Harry Potter and the Heir of Pendragon

By Sk8ernv

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Chapter 1: Summer Begins

For most children Summer Holiday was a thing that was looked forward to all term. It meant the absolute freedom from the rigors of the school year. It was a chance for kids to be kids and not be bothered with world. This was the scene that at that very moment was unfolding all through out Great Britain. All except one place, Number 4 Privet Drive, unlike most households the summer months were something to dread.

While on the outside Number 4 looked like a perfectly normal house located in perfectly normal neighborhood. While this house looked normal it was far from. The most peculiar part of this house was the part-time resident that occupied the smallest bedroom. Harry Potter, who unlike most 15 almost 16 year olds hated the summers between terms. Harry felt that this was his own personal prison.

It was the thoughts of his summer prison that brought the greatest since of anger to Harry. He could not understand how the woman who was supposedly the only family that he had left on the planet could possibly be related to his mother. Who by all accounts was the exact opposite of his crane faced aunt. From everything that Sirius and Remus had told him. Then it struck him his Godfather Sirius. He had not really thought about his passing all that much since it had happened. Harry sat there wondering why had did Sirius have to die.

He sat in his tiny bedroom analyzing all of the events in the department of Mysteries wondering why had it turned out the way it had. Why had he been kept ignorant of all of the facts surrounding his scar? He also thought about the prophecy that he had been given. He could not understand why did Dumbledore just now tell him the contents of the prophecy. If he had known all this time why was he not given the tools he needed to defeat Voldemort since it had always been his fate.

For some reason Harry knew that there was more that the Headmaster was hiding from him. He knew that there had to be some deeper secret that he did want brought to light, but what could that secret be. What could be more damning than knowing that he was destined to kill Voldemort or be killed by him. What Harry did not know that this night not even two weeks since the death of his Godfather he would learn of secrets that would shake his very foundation of what he knew about himself.

For the most part Harry's relatives had been very sedate since leaving Kings Cross and having the entire Order of Phoenix give them some very strong advise involving young Harry. While they were not openly hostile towards him. They had adopted an almost neglectful attitude towards Harry. They did not make him serve them breakfast nor did they save any for him if he did not wake on his own. Harry had to stay one step ahead of them if he wanted to eat anything.

"I'm tired of this freak and his freak friends trying to run my house" Vernon Dursley bellowed towards his wife

"What can we do you know why he stays here" Petunia said as she craned her head forward

"If we had known all of the problems he and his lot have brought upon us I would have demanded more money." Vernon said

"Ssshhh…You know we can't talk about this when he is in the house he might here." Petunia said as looked around the house.

"Nonsense….the freak should be grateful we have allowed him to stay here. I mean we even let him have Dudley's second bedroom." Vernon bellowed

As Vernon and Petunia argued about what they were going to do about Harry and the situation with the Order. Three men appeared in flashes of white light outside of Dursley home. These men would change the life of Harry forever.