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Epilogue: Lasting Peace

King Hydros had insisted on throwing a ball for them. Piers begged him not to, but it did no good. It was held in the palace, and all the Saviors, which now included the children, were invited.

It was at this ball that the parents learned about Alerai and Aria's unusual elemental powers. They were introduced to Vincent, and were happy to meet Master Maha's apprentice. It was also at this ball that Sheba and Ivan saw Lehran dancing in Piers' arms. Sheba confronted Piers afterwards, and he sheepishly admitted to courting Lehran. Sheba surprised him by giving him a hug and telling him he was silly and that she didn't mind him liking Lehran at all.

After the ball was over, they were all sitting in Aria and Alerai's room. King Hydros had given them all rooms in the palace. They were just sitting and chatting, when Lief asked the all-important question, "What is it with you two?"


Tori caught on and added, "Yeah, you never did explain where you came from. Or your powers. You said they weren't connected to Alchemy."

"They're not." Alerai said matter-of-factly. "They come directly from Luna and Sol themselves."

"I've never heard of such a thing, and I'm one of the Anemos." Sheba said. "That seems to defy everything we've ever learned. It makes it sound like you two are godlings."

"Calling them godlings seems a bit extreme." Vincent said. "In all the time I've known them, they've never acted godly."

"I agree." Piers said. "They're just different, like Adepts are from normal people, or Lemurians from normal Adepts."

"We don't understand everything either." Aria said. "We just know that that's how it is. We just are. We don't know where we come from. We don't know who our parents were, or who left us here. But we do know, we found friends in Vincent, Piers, all of you... And we're staying here. With you." Tori leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Aria blushed, and the others laughed.

"I guess it doesn't matter, Alerai and Aria from Nowhere." Felix said. "You're welcome in Goldenia any time. And Piers is coming too, I hear."

"Yep. I'm going to be a normal fifteen-year-old." Piers said. "A normal fifteen-year-old with a hundred and fifty years of life experience!"

"You're a hundred and fifty?" Sheba wailed. Piers realized his mistake too late. Sheba had been pestering him forever about how old he was, and now he'd let it slip unintentionally.

"Yes." he said. "Lemurians generally live to be about a thousand. One hundred and fifty years of our lifespans translates to about fifteen of yours. King Hydros is nine hundred and sixty-two."

"Wow." was all Sheba could manage to say. "So on our quest, eighteen years ago... you were..."

"One hundred and thirty-two." Piers supplied.

"Why didn't you just tell us?" Jenna asked.

"Because you asked in such a rude way." Piers said, pouting. Lehran laughed at his expression, and he grinned, hugging her. Sheba laughed as well, saying, "Okay, Piers. I admit, I was just teasing when I asked before."

"I know."

Shortly after, they all went back to Goldenia. Except for Vincent, who returned to Garoh, promising to visit often. Though he pretended he had only come on the quest for amusement, they all knew he had done it to protect his friends, and make sure they were okay. From Goldenia, Sheba and Ivan sent a letter to Hamma, telling her that they had decided to live with all their friends. Piers and Lehran stayed together, as did Tori and Aria. The twins were welcomed into the town with open arms. No one seemed to care where they had come from. They just accepted them for who they were. And so it was that they all lived in peace, free of the threats to Alchemy that had plagued them in the past. It was assured that never again would there be anything to threaten their world.


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