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Buried alive!

Chapter 1

Pain....I feel pain...

Everything hurts.

My memory is unclear – what happened?

Everything is red – red of blood! My blood?

Is there anybody to help me?


I feel something under my body.

It is moving

Stop that, it hurts!

Listen...someone is talking.

I can't understand the words.

If only the pain would go away....

TK opened his eyes and watched the wall in front of his face.
First it was dark, but the eyes got used to it and he could recognise the things around him.
Was it over?

Slowly, the blonde boy moved his hands and looked at them. Only some scratches, but nothing bad.
He survived...
Where were the others?

"TK, are you okay?", asked a very familiar voice. Patamon!
Thank God, he was alive.
He looked at the orange digimon and felt happiness in his heart. "Yeah, I am okay, and you?" – "Me too. But what happened, TK? I think we only wanted to go shopping. And then the building crashes." TK shook his head: "I've no idea. But we survived, and now we should find the others."

He tried to remember what happened. Yeah, they had wanted to go shopping, all together...Kari, Ken, Yolei, Cody, Davis, him and all the digimon. It had been very funny – DemiVeemon had stolen Davis' ice-cream and they chased each other through the whole building.
They ran into the cellar – the others followed, trying to prevent any stupid ideas which the both may have had.
And then the ground shook, rocks falling down.

Everybody screamed.

What happened? An earthquake?

It didn't mind now. He had to find the others who were probably injured.

"Hello?", his voice broke the silence. "Kari? Are you okay? Davis? Ken?..."

"I'm here."

"Woah!", The boy jumped surprised in the air and turned around. "Ken...I am glad that you are okay. Have you seen anyone of the others??"

"No, I've only found Wormmon. But I think that I have heard voices over there – behind this big rock."

He pointed in one direction. "Okay, let's go there.", TK decided and started walking. He wondered where the light came from – They were buried under tons of rock and metal, how could the sun shine here?

The light got brighter. They boys followed it, until they reached a small room. Someone was moving inside...

I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders

It hurts.

My head feels so dizzy.

I had a strange dream.

I was walking down a river. It was beautiful, and I wanted to stay.

But this voice was nerving me.

I wish – whoever it is – would stop that.

I can't understand your words, so don't try it anymore.

The river is nice, and I feel no pain there.

But when I listen to you, I feel the pain.

So, please stop it.

"Hello?", Ken asked carefully and looked through the hole which was supposed to be a door some days before. Inside the room was an electrical light which blended the two.

"KEN! TK!" shouted someone in a very happy voice. It was Yolei.
She jumped out of the room and hugged Ken: "We were so worried!"
Then she noticed what she had done and turned away, blushing like a tomato.
Ken blushed, too.

TK stepped inside and noticed to his great relief that Kari and Cody were there, too, along with their digimon partners. No one seemed to be injured badly, only some nasty scratches.

They all hugged each other and started talking senseless things...for taking away the nervousness and the fear.

After a few minutes, Cody told the facts: "Well, okay, now we've found each other, but we are buried alive. It is really a wonder that we aren't injured, but we have to find a way out of here."

"Maybe I can help.", Armadillomon remarked, "If I digivolve to Digmon, I could make a way out of here."

Ken shook his head: "That's too dangerous. The whole building may crash again, and then we are lost. We have had a incredible luck that Davis ran into the cellar – it seems that this part of the building is more safer than the others...By the way...", he scanned the area around them with a worried look, "Davis isn't here...has anybody seen him?"

Everybodyshook his head. "My god, I hope he is okay!", Kari said, "we have to search him immediately!"

"I agree with you. Let us take this flashlight there – boy, what a luck that the electricity is working and we've found this room....now, let's thi...
He was interrupted by a loud shout: "DAMN! TODAY ISN'T MY DAY! I SHOULD HAVE STAYED AT HOME!!!!"

Stop it!


I don't wanna hear it anymore. Can't you understand me?

It hurts when I listen to you.

Then I have to go away from the river.

I don't want to listen to you – no, I won't listen.

I've an idea – I start singing! Then I don't have to hear you.

Unfortunately, I am not a great singer.

Doesn't mind. If the pain goes away, I am happy with everything.

This nerving voices...

Now there are two voices.

Let me in peace!

Stay away!

Footsteps echoed through the cellar, and the voice continued in an angry tone: "Oh, really a god day, Cass. You wanna earn some money – and end in a stupid cellar with many rocks and no light. WHAT A STUPID DAY!!! I wanted to go to the cinema this evening. Isn't that what we call BAD LUCK!!! ARGH, I am going mad....HUH, who are you???"
The owner of this voice was an older girl with short brown-blond hair and green eyes. She looked surprised at the children.

"Wow, cool, I thought I was stuck here alone....Hello, my name is Cass, and yours?"

"Uhm...my name is TK, and this are Ken, Kari, Cody and Yolei."

"Glad to meet you. Super, that fits very well, you can immediately come with me and help me. I can't do this alone!"

"What?", Yolei asked, "We don't know you and..."

"We don't have the time for explanations ", the older said in a fast tone, "Maybe you are missing a boy who wears some funky goggles which look really silly?" They all nodded.

"Well, this boy is lying unconscious over there, stuck under a huge metal piece and we have to free him before it is too late. So don't talk too much, follow me!"


Wonderful...now I don't have to feel the pain anymore.

Yup, that's great.

But there is another thing.

I don't know, but it seems to me that I have forgotten something.

But what?

I have no idea.

I don't wanna think about it.

It is so nice here.

I only want to stay her and think nothing...

For all time...

Everyone was shocked when they saw him.
The head full of red, dried blood.
Closed eyes.
The face full of pain.
Buried under a huge metal piece which must weigh tons.

"Oh my god...", whispered Kari. "Davis..."


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