Title The Blood Amulet.

Chapter 1

Alana walked through her garden and smiled to herself. Today was her birthday , she was sixteen. Of course she didn't know the exact date of her birthday and that was disapointing. You see Alana was adopted when she was only a baby. Her parents were killed when a magic spell went horribly wrong her Step Mother had told her. Instead she grew up with a childless king and Queen who adored very much. Her Step Mother was a talented Sorceress and her Step Father was the king of a vast kingdom. There was another king near her Step Fathers Kingdom. King Deacon was his name. His Wife drowned sixteen years ago one night and he blamed her Step Father for it. They have fighting since.

Alana stopped walking. She was sure she had just heard cries for help. A fairy had caught her wings in the bushes and the thorns were tearing her delicate wings.

" Hold on " said Alana as she broke away the thorns and released the fairy. The fairy gasped a sigh of relief and sat comfortably on the palm of Alana's hand.

" I am Ezera " she announced giving a small bow. " Thank you for releasing me. I will of course award you for your noble deed."

Alana winced she had cut her hand in the thorns, Red blood was seeping out from the graze. Ezera dipped her small fingers into it. " Pure " she said suddenly.

" Excuse me " said Alana.

" Your blood " cried the Ezera. " It contains such wonderful magical properties. What is a powerful person as you doing in this realm".

Alana laughed. " I can perform simple magic with my wand. I assure you I am in no way powerful".

" Is it true you can perform magic without using a wand".

" Yes but what has that got to do with anything".

" There have been very few magical humans that could perform magic without a wand and even they had to train for years , and they came from the Echanted Forest , like you".

" Ezera I'm not from the Echanted Forest. My Parents died from a Spell that backfired. I am normal".

The fairy smiled and twirled around three times. " Here " she said clapping her delicate fingers twice and a silver vial appeared.

Alana grasped it. " What is this thing".

" This " said the Fairy is a vial containing the precious water from the Fountain of Eternal Life. The Fountain of Life is situated far away , high up in the mountains somewhere beyond the Echanted Forest. The Fountain contains the mystical waters of Alazi in our tongue , or simply means renewal. Three drops of this water will bring anyone back from the dead. But you have to pay a most terrible price. You see the act of bringing someone back from the dead is a complicated task and it also leaves an empty space from where the deseased went , when they died. The person who chooses to administrate the drops of water , must agree to make a sacrifice... with their life".

" You mean to say that in order to save that person , one must die in place for their life".

" Yes" said the Fairy. " It is a cruel thing I know. But it has made an impact on todays world".

" Why " asked Alana her tone slow and frightened. " Why have you given me this. Why would I need it"?

The fairy sighed. " The moment I saw your blood , I knew. You are in great danger Alana. Someone very evil is after you , and only you can stop them from destroying the Echanted Forest. I am giving you this because , soon you will be faced with many choices. I am giving you an option , hopefully you wont need to take it."