Author's Note

Li: Yay, my first story! I can't wait!

Roy: Yeah, she's been waiting forever to do this.

Li: Oh, right. This is Roy. He helps me with my writing, sometimes. Go check out my profile if you don't get it.

Roy: Hurry up with the story!

Li: But Roy, you have to read the disclaimer, since I'm only putting it on here once.

Roy: Fine! Li doesn't own Golden Sun. If she did, there would definitely be a third one by now.

Li: Okay. Prologue first, just to show where everyone stands. It's short, but it is a prelude to better things...



The quest was over. The eight Adepts, together with family, had built a new town for themselves. They had settled down, to have families of their own. Isaac and Mia had married, Garet and Jenna had married, Ivan and Sheba eventually married. Piers returned to Lemuria. Felix married his friend from Prox, a young girl called Mariella. They had gotten close during the time he had spent in the frozen town. Years passed, and they all were happily settled. They had children, and told them stories of the battles they had fought to win the freedom of Alchemy from the Wise One. They told of Saturos and Menardi, of Karst and Agatio. They told of Lemuria, the Sanctum of the Anemos, Treasure Isle, Crucible Cavern, and Crossbone Isle. And, most importantly, they told of the traitor Alex, on the quest for his own gain, to steal the Golden Sun and the Stone of Sages. It was a lesson to the children, to never use the gifts they had been granted for evil.
Isaac never knew of the part of the Golden Sun that resided in him. Perhaps it was for the best. He lived happily, never knowing about the power that rested inside him.
Our story opens eighteen years after the tale of the Lost Age...


Li: In case you couldn't tell, Crucible Cavern is just my name for the Yampi Desert Cave, where you fight Valukar. You know, where you get the Daedalus summon?

Roy: Huh? I'm confused.

Li: Shut it, Roy! You didn't play the game, I did! Anyway, on to the next chapter!