Whew... final chapter at long, looong last! Onwards!


Major Paul Davis blinked at the subject line of the e-mail from Colonel Jack O'Neill. "Auxiliary Rules and Regulations for the Personnel of Project Blue Book," he read to himself. It didn't sound too bad. Not compared to some of the others the Colonel had sent out. But then, there was an attachment…

With a pre-emptive wince, Paul clicked to open the e-mail. Nothing immediately jumped out at him as a prank, so he cautiously continued. Subject line: inoffensive. In fact, for Colonel O'Neill, it was quite bland. Attachment: a Word document. It didn't look large enough to be an all-singing, all-dancing chain e-mail. It bore the same title as the mail itself. On the attachment's side was the fact it had cleared the Pentagon's not inconsiderable firewalls. The downside was that the mail had been originated by one Colonel Jack O'Neill, USAF.

Checking the list of recipients revealed little else about the contents. It was a standard list of the officials additions to the rules for a Most Secret, Eyes Only project would have to be-


Just wait ONE second. Why had Colonel O'Neill copied the President of the United States in on a mere procedure change document?

Dreading what he was about to see, and much against his better judgement, Paul clicked to open the document.


The President's secretary glanced across at the door of the Oval Office in consternation.

Yes, she decided, that did sound like the President sharing a belly laugh with... She checked her list and raised her eyebrows. She hadn't known that particular Chief of Staff even knew how to laugh!

Shaking her head in surprise, she turned back to her typing.