Getting Together

By melissa

Summary : The Basketball Team and The Decathalon is over, and So is the Callbacks. Troy and Gabriella finally admit their Feelings for one another. How will Sharpay react to this when she also tells Troy she's inlove with him as he turns her down...

Chapter One :

Cheering and Dancing continued through out the Gymnasium as Troy and Gabriella made their way out into the Hallway of the school, Gabriella smile's made him Very confident as he looked at her as she given him a smile in return .

"Today was the Greatest day Ever Troy, You won, your Team won and the Decathalon won also, besides all this I enjoyed singing with you again," smiled Gabriella.

Troy smiled at Gabriella as he caressed her cheek with his thumb. " I enjoyed it as well, singing with you made me see what I like to do Besides basketball, Thank you Gabriella, Thank you For opening me up like a closed book , I liked it alot, And I like you Gabriella," smiled Troy.

Gabriella blushed and lowered her head down while her cheeks flushed a beet red.

Again he caressed Gabriella's cheek once more with his thumb as it also traced her lips . Gabriella looked at Troy as she licked her lips. he slowly moved his lips to hers as they met. He kissed her. he kissed Gabriella For the First time, his kiss was so soft and tender as she moved her body close to his as he held her with his arms around her waist. " I have been wanting to do that from the first time I met you,"smiled Troy . Her cheeks blushed agian as she smiled. " I can tell by the way you kissed me"she said.

"Gabriella, will you be my Date For the After Party tonight?" asked Troy.

" I be glad too Troy," she smiled.

All the Basketball Team opened the doors as they made their way to the locker room as they ran thru the Hallway.

"WHAT TEAM!" yelled Chad

"WILDCATS!" yelled out the Team.

Troy and Gabriella looked at the Team as they laughed together. Coach Bolton came out last with his Assistant Coach as they stood their quietly as they looked at Troy and Gabriella.

Troy reached for her hand once more as he held it in his as they looked into each other's eyes as again he moved his lips against hers.

Coach Bolton let out a cough , which made Troy and Gabriella jump a bit . Troy looked to his Dad and his assistant Coach as he held Gabriella's hand a bit tight.

" DAD!" yelped Troy.

" You are cutting off her blood circulation there Troy," said Coach Bolton.

Looking to his hand and Gabriella's , he gasped as he released his grip from her hand .

" I'm so sorry Gabriella. I'm sorry " said Troy.

" Im Fine Troy, it's alright" she smiled.

He hled her hand lightly as he held it again.

"Ms Montez, I wanted to apologize for the remark I made last week", said Coach Bolton.