friend and ally not at the controls of the airship. "If he's not piloting …" he asked, glancing around the room. There was Marlene and her father Barret, the red, lupine-looking Red XIII with the mechanical toy Cait Sith on his back, Vincent in his usual corner with his red cloak wrapped around him, and Tifa leaning against the communications controls talking with Cid's wife Shera.

"How'd I do, Cloud?" Denzel asked from the control seat of the ship. All color drained from Cloud's features.

"You ok, Cloud?" Tifa asked, grinning in amusement as Cloud's almost glowing blue eyes widened as far as they could go.

Cloud stared at the boy, as his Adam's apple rose and fell slowly in his throat. "Y-You were flying, Denzel?"

"Ahuh! Did I do ok?" the boy asked excitedly.

"Excuse me …" he said, running out of the bridge holding his mouth.

Silence on the bridge held for a moment longer before everyone except the red cloaked Vincent in the corner burst out laughing. "I better go check on him …" Tifa giggled.

"Ya did good, kid," Cid Highwind patted Denzel on the head, "Now swing this thing's fat ass around and take us east by southeast."

The blond headed Airship captain laughed at the glare his wife sent him, before lighting a cigar. "I know, Shera, like my dad always said, best to start 'um out young." A moment later, everyone flew off their feet and tumbled across the bridge as the ship whipped around at full speed.

"Daddy!" Marlene yelled as Barret caught her. "Shoot him!" She yelled, pointing to her grinning-like-a-possum best friend.

"Next time I say spin around, kid, do it slowly…" Cid shook his head as he pulled himself to his feet. "Now … why not let me take it from here …" Cid said, lifting the child from the control chair and setting down himself.

Wutai Village ...

"What in God's name happened here?" Cid asked as the group made their way through the decimated Wutai Village.

"I don't think Weapon did this much shit," Barret said as he walked with the two kids riding on his shoulders.

"Yuffie." Cloud said with a sigh as he led the group.

"Oh, you hurried, thank goodness …" Godo said as he ran out to meet the group once known as Avalanche.

"What happened here?" Tifa asked, looking around at the destruction.

"It's not as bad as it looks; Yuffie just needs to work on her summoning control." Godo nodded.

"Why do we not start at the beginning?" Vincent said in his usual soft, cold voice.

"It's quite hard to explain really, yet it's very simple …" Godo explained setting down. "You see … Yuffie is not my daughter by any blood relation."

"Then whose pack is she from, if not yours?" Red XIII asked, tilting his head slightly.

"Around thirteen years ago, a friend of mine, Arashi Uzumaki came with his younger sister. He was the leader of the Hidden Ninja Village of the Leaf. They were facing a very dangerous crisis with a powerful monster and he wanted his five-year-old sister out of harm's way." Godo explained.

"Yuffie …" Tifa nodded in understanding.

"I promised the Hokage that I would watch over his sister as if she was my own daughter," Godo continued. "He placed a seal on her memories, blocking them until the eighteen anniversary of her birth. On that day, today, I would give her the headband of her native village. Touching that would return the memories of her past in clarity."

"So what went wrong?" Barret asked.

"She got … unsettled by the revelation." Godo rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Quite unsettled…"

Cloud glanced around at the destruction. "You don't say?"

"I recall she pulled the Wutai headband off and threw it at my feet," Godo continued. "She clinched the headband of Konoha village, trembling … if I recall her words … she said: Nii-chan, I'm going to kick your ass. She then summoned the Leviathan, which cuased the rampant destruction you see around you, as she road it out to sea and on to the Western Ninja States."

"So what do you want us to do?" Cloud asked evenly.

"I fear what has happened to her, as I haven't heard from Arashi in thirteen years. I do not even know if there still exists a Village Hidden in the Leaves. I would you like to follow her and help her find her family, if she has any left."

"She's our friend, Godo; she's been there for all of us when we battled Sephiroth and then his three clones." Tifa nodded, glancing to the others who nodded in agreement. "She should know that we will help her out no matter what."

"Thank you all," Godo bowed humbly. "I am sure you all know, as much as I do, that Yuffie is quite prone to … trouble."

"We better hurry, then; Yuffie's got quite a bit of a head start," Tifa said as they all stood and bid farewell to the old Kage.

"What are they up to, yo?" a redheaded man with goggles in a messy suit asked, peeking up from behind a tree. "Can ya hear anything, Rude?"

"Nope, gotta teach Cloud to speak up when he talks," the taller, bald man in a nicer suit and tie and sunglasses replied. "Did catch something bout the Eastern Ninja States, whatever that means. Should we tell the boss?"

"He wanted to know what those Avalanche losers were up to," Reno nodded. "Looks like we goin' on a trip, yo."

"Let's head back and report to the boss first, before you get us killed," Rude said, leading the shorter redhead behind him back to their speedboat at the side of the island.

Village hidden in the leaves ...

"So, what do we know?" Tsunade the Fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves asked sitting back at her desk.

"The Sound doesn't seem that active right now," Kakashi replied, with a nod toward the attractive blonde who led the village. "But it is clear that Sasuke is now a follower of Orochimaru."

"Damn …" Tsunade exhaled.

"I know this probably isn't the best time to ask, but … How's Naruto doing?" Iruka asked, his eyes showed with dark circles under them, almost reaching the scar across his face.

"He's badly hurt, Iruka, even with his healing powers, his lung was punctured and his ribcage was almost completely shattered." Tsunade nodded, "But he will recover, with his powers plus our healing jutsus, he should be back on his feet in a week or two."

"So, what are we going to do about Orochimaru and the Sound?" Kakashi asked, as the door swung open.

"Hokage-sama, we have … a situation …" an ANBU breathed as he leaned against the door.

A moment later, the ceiling of the Hokage's office splintered as a massive blue head slammed through roaring. "What the heck?" Tsunade yelled as she and the two other Ninja present took fighting stances.

"HIYA!" Yuffie called out as she jumped down, holding her large windmill star in her grasp. "Ok, I'll make this short and sweet. I'm looking for the Hokage."

"Do you have an appointment?" Tsunade asked confidently, putting her hands on her hips.

"Look, Gallon-Jug-Girl, I ain't got any tiff with you, but the Hokage and I got some business to work out." Yuffie shot, glancing around the room.

"What did you call me?" Tsunade asked, a vein starting to throb in her forehead.

"I didn't stutter," Yuffie replied, tossing her star into the air playfully, "Gallon-Jug-Girl, cause, well, those are at least a gallon a piece. You ever have a kid; they definitely won't go hungry." Yuffie glanced back at the Leviathan. "Oh, 'bout forgot about you buddy. Thanks for the lift!" She said, lifting her gauntlet with the glowing Materia sphere. A moment later, the massive sea-monster disappeared into the air. "Ok, I'm tired of waiting; where's Arashi Uzumaki? His ass has an appointment with my foot."

"Arashi Uzumaki has been dead for thirteen years, little girl," Kakashi replied, narrowing his good eye at the girl.

"What?" Yuffie took a step back. "Nii-chan … you're wrong … no …"

"He speaks the truth; the Fourth Hokage died fighting a demon called Kyuubi," Tsunade said, walking around the table, "I … I know you, you definitely have the Uzumaki spunk… Yuffie?"

"Huh?" Yuffie asked, still shell shocked from the news.

"It has been a long time; you were barely out of diapers," Tsunade placed a hand on the girl's shoulders as a group of ANBU came storming in.

"Go back to your stations," Tsunade ordered the soldiers. "She's one of us."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," the ANBU nodded and eased out of the room.

"You're the Hokage?" Yuffie asked, not making eye contact. "Never would have guessed … I mean … large chest … blond hair, didn't think they let dingy blonds become Hokage …"

"Your brother sacrificed himself for the village, the world, and for you," Tsunade tightened her grip on the girl's shoulder. "And don't try to hide your being upset with dumb jokes and put downs like your baka of a nephew."

"Nephew? Naruto's ok?" Yuffie asked, looking up at the older woman hopefully.

"Iruka, Kakashi, that'll be it for today; meet back here tomorrow after they fix my roof," Tsunade said to the two Junin standing in the office, more than a bit confused by the scene. "Sorry about that, anyway … Naruto has had better days, but he is alive and alright. Want to meet him?"

Ino and Sakura moved quickly to the front desk of the Hospital, worried expressions gracing both their pretty faces. "I'll go see Chouji, how about you?" Ino asked, glancing to her pink haired friend.

"I'll go ahead to Naruto … then Sasuke-kun!" Sakura nodded and ran toward Naruto's room.

She paused at the door when she heard voices from inside. She took a slight peek inside through the cracked door and gasped when she saw Naruto sitting up, wrapped in bloody bandages. Throughout their missions, she had never seen her blond-headed companion seriously injured, and seeing him as such was a serious shock to the system. Naruto couldn't be hurt. Period. End of story.

"So … everyone's safe…" Naruto said softly. "That's good…"

'Big idiot …' Sakura mentally scolded, 'How did you get so hurt … once I find out who did this to you … they'll get it!'

"And Sasuke …" Naruto's friend Shikamaru asked awkwardly.

"Yeah …" Naruto's voice drifted off, before rising in anger. "He got away!"

Sakura froze, staring at the door. She wasn't sure how long she stood there. It could have been seconds, minutes, or even hours before she was brought out by an annoyed voice. "Are you my nephew's girlfriend?"

"Um … excuse me?" Sakura blinked at Yuffie, who was looking her up and down.

"There is just no way could you be my Naru-kun's woman, I mean … look at you. No fashion sense, pink hair, I mean, how fake is that … and look at that forehead!" Yuffie stated, walking around the girl.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Sakura bellowed, her eyes flashing dangerously.

"Well, you are spirited; that'll make for fun sex when you're old enough," Yuffie noted, rubbing her chin as Tsunade placed her hand over her eyes in frustration.

"Why you …" Sakura growled, grinding her teeth together.

"Sakura-chan, is that you?" both girls froze.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked softly as she timidly walked into the room.

"I heard you were badly hurt, brat," Tsunade said, walking in and holding up a hand to slow Yuffie down. "You seem ok to me."

"Sakura-chan …" Naruto said, ignoring Tsunade, "I'm sorry … I know I promised, but … I … I'm sorry …"

"Hey, Brat, got someone else out here who'd like to see your ungrateful hide," Tsunade interrupted his angsty tirade.

"Huh? Who?" Naruto perked up curiously. He glanced up to see an eighteen year old young woman he had never seen before in his life staring at him with a trembling lip and tears in her brown eyes. "Who's that Tsunade-baa-chan?"

"Oh! My sweet Naru-kun!" Yuffie bellowed before barreling toward the bedridden ninja.

"Nani!" Naruto's eyes widened as the strange girl grabbed him and pulled his face into her chest rocking him back and forth, muttering so quickly and softly he had no idea what she was saying.

"Hey! Take it easy, you're going to hurt him again!" Sakura yelped, taking a step toward the two, only to be stopped by Tsunade placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Naruto, this is your father's younger sister," Tsunade said, causing Naruto's eyes to widen even farther, and his struggling to stop despite his lack of oxygen.

"Oba… Oba-san?" Naruto breathed, before pulling away from the crying girl. "Aren't you a little young?"

TWACK "Show some respect for your auntie, you little twerp!" Yuffie scolded, "You're just as obnoxious and rude as your stupid father!"

"Twerp? You're one to talk!" Naruto shot back. "You're just a flat chested, little girl! I mean, you make Sakura look like Tsunade!"

TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! With the sound of a triplet strike on a drum, three fists came down on a single skull, sending him into a dazed slumber.

"Don't you just love family reunions?" Tsunade smiled at Sakura.

"Oh …" a soft timid voice came from the door. Yuffie turned to see another new girl with short dark hair and unique snow white eyes dressed in a large jacket and shorts. "Oh … oh …" She murmured still staring wide-eyed at the prone starry eyed Naruto in the bed. "N-N-Naruto-kun?"

"It's not as bad as it looks, Hinata," Tsunade said to the girl, who continued to stare at Naruto as if she didn't hear her.

"N-Naruto-kun's … hurt?" She breathed before her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed like a rag doll on the floor.

Tsunade rushed toward the suddenly unconscious girl as Sakura, Yuffie, and Shikamaru stared in surprise and, in some cases, amusement. "Aw! My Naru-kun's a playa!" Yuffie pulled the prone boy's body into another hug, "I'm so proud!"

Sakura twitched as she watched the girl glomp Naruto's unconscious body, before turning to the unconscious Hinata, scowling slightly. "I'm out of here," Sakura waved, "When he wakes up, tell the idiot I'll be back tomorrow."

"So troublesome …" Shikamaru shook his head.

Southeast of the Western Ninja States ...

Tifa walked back to the dormitories on the back of the Sierra. "Marlene? Where's Denzel?" She asked the little girl laying on her choice bed.

"He said he wanted to look around some more, but I was sleepy so I stayed here," Marlene yawned. "He's not going to get in trouble is he?"

"Doubt it," Tifa patted the girl's head, "It's hard to get lost and the important places where he could get in trouble are locked off." Tifa leaned forward and kissed the girl's forehead. "We should arrive at the village around noon tomorrow."

"But Denzel …" Marlene tried to argue.

"Is probably bugging Cloud for sword lessons," Tifa smiled. "Go to sleep. I'll wake you when we get there."

Tifa left the girl and walked up to the deck to find Cloud assembling First Tsurugi. "Cloud?"

"He's alive." Cloud said strangely, his eyes focusing toward the horizon. "I can feel him."

"You stopped him, with the last of the clones …" Tifa said approaching him.

"I know …"

"Cloud … he's gone," Tifa touched his arm. "He's not coming back."

"We thought that once before, too."


Border of the Village Hidden in the Leaves

Four ANBU guards leaned against a tree taking a short coffee break. "Quiet evening," one said, before the one facing away from them jumped to their feet.

"What … Who goes there?" the guards asked as they saw a mysterious man approaching.

The man's dark coat seemed to only compliment his incredibly long katana, white shoulder armor, flowing silver hair, and almost bleached skin tone. "Stop!" one of the guards ordered. The man gave them no heed.

"Is the Kyuubi's container in this village?" The man asked in a cold voice.

"Turn around; you're not welcome here," one of the four guards said, just before his head left his neck from a swipe from the man's sword.

"Is the Kyuubi's container in this village?" he asked again, his damp with blood sword held lazily at his side.

Two of the remaining ANBU rushed him, using advanced jutsus. The man slaughtered them both with ease.

"Do you wish to die?" The man's demonic green eyes burned into the surviving ANBU's mask. "If so, remain quiet. Is the Kyuubi's container in this village?"

"Go ahead and kill me." The ANBU replied.

"If the Kyuubi's container is not in this village," the man growled, shoving the sword through the ANBU's chest. "Those you are charged to protect will join you in the Lifestream in vain."

The man known once as Sephiroth sheathed his weapon and continued toward the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

To Be Continued …