The Pendent of Ra.

Summary- Three weeks after the events of Lost and Found, Samantha Carnahan finds a pendent that could not only bring trouble into the world, but also bring trouble into her family. Also, she learns about how her parents met and what exactly went on that night when Jonathan left.

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Chapter 9. Unexpected Rescues and Beginning To Heal.

Everyone looked in horror as Samantha fell to the floor and fell unconsciousness. Jonathan didn't know weather to cry or give it up altogether, his daughter injured or possibly dead. His face was pale and his body hurt so much with pain, his breathing became to hard a task to do, his vision clouding over from the blood loss in his leg. He looked up at Steve with such rage in his eyes, it could have match the same rage of Sekhmet's.

"You bastard, you absolute bastard. Why did you do that? She didn't do anything wrong. In fact, she could have just saved us all, inculding you. She could have just saved your soul" He coughed badly, but he coughed up something red, sticky and at the moment, was being lost fast from the gunshot wound above his knee. Evy and Sarah both gave shocked gasps at the sight from blood trailing down his mouth chin and on to the floor. Alex couldn't bear the sight and buried his head in his father's shoulder and started crying.

Rick looked at Steve with the same rage as Jon was feeling, pure and true, but Ardeth was the only one thinking rationally "O'Connell, I think he has internal bleeding in his chest, we must get medical help to him immediatly or else, he might die" Evy started sobbing at these words and Rick went over to comfort her, when a sound of cruel laughter could be heard from across the room, followed by the sound of fingers clicking.

Four large thugs came into the room and took ahold of Evy, Rick, Sarah and even little Alex was taken from his dad. Rick tried to get him back, but was stopped by a punch in the stomach. Steve looked at each of them with a small grin on his face "Aww. Is poor Jonny in trouble? Is he in too much pain? Then maybe I should put him out of his misery"

'You should, maybe you should. There's so much pain, I just want it to go away' Thought Jonathan, holding his chest and starting to cough up more blood. He was so glad Sam was unconscious, so she wouldn't see him suffer like this. He could feel the same unconscious feeling creeping up on him, but it wouldn't take him.

Steve aimed his gun at Jon's head and cocked it "So long, Carnahan. Shame it couldn't work out between you and my sister, thank god" He pulled the trigger and Jon closed his eyes, but nothing came. No noise, no pain, nothing. He opened his eyes to see Steve looking at the gun in fury "Damn thing's empty. Must have used the last bullet on you. Never mind, I'll just have to find another weapon. Oh, I remember now..."

He turned towards the still, pale form of Samantha Carnahan, lying in a small pool of blood from the gunwound in her arm. He bent over her and starting reaching for her jacket pockets, hoping the weapon was still with her. He grinned triumphtly when he found what he was searching for, lifting into the light, so everyone could see it.

Samantha's prized dagger shined in the light, glistening the reflected light in Steve's face. He looked down at Jonathan "Perhaps now we can finish this pain for you" He was about to launch himself at Jon, when a command and a shaky cough could be heard behind him "N-no. Y-you shall not h-hurt him anymore"

Samantha was awake, and slowly getting up to her knees, pain clouding her eyes as she held her arm protectivly. Steve turned around to face her "Really. And who's goning to stop me?" A smug grin quickly made itself shown on Sam's face when a crack of thunder could be heard, cause the manor to shake and small trinkets to fall off the shelves. The thugs were distracted, so Rick went to Evy, taking Alex with him from the guard's arms. Sarah ran to Jonathan and took his head into her lap and started stroking his hair, only to find he had become unconscious, fainted from the shock of the death threat.

The thunder stopped and a bolt of lighting struck near Jon. Sarah and Sam. Out of the bolt stepped two figures, A man with the head of an eagle and a woman with the head of a lioness. Ra and his daughter Sekhmet. Followed closely by six Med-jai who took ahold of the thugs and cut their trouths and a Med-jai healer. Steve stared in horror at the God and Goddess in front of him, they staring back in deep intensity "You bitch, what did you do?"

"Let's just say when I did the chant to netrulise the pendent, I thought I'd give my old protecter a call to tell them uncle Hondo was up to no good again, trying to kill Rashidi and Aziza again, using Femi to get to my father. He was only to happy to help his favourite priest again and decided to bring his daughter along to see us. He is slightly pissed off with you though for hurting us again"

Steve was about to leap onto her when he was held back by a large-bulit Med-jai warrior and a sword againest his neck. Steve gulped and started to feel nervous, seeing the look of rage on Ra's and Sekhmet's faces. Ra spoke out first "Hondo, even in this life I would not have belived you would try and kill Rashidi again, even after what happened last time. I will not allow you to hurt him or his daughter anymore, so I will give the decision of your fate to Aziza"

He turned to Sam "Well, What do you want done with him?" Sam loooked down at her broken father, who was still asleep in Sarah's lap, his skin now even more pale "could you hold that thought for one moment? I need to check somthing" She walked away from Ra and kneeled down next to her father, who was being looked over by the healer.

"I'm sorry. He is beyound my healing, he is in that much pain that he has gone into a coma. He has four broken ribs and internal bleeding in the chest, also infection has started in the wound on his chin. There is nothing I can do. He can still hear you, but I don't know when he's going to wake up"

Samantha let this new infomation sink into her mind before getting up and walking back to Ra. She looked at Steve with so much rage and anger, she nearly couldn't say what she was going to say "I have decided. I would like his life taken away, but by Sekhmet, viciously taken away. Now, right here, right now" Ra nodded his head and commanded his daughter to kill Steve, which she was only to happy to do.

Steve screamed as he felt the Goddess of destruction leap on him and rip out his heart with her teeth, then eating it. His screams ended before he even hit the floor, dead. Ra waved his hand over the body and it was gone, blood and all. Samantha's anger left her body and she realised what happened, she saw a man die right in front of her eyes and she commanded it. Sam turned around and threw up in a wastepaper basket she just found, then fainted.


Samantha woke to find herself in her bedroom, lying in her bed. She looked around to see Ardeth sitting on a chair next to her bed, smiling to see her awake "Thank Allah, you're finally awake. EVY, RICK, SHE IS AWAKE" He leaned over to give her a hug which she accepted, smiling.

"Ardeth, you are alright. How is my father? Is he awake as well yet?" When Ardeth didn't answer her, she knew the answer to her question. Evy and Rick entered her room with Alex hot on their heels, smiling happily to see her "Sam, great to see you awake. When you fainted, we though you went into a coma like Jonathan" Rick stopped when Evy gave him the 'you weren't suppose to say that' look.

Sam looked them all in the eye and said calmly "I want to see him, now please" Evy and Rick looked at each other before agreeing, helping their niece out of bed because she was still weak from the blood loss. She could see that her arm was bandaged up nicely and was told it was done by the Med-jai healer.

They made their way slowly towards Jonathan's room, not saying anything in case it upset Sam. Just before entering the room, Evy told Sam "This may upset you a bit, are you sure you want to see him now?" Samantha nodded and entered the room, putting her hands to her mouth to stop the shocked sob coming out.

Jonathan was lying on the bed, asleep and still very pale. He had his shirt off and his chest was covered in bandages and his chin had a plaster over the wound. Sarah sat next to him, holding his hand and quietly telling him to wake up. When she saw Sam, she moved to allow his daughter to sit there. Sam walked over to the bed and sat down, taking Jon's hand in hers, tears forming in her eyes. Evy, Rick and Alex went out of the room to give them some space.

"Hi dad, we did it. No-one is ever goning to be hurt by that pendent again or by that nasty Steve Green. He is now dead, I commanded it to happen. Sekhmet ate his heart, it was quite sick so I'm glad you were out of it and you didn't see it. I know you are hurting right now, but I need you awake, we all do. Aunty Evy, uncle Rick and Alex are worried sick about you, about you not waking up. But I need you awake to prove them wrong"

She stopped to cough a little then continued "Sarah needs you, I've never seen you this happy since I came back into your life. You are in love with her and you can't throw that away, I told you that I don't mind who you love, as long if you get married to her and you move, I'm coming with you. That was the deal" She looked over to Sarah had a small smile on her face at this news "Remember, I told you I wanted a new step-mother and it looks like you found the perfect one. All we need now is for you to wake up and propose to her, then marry her. Good plan, eh?"

She then stopped again to let the tears flow quicker "Most of all I need you. I've only lived here with you in the manor for four weeks now and I love it. But, I only loved it because you was around to keep me company when I needed it. If anything ever happened to you, I could never forgive myself and I don't now. I'll only forgive myself if you do wake up, so please open your eyes. Please"

No sound or movement came from Jon, so she got up, excused herself to Sarah and ran out of the room into her's. Sam lay down on her bed with her head in her pillow and started crying and never stopped for a good half hour. Then she lifted her head and prayer to Ra "Mighty Ra, I don't think my father is ever going to wake up. Please help him to wake, he does not deserve to be like that. Please" Then started crying again.


There was nothing but bright light around him. Jonathan looked around but saw nothing else but light "Where the devil's am I?" He asked out loud.

"You are now in the temple of Ra. Inside your mind of course. We need to talk about your situation" A deep voice rumbled and suddenly, Jon found himself in a large stone temple, statues of Ra on either side of him. A hugh throne was in front of him, so he started walking towards it. When Jon got close enough, a figure made himself solid, sitting on the throne. Ra looked down at Jonathan with his eagle-shaped head and spoke again.

"Welcome Rashidi, or should I say Jonathan Carnahan? You are here because you feel you should just give up the struggle for your life and just leave your family behind. That I cannot allow" Jon looked up with him with a bit of anger and stated "Look, I know you're the most important God in Eygpt, but that dosen't give you the right to tell me what I should do with my life. I cannot live my life if my daughter is dead, I said it before"

Ra gave a small laugh before looking back down at Jon "But my old friend, she is alive. She was the one who brought me to the manor and saved your life, everyone's life. She commanded my daughter to kill that Steve and has gave me a very important request, but I need to tell you about it first" He closed his eyes and Jonathan could hear his daughter's voice echoing in the vast temple.

"Aunty Evy, uncle Rick and Alex are worried sick about you, about you not waking up. But I need you awake to prove them wrong"

"Most of all I need you. I've only lived here with you in the manor for four weeks now and I love it. But, I only loved it because you was around to keep me company when I needed it. If anything ever happened to you, I could never forgive myself and I don't now. I'll only forgive myself if you do wake up, so please open your eyes. Please"

"Remember, I told you I wanted a new step-mother and it looks like you found the perfect one. All we need now is for you to wake up and propose to her, then marry her. Good plan, eh?"

"Mighty Ra, I don't think my father is ever going to wake up. Please help him to wake, he does not deserve to be like that. Please"

Ra opened his eyes again and saw Jon had started crying "She is alive, she's alright" He sat down on some stairs and put his head in his hands and cried even more. Ra took pity on him and sat next to him on the stairs. He put his hand on Jon's good shoulder "Now do you see why I can't allow you to leave your family. They need you back there, espically your daughter. You need to go back"

Jonathan nodded, then added "But, I don't want to go back to all that pain. It's too much" "Then I shal heal your wounds as best as I can. But remember, you do have other family as well as your daughter you love you and need you back very badly. Walk back into the tunnel of light and you should return to your own world. Goodbye, old friend, take care of yourself and your family"

Jon got up and walked otwards the tunnel, not before turning around and waving his thanks. Then he stepped into the light.


Jonathan opened his eyes to see that he was back at the manor, in his own room, in his own bed. He moved his bad arm and was suprized to find it didn't hurt. He sat up and his ribs weren't hurting anymore either 'Thanks Ra, old boy'. He looked across and saw that Sarah had gone to sleep, her face tear stained. Jon stoke her cheek with the back of his fingers and smiled 'I don't think I could have died without loving another woman again'.

He then looked over to his open door and could hear someone crying. Getting up slowly, making sure he didn't wake up his love, he walked out the door and went to the source of the sound. Samantha's bedroom door was open a crack, but that was where the crying was coming from for sure. Jonathan opened the door slowly and walked in, seeing his daughter lying on her bed with her head in her pillow. He sat down on the bed and put his hand on Sam's back.

"Please, aunty Evy. I want to be left alone for a while" This bought a smile to Jon's face "I would leave you alone, but I'm not your aunty Evy" She stopped crying and lifted her head slowly to look the person in the face. When she saw Jonathan beaming down at her, she was beyound belief.

"Dad, dad. Is it really you? Are you awake and alright now?" He nodded and put his arms around his daughter's body, which she instantly did back "Oh thank the Gods, you are alright again. Dosn't it hurt you when I hug you though?"

"No, I took a little trip and saw Ra. He explained to me about why I shouldn't be giving up the fight for my life back with you lot. I thought you were dead because Steve shot you and I decided I couldn't live my life without you, then I heard your plea for me to wake up and it made me realise that I should be fighting for my life back with ALL my family as well as you. And for my love Sarah, I will marry her soon. I even have the perfect ring in my room from Hamunaptra to propose to her with, so you will soon have the step-mother you wanted to have. Ra told me he would heal my wounds as best as he could and he has. Then I woke up back here where I belong"

Samantha puled away from the hug and smiled up at him "I'm just glad you are alright again, dad. I couldn't live my life without you either, but I couldn't leave my family behind either as well. Come-on, let's have a look at this ring" Giving each a quick hug, they got up and left Sam's room to Jon's room.


Inside his room, Jonathan saw that Sarah was still asleep. He put his finger to his mouth to tell Sam to keep quiet, getting a nod and a smile. He walked over to a desk in the corner of the room and pulled open a drawer. He then took out a leather box and brought over to Samantha, opening it to reveal a beautiful gold ring, set with Diamond and Rubies "Oh dad, it's beautiful and perfect. She is going to be so lucky" Sam whispered.

A noise at the door brought their attention and they saw the O'Connell family and Ardeth staring at them, smiling "Jonathan, you're alright" Evy squealed, running to her brother and hugged him "Welcome back, Jon" Called Rick, who walked over to try and pry his wife off her brother "Uncle John, you're alright" Alex ran up to his uncle and nearly made him fall over. Ardeth smiled and nodded at him, which Jon nodded back at.

Jonathan grinned down at him and smiled at all his family. Then he heard a sound coming from the bed and noticed Sarah was waking up. She yawned and saw everyone in the room, but she had eyes only for her love smiling at her. She smiled back and got up, walking over to him and starting kissing him "Eww, gross. Get a room" Alex stated sarcascitly, earning a look from his mother and a laugh from his cousion.

When the kiss had ended, Sarah looked up to him lovingly "I thought I'd almost lost you. Don't you ever do that to me again" Jon laughed and looked back in her eyes "Don't worry. I won't, but I need to ask you something first" He got down on one knee and produced the ring from it's box.

"Sarah Green. I have loved you since I first met you. You have made me so happy, and Samantha happy for making me happy. Would you like to become Sarah Carnahan and Sam's new step-mother and my new wife?"

Sarah looked up at Samantha, who just nodded at her. She looked back down at Jon "Of course I'll marry you" Cheers went off around the room and Jonathan hugged his new fiance. Sam ran over and joined in the hug, laughing. 'My family, back together for good'.


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