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Why do we have to go through this every time?

That's all Cody could think as four of the biggest boys in the school advanced on him and Zack. He glanced sideways at his twin, and saw that his eyes were tilted, focused. Cody imitated him and balled his hands into fists. They were used to fighting together. They had done it countless times before.

Maybe it was a ritual. For new kids to be beaten to a bloody pulp before they could make friends in a school. As if they didn't have enough things to worry about.

"Do you think you can take the two smallest ones?" Zack asked Cody out of the corner of his mouth. He nodded; they really weren't all that much smaller but you had to work with what you had. Cody looked up and down the deserted alley, finding routes for escape if anything went wrong.

"Get ready." Zack warned. The boys were on top of us now, ready to start swinging.

That was their first mistake.

The biggest one-obviously the leader, took the first swing, aiming towards Zack's nose. It was a big round-house swing, so Zack stepped into the arch of his arm out of harms way.

Cody, meanwhile, punched the guy's neck. One of the pressure points on the body. He didn't miss. The other guy was on the ground in two seconds.

The twins turned to face the rest of the boys, who had stopped their advance. They looked at each other nervously, wanting orders now that their leader was down.

Zack and Cody took a few steps nearer to them, getting ready to fight.

The boys took off down the alley, looking back once to make sure they weren't being followed.

They weren't.

Zack and Cody stood there for a few minutes in silence, relishing their victory. It was Cody who talked first. "Do you remember the way back to-where ever it is we live now?"

Zack started to nod, then frowned and shook his head. "No."

Cody sighed, "Neither do I, do you remember the name?"

Zack searched his memory, trying to call up the name of the hotel their mom was working at now. "The Tipton?" he said uncertainly.

"Yeah, that sounds right." Cody smiled at his brother. "By the way, nice job taking down that guy." He looked over at the boy still lying motionless on the ground and laughed.

Zack laughed with him. "Yeah, we really did it. Those goons didn't now what hit them!"

The twins were laughing all the way to the hotel.

Wow, that's us. And the Dragons.



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