Chapter 10

Troy and Gabriella manage to leave the school property as they both now giggled and laughed.

"Troy what are we doing we are going to get into trouble", said Gabriella.

"Troy will you talk to me" she said as Troy now stopped and looked into her eyes

"What are we doing?" she asked

"This" he answered.

He made his way close to her as he now kissed her with passion. she now responded in return.

he now left her breathless as he now turned to unlock the door to his house as he now managed to Drag Gabriella upstairs with him,

"Come on" he smled as he now walkd backwards up the stairs and into his room.

they both placed their bacpacks onto the floor as he now pulled her into his arms. he kissd her once more, but this time with Passion. he now moved his hand up to her top as he now removed her ribbon from her blouse,he kissed her chest as he now suckled on it as he now left Hickey right

beside her breast.

Gabriella giggled .

"I love you Gabi" he moaned

"I love you to Troy" she whispered.

He didn;t want tfright Gabriella as he showed her that how much he loved her. there they now laid fully clothed as they now were both sleeping.

the front door closed as Mrs Bolton stormed upstairs and into his room as she saw her son asleep with Gabriella.

she gasped as she now closed the door. she trusted Troy with Gabriella . but one thing frightened her right about now, was Becoming a Grandmother at a early age

she took drastic measure as she took a deep breath.

"TROY IM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

Troy and Gabriella quickly jumped up from bed as they noticed the time.

" Oh no my mom is going to kill me" said Gabriella as she reached for her shoes and her backpack.

Troy moaned as he reached for her. "Come back to sleep" he grinned.

Gabriella giggled.