Argh, I just had to write a short epilogue for this....I liked it so much to write it and I couldn't stop.
And I always wanted to write a small Kenyako, so here it is....okay, it's very short and not that romantic...
Just a little try on Kenyako and a very little try on Daikari.

Enjoy it!

:) Kaeera

Buried Alive: EPILOGUE

One week after the accident:


Oh, I am so excited...what if he doesn't come?
What if he made fun of me?
Oh no, I don't want to think of that!

It's beautiful weather – the sun is shining, and it's wonderful warm.
The perfect day for this date!
Finally I have the chance to go out with Ken...how long did I wait for this?
I have no idea.
Somehow I am happy about the whole 'Buried Alive' story – without it I would have never been brave enough to ask Ken for a date.
Okay, I shouldn't be happy about that – many people died, and Davis is injured.

"I am hungry!", Hawkmon complains.
"We will eat soon.", I calm him down and hear my own stomach grumbling.
Maybe I should have eaten a little bit before this....but we will go at the pizza restaurant, and I LOVE pizza.

I feel so peaceful – standing here in the warm sunshine makes the sad and frightening memory away.
My whole family was so happy when I was back – they hugged me again and again, everyone crying, yelling and sobbing(me included), it was a wonderful reunion.

I wonder sometimes what a luck we have had – to survive this.
Actually it is Davis' and Veemons fault that we survived. They chased each other in this cellar, and we followed - that was our rescue.
The people on the other floors died.

But we survived, and we have found a new friend: Cass. We phoned and she told us that she has a saxophone on loan now. Her concert will be next Sunday, and all the Digidestined are invited. I am looking forward to that!

Kari told me about her claustrophobia – that was a surprise for everybody.
When I see her on this concert, I must thank her.
Kari told me that she has to spend her an ice-cream. I have to think of a nice present – maybe I should ask Ken.

By the way, where is he?


There she is, in the middle of the park.
With Wormmon in my arms, I walk towards her. How beautiful she looks...

"Hi Yolei!"

"Oh, Hi Ken...I didn't see you.", she blushes a little. I like that!

"Am I too late?", I ask worriedly.

"Oh no!", she replies and smiles, "I am too early. But I couldn't stay longer at home, I wanted to see you...."
Now I blush, too, and I say softly: "I wanted to see you, too..."

She looks in my eyes, and we both laugh. "I think that fits perfect", she giggles and takes my hand.

Followed by our digimon, we walk to the restaurant.

I feel as if I would be the luckiest boy on this planet right now. I never thought that I would find such great friends – I never thought that I would find a girl who I love...

Is this the feeling Davis has for Kari?
I always thought that it would be a silly childish crush, but now....
Kari is visiting him every day in the hospital.

Maybe he has a chance – he has stopped acting like a jerk in her presence, and since that, Kari doesn't ignore him as she did it long ago – or makes him jealous of TK.
I wish that he gets what he wants.

He earns it.


Hospitals are so boring, I can tell you....
Okay, you can read or watch TV, but I am not the guy who likes that. I wanna play soccer, run around, yelling and having fun!
And my head hurts – this stupid headache won't go away!
It makes a little bit dizzy and it hard to concentrate. I'll get tired very fast.

I miss Veemon – he stays with Ken while I am here. No one to quarrel with, no one to talk, no one who steals your sweets.

If the others wouldn't visit me, I would die of boringness. Unfortunately they are all busy today....Ken is out with Yolei (I knew that the two are a good couple!), TK has a basketball match and Cody is practising Kendo. Maybe Kari has time, but she visited me nearly every day, I think she has to do some other things, too.
Hey, even Cass visited me! She remembered me of my promise to visit her concert. I hope that I will get out of the hospital soon – I can't break this promise.
The goggle boy visits the concert of the Saxophone-maniac – could be a good headline in a newspaper, not?

I watch the trees outside. The memory of this whole things is like a dream – as if it happened 10 years ago and not the last week.
My parents and my sister are so nice to me – huh, that frightened me first, but then I enjoyed it. I'm afraid it won't be long – yesterday Jun and I fought the first time since I've been brought here.
But I think a relationship without fighting, yelling and screaming would be untypical for the Motomiya Clan.

I yawn and rub my head. Why am I so tired? And why doesn't this stupid headache go away?


I open slowly the door of Davis' room.
There he is, yawning and looking out of the window.

"Hi Davis", I say and smile brightly.
He turns around, and grin crosses his face: "Hi Kari! I didn't expect you today."
"Well, I had time and I thought that it might be boring for you...alone in this hospital.", I reply and take the chair to sit down.

"Oh, you have no idea how boring it is", he sighs and scratches his head, "When I can't do any sports in the next few weeks, I'll get mad!"
"That wouldn't make a big difference"
"Huh?", he looks confused, "What do you mean with that?"
"You are already mad...no one would notice the change!"
"Well, okay", he laughs, "But my and Veemons madness rescued us!"
Now it's my term in looking confused: "Why that?"
"Because we ran into this cellar – if we would have stayed in the first floor, the stones would have killed us. Then I wouldn't be here, talking with you, no, instead we would be in heaven with little wings on our backs...."

I have to laugh, too. How I missed this stupid jokes in this cellar; I was afraid that I would maybe never listen to this happy voice again...
Through this whole thing I noticed that Davis is really important for me. No, that they are all very important for me. TK, my best friend for years; Yolei, my best female friend; Gatomon, my strong digimon partner; Cody and Ken.
We are a team and I don't want to miss anybody.
And especially I don't want to miss a loud nerving guy called Davis.


We are sitting here, eating pizza and I am having the best time of my life.
Ken is so nice, so friendly, so sweet and cute....
I can talk about everything with him!

Is this feeling love?
I don't know.
But I like it, and I like Ken.

That's the only important thing.


When I look outside of the window, I see a familiar blond boy. TK.
Yolei notices him, too, and waves.
He comes over and smiles: "Hi guys. I hope I don't disturb you!"
"No way.", I reply and invite him to sit down. "Is your basketball game already over?"
"Yeah, we've won."
"Wow! Congratulations."
"Where's Kari? Didn't she watch your game?", Yolei wants to know.
"No, she is in the hospital – visiting Davis. Maybe there will be soon another Digidestined couple..."
I blush and so does Yolei. I think it's a little bit too early for calling us a couple, although I like this idea.
"But aren't you jealous when Davis gets Kari?"


I blink and shake my head: "No, I am not jealous. I never had a crush for Kari; she is my best friend, and when she's lucky, I am lucky, too."
I stand up: "Sorry, but I have to go now – I promised Matt to visit him, and when I'll be too late, he will kill me."
"Bye – and don't forget the concert!"
"Which concert??"
"The concert of Cass – next Sunday. She invited us, don't you remember?"
"Ups, I nearly forgot that....thanks for reminding me."
I leave the restaurant, and Yolei calls after me: "Say our greetings to Matt, okay?"
I wave to her: "I'll do!"

then I am outside and take a deep breath. How peaceful it is!
I look back over my shoulder and watch Ken and Yolei.

I should hurry up, Matt is waiting. He's more protective than ever – but I understand it, I would act the same if he would have been buried alive.


I am so happy that Kari visits me.
I don't know why, but somehow I stopped acting stupid and showing off when she visits me.
Okay, I am too tired and my headache is too big for doing weird stuff. That's the main reason. The other is that I don't feel the need for it anymore.
I only enjoy talking with her, making her laugh and listen to this laughter, the most wonderful laughter on the whole planet!

What did the others tell me? About how Cass sung a song in the darkness?
The song 'I will survive'.
I know it, and I like it. Even if I can't sing.

I hum the melody. Kari listens and starts to sing softly.
We both don't know the text. so we help us with 'nanana'

We survived, and now we are sitting there, singing a song. I am singing together with Kari...I did never dream that.
And she seems to like it. I think that I have a chance...not now, but later.

I will survive, huh?
That's a good attitude.
Yeah, I should remember it. Really. Everyone should.

I will survive.

Yeah, I will survive...I LOVE this song, I played it on my saxophone, but it doesn't sound very good there.That's a song you have to sing, but I am a bad singer...I tried to sing it when I was biking home from school, but everyone watched me as if I had became mad, so I stopped it...Well, *coughs* that doesn't belong here...
How I said, pretty short and not very romantic....
All you Takari lovers, don't kill me - but I think Davis deserves Kari, too.

Now I have to think of another story I could write, but I have NO IDEA! That's nerving me...
*looks out of the window where the sun is shining* Ah, well, I think I will bike a little, the weather is too good for writing....maybe my bike inspires me!
So, when you ever see a girl on her mountainbike who sings 'I will survive'(but only 'nanana' because she doesn't know the text), and maybe has a saxophone on her back, that's me.

See ya

Kaeera *grins*