Ramblings; One Last Time

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XxMRxX: Ramblings is coming to an end.

Daisuke: (sighs) Thank goodness.

Krad & Dark: (teary eye) Why must this end?

Satoshi: (yawns and waits)

XxMRxX: And now the conclusion to…Ramblings

Daisuke sat on his bed. Since figuring out Satoshi, Krad, and Dark liked him…a lot… things have become complicated. Who to choose? Crimson eyes fell to the ground. If only there was a way to make everyone happy.

Daisuke: Poor fic Dai… (teary eye)

Satoshi: (scowls but pats Dai on head) It will be alright.

Krad: (pulls Dai away from Sato) MINE! (cuddles Dai)

Dark: (smirks) Ours (hugs both Krad and Dai)

This was it; the final day. Krad, Satoshi, and Dark (by the power of fanfics) waited in the park. Daisuke stood only a few feet away. Why do I have to decide? Daisuke felt the blood rushing to his face. What happens if they don't want to?

Daisuke: (confused) What is going on?

Satoshi: (pulls out gun) Author shall die!

Krad: (evil gleam in eyes) I think I know (whispers in Dai's ear)

Daisuke: O.O EEK!

Dark: (laughs) So this was the plan!

Satoshi was the first to speak. "So Daisuke, who do you choose?" Daisuke's face went even redder if that was humanly possible. He resembled a ripe tomato. Krad and Dark raised their eyebrows. Something was defiantly worrying their precious red head. "Well…Um…What I want to-well-"Daisuke, out with it already!" Dark interrupted with a mischievous smirk on his lips. Deep breath Daisuke, Daisuke thought to himself and after letting out one long sigh he spoke quickly, "Whataboutafoursome?" Satoshi, Krad, and Dark feel down in disbelief. Though Daisuke had spoken quickly the three of them had heard exactly what he said or at least they got the general meaning of the words.

Daisuke: (reads it over) O.O (faints)

Krad: (bursts out laughing) Daisuke I love you! (hugs the unconscious red head)

Dark: (laughs) YAY!

Satoshi: (hides blush) Daisuke will never do this…

Daisuke: (wakes up) Is it over?

"I knew you all would hate me." Quickly, Daisuke turned around in a vain attempt to hide the tears in his crimson eyes. He rubbed away the moisture with his back to the three. Suddenly Daisuke fell to the ground due to the weight of his three admires rushing at him at once. "It's a perfect idea!" Three voices said as one, each wanting to make Daisuke happy. Daisuke smiled to himself and thought, Well it's a start.


Daisuke: AW! I'm really terrified, but happy at the same time!

Krad: My love (cuddles)


Satoshi: (scowls)

Dark: Come on creepy boy!

All: (group hug)

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Ramblings; Krad and Daisuke Part II

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