The Pendent of Ra.

Summary- Three weeks after the events of Lost and Found, Samantha Carnahan finds a pendent that could not only bring trouble into the world, but also bring trouble into her family. Also, she learns about how her parents met and what exactly went on that night when Jonathan 'lefted'.

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London, England. 1937.

It was a cold November morning, but at the O'Connell mansion everything was warm. Inside the living room, a roaring fire was burning giving the room warmth and clouor. The room was decorated with cases filled with artifacts of anichant Eygptian Gods and Goddess statues, treasures and jewellery and bookcases filled with the legends of Egypt and it's history. The only person up so far who made the fire was Rick O'Connell. The ex-legionnaire had sandy-blond hair and deep brown eyes and was currently making breakfast for everyone in the kitchen. When he had finished, Rick walked over to the stairs that led upstairs and walked over to his and Evy's bedroom.

Inside, he saw his darling wife still asleep. Evy had dark brown hair and almond- shaped blue eyes. Looking at the clock on the bedside table and seeing it was about 11 o'clock, he knew she would kill him for letting her sleep this late in, so he proceeded in waking her up.

"Evy, Evy darling. It's time to get up" She just murmured at this news and rolled over "It's now 11 and breakfast is on the table". At this news, she shot up from her sleep, shocked. "Why didn't you tell me? I've got to go to the museum this morning to do some research. Now I'm late".

"Calm down. I'm not letting you leave here without some food in you. You know that if you don't eat you won't concentrate right. Besides, you're not the only one who hasn't got up yet. Alex, Jonathan and Samantha aren't up yet either"

"Well, I know my brother. He always lays in on a Saturday, so does Alex and Sam's probably inherited the lazy streak of her dad anyway. Besides, the doctor said that Jon needs a lot of rest for his shoulder recovery". Evy looked pleased at this explaination of her lazy family.

"I'll leave you to get dressed now and go and get Alex and the others up. See you downstairs" Rick gave his wife a kiss and made his way down the hall to his son's room.


He knocked on the door and was surprized to hear a small male voice telling him to come in. When he opened the door and entered Alex's room, Rick saw his son fully dressed, ready to go out somewhere. Alex had his mother's almond-shaped blue eyes and his father's sandy-blond hair.

"Hey Alex, going somewhere?" "Hey dad, Sam promised she'd take me to see the new pirate film at the pictures. I heard from school it's really good. She promised mom she'l bring me back by dinner" "Alright, but the way she's sleeping in, you might not make it there before dinner. I'll go and wake her and Jon up now for breakfast. Hurry up or your's will be getting cold. Your mother might be down already"

"Ok, dad. See you downstairs" Rick then heard the thunk-thunk-thunk sound of his son bounding down the stairs. 'Now for Jon and Sam'.


Rick now made his way over to the west wing of the manor. The first room he got to was Jonathan's. When he knocked gently on the door and didn't get an answer, he shouted out his brother-in-law's name, only satisfied when he got a moan of protest from inside. "Come on, Jon. Time to get up. I've fixed breakfast, hurry up before it gets cold". The reply he got was "Well if you cooked, Rick old boy, I'll think I'll stay in bed to advoid it. I've already got a bad shoulder, I don't want food poisoning as well"

"You're just lucky you're already injured, Carnahan. Otherwise, you might have gotten a whack for that comment" He gave a laugh after saying this and then made his way down the hall to Samantha's room. He could hear light snoring coming from the room and smiled. He knocked gently on the door, but this Carnahan moaned sooner then her father. "Samantha" "What the bloody hell do you want? I'm trying to sleep. I had a rough night last night" "It's time for breakfast. I'll give you five minutes to get up" "Five minutes? It'll take me half an hour to get ready" Rick grinned at this, remembering when Jonathan told him about how long Evy took to get ready whenever he took his baby sister out with him. "Five minutes, or I'm coming in there with a bucket of cold water, with added ice"

"Alright, I'm up, I'm up. I'll see you downstairs" With that 'happy' note and Rick satisfied, he went downstairs to join his wife and son.


The first Carnahan down was Jonathan. He was wearing a cream suit with brown loafers. His right arm was still in a sling, but was healing nicely. He made his way into the dining room and took his seat between Evy and Alex.

"How's your shoulder today, Jon?" Evy asked her brother with a hint of concern in her voice. "Fine, Fine. Actually, it's feeling must better then before" He proved it wrong by patting his shoulder and gave a small yelp, Alex giggling a bit.

"Where's Sam? Hasn't she come down yet? I tell you, she's becoming more lazy than me and that's saying something" As if Jon said the magic word, Sam was in the dining room giving a quick yawn and rubbed her eyes before going to the table. Behind her trotted in Sheba, A silver tabby that Jon, Evy and Rick got her after the whole Anubis incident, as a 'thank you for saving the family and the world' present. She named the cat after her departed mother who saved her life when she was ten.

"Morning people. What everyone doing today? I know that I'm taking Alex to the pictures after lunch, but what are the rest of you doing?" Evy was the first to speak "Well, I'm going to the museum to do some research, Rick's going into town to get some shopping and Jonathan's got a doctor's appointment to see how his shoulder's getting along" "Great, oh and Uncle Rick, if you ever threaten me with the ice cold bucket of water again, I will personally train Sheba to attack you".

"Sorry about that. What kind of a bad night did you have?" "I slept on my arm and it went dead for about an hour, then the cat wouldn't stop meowing for a fuss before she went back to sleep and then I was kept awake because of the rain last night. But still, that won't stop me from taking my favorie cousion for a day out" The family then finish off their breakfasts and went their separate ways for the rest of the day.


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