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Summary: Lizzy Jacobs was really good at baseball, so good even she got a scholarship to Eden Hall Academy. But what she knew about Eden Hall was that's where her old teammates and old friends were. The Ducks. She'd do anything to avoid going. Even continue playing softball instead. However when an incident at home forces Lizzy back to Minnesota will she find friendship, love, or the reason why she switched to playing ball instead of her true calling Hockey. Sometimes, when you mix ice and dirt, you get mud.

Ch. 1: Blast from the Past

I, Elizabeth Rebecca Jacobs, walked down the first floor hallway to my new dorm room. "Last door on the right. Yup. Welcome to your new home ER." I said as I put down the box I had been dragging and turned the door knob. "Yea an entire room to myself." Leaving the box out in the hall for a moment I pulled my suitcase on wheels in and dumped it on one of the empty beds then dumped my backpack next to it. As I pulled the box inside I muttered "Good thing Dad already brought the TV and Stereo I don't know how I would've fit them in the 'stang." Setting the huge box by the bed I picked up my TV remote and hit the power button. "So he managed to bring it in but didn't bother to hook it up. Great well I'll go get the rest of my stuff and then see if I can find some one who can help." I walked back out side to my mustang which was a 16th birthday present with my waist long brown hair swinging behind me. I absolutely love my hair and hate getting even just the ends of it trimmed. I picked up my gym bag, hockey stick, and baseball bat and then walked back inside. When I got back to my room I started unpacking and as I was putting my baseball posters up and putting my mitt on the empty desk next to my TV someone knocked on the door.

"Hey you new around here?" A guy asked.

"Yeah can I help you?" I said turning around to face the five of them.

"Isn't the girl's floor two floors up?" He asked.

"Most likely but I was told my room was on the JV Hockey floor. Seeing as how that's the only place a room was open." I said.

"So you play hockey then?" He asked.

"No, I got a full ride scholarship to come here and pitch for you sorry varsity baseball team." I said.

"My names Scott Holland, every one calls me Scooter." He finally said.

"ER Jacobs. Yes those are my initials and my nickname." I said, "First names Elizabeth but most call me Lizzy or ER."

"So anything we can do for you?"

"Well you could take me down to the changing room for the JV Hockey team."

"Ok then right this way." I walked out and shut my door. Then Scooter said "Oh forgive me this is part of the Varsity hockey team. So what's the interest in JV?"

"Some old friends and I heard that my cousin's the captain."

"Ok so what else does ER stand for?"

"Seriously it stands Emergency Room cause usually after every game we would have one person going there. They said it was because my arm was too strong to pitch softball and I wasn't a guy so I couldn't pitch for the baseball team."

"Isn't that sexist?"

"No because they had a softball team. Changing room."

"Guys is the first door, girls is the second." Scooter said stopping.

"Good deal. See you around somewhere." I said leaning against the wall beside the guy's room. Soon enough Dwayne Robertson and Jesse Hall walked out the door. "Hey Tex. Jesse long time, no see."

"LIZZY!" Dwayne yelled.

"The one and only."

"ER. Holy carp." Jesse said.

"Yup." I said before Dwayne pulled me into a hug.

"Wow wait till Charlie sees you and the rest of the team oh wow they're gonna flip." Jesse said.

"So how long are you here for and more importantly why?" Dwayne asked.

"I want to tell it the least amount of times as possible. Could you get Charlie?" I said.

"Yeah hang on." Jesse said then stuck his head back into the locker room and yelled "Hey D-5 ducks you got to see this."

Of course that managed to bring out the entire team and the two girls. "Oh my god what…why are you here." Connie asked pulling me into a hug.

"Connie must…breathe…to…talk." I gasped. I looked around and noticed most of them were fully dressed only a few were missing shoes and two didn't have shirts on. Fulton and another guy I didn't know. Looking the shirtless guys over I said "Still as good looking and strong as ever Fulton."

"You haven't changed that much either Lizzy." Fulton replied.

"Charlie where the hell are you!" I yelled.

"And still just as loud." Banks added.

The door swung open and Charlie stepped out saying "What in the world could you possibly want?"

"Charlie Jeffery Conway don't you dare talk to me like that." I threatened.

"Oh you. Elizabeth Rebecca Jacobs I will talk to you how ever I damn well please." He said as he shoved his way to the front and pulled me into a hug.

"Hey what's the deal here?" Goldberg asked.

"I can't believe you don't remember her." Charlie said turning to face his team. "Alright for those of you who don't know and those of you who do this is Elizabeth Jacobs, better know to most as ER or Lizzy. My absolute best friend, sorry Banks I've known her longer, former teammate on the D-5 ducks and most importantly my baby cousin."

"Wait cousin you two never said you were related." Fulton said.

"It never came up. Oh and Charlie 3 days ain't that much of a difference. So you gonna introduce me to the rest of your friends here?" I said.

"Well let's see. ER this is my JV team the Ducks. I'd like you to meet Julie 'the cat' Gaffney, Russ Tyler, Luis Mendoza, Ken Wu, Dean Portman," He said pointing them out and finishing on the guy with out a shirt, "Oh and our very own resident Cowboy-"

"Dwayne 'Tex' Robertson." I finished.

"How did you know?"

"That would be part of my incredibly long story. So go finish changing and I will tell you." I said.

About 20 minutes later everyone was spread out in my room waiting for the story and Portman as Charlie and Fulton were trying to hook up my laptop. "Come on Char you're supposed to be the smart one here." I said watching them argue. Julie finally took some pity on them and went to do it. When she got it hooked up I asked "You think you two will have that much trouble with the TV and Stereo."

"Better not let them try that's Portman's specialty." Julie said.

"I really wish he would hurry up. I'm itching to know why she's here and how she knows cowboy." Russ said.

"Yeah and I'm just itching." Averman said.

"Well I'll give him till the time I'm done checking whose on line to get over here or I'm gonna start with out him." I said sitting at my computer and signing on and putting up an away message.

All of a sudden a hand ran up and down the side of my neck. I used my shoulder to try and brush it away saying "Tex stop it." Then the hand moved to my spine and ran along it. When it reached near my lower back I grabbed it and spun around looking up I saw it wasn't Tex it was Portman.

I was about 3 seconds away from snapping his wrist and Charlie said "Elizabeth let him go."

I immediately said "I'll do whatever you want just don't beat me again." I let him go and sat down hard on my comp. chair which probably wasn't too smart because it was on wheels.

"Lizzy are you ok?" Charlie asked softly.

"Lizzy, Lizzy look at me. Seth ain't here, he can't hurt you anymore, talk to me, come on Lizzy it was just Charlie, he didn't know please talk to me." Dwayne said kneeling in front of me.

"What did I do? What don't I know?" Charlie asked confused.

"It ain't your fault don't worry." Tex said pulling me into a hug, "Come on Lizzy they deserve to know, you got to tell them everything up until the time you got here."

"Ok here's goes…" I started.

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