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Author's Note 1: I liked the idea of Jackson Rippner having a family.

Author's Note 2: The reason this is a Red Eye crossover instead of a BtVS crossover is because at this point in time, the only character involved is Riley. His character is totally A/U after he leaves. I didn't like the girl he married in the show. Anyway... shutting up now.

She stared at the TV, scarcely believing what she was seeing. "…Jackson Rippner was killed in an attempted murder. Police believe there was a connection between Rippner and the attempted assassination of Charles Keefe." The news anchor droned on, but the woman turned off the TV. She ran her fingers through her short, brown hair. Dead. Jackson is dead. I knew he was headed for trouble. I just hoped it wouldn't end this way.

She glanced at her watch. "Time for class." She muttered. She stopped in front of the mirror to check her eye makeup, which brought out her icy blue eyes. She grabbed her back pack and ran out of her dorm room, locking the door behind her. The nametag on the door read Jessica Rippner.

Jessica's boyfriend was waiting for her outside her dorm. "Hey gorgeous!" He said with a grin. His eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Hey Riley, what are you scheming?"

He laughed. "Am I that predictable? All I was thinking of was walking the most beautiful woman on campus to a class we both attend." Riley Finn was tall, muscular and gorgeous. He had come to Texas A&M to finish his degree. He had never finished school in his former home of Sunnydale, CA.

Jessica smiled up at him. "Well, for lack of a scheme, you must now pay the charge."

He grinned and cupped her face in his hands. "With pleasure." He said as he leaned in to tenderly kiss her. After the kiss, they made their way, arm in arm, to class.