Chapter 12

Alana packed her bags and closed the doors of the palace. She gazed at the building for a moment and turned on her heel.

" Ah there you are. Look at the time already. I thought you were one for being early."

Alana sighed and faced Alex. " What are you doing here?"

" What am I doing here? Why I am joining you of course. I am preparing to enter the Enchanted forest with a dear young lady."

Alana laughed. " You wouldn't last five minutes."

" Huh I beg your pardon. I am a prince."

" Exactly your royal lazyness. They dont serve cocktails in the forest Alex , nor do they brush your hair or choose your clothes."

" Well we can work on that " said Alex. " I'm joking Alana. I am joking."

" Well I'm not " said Alana. " If there was one person I would not bring into the forest. It is you , you are far too talkative and spoilt for my liking."

" Thats not true " said Alex. " I would be a great companion."

" Why are you coming with me? What is your reason for bothering me?"

" Well I suppose it's because I love you."

Alana laughed. " Oh God you are serious."

" Well of course I am. Why else would I have said it."

" Well " replied Alana. " I was wrong about you Alex. You are completly insane as well. Admitting you love me."

" I do and you love me."

" No I dont."

" Yes you do."

" No I dont."

Alex dropped his bag and kissed her deepy to which she did not refuse.

" Yes you do."

Alana pulled away. " That was cheating , how was I to defend myself."

" You could have , but you didn't. So you do love me."

Alana frowned. " There are other ways of attracting girls."

" You do love me."

"FINE , FINE , I LOVE YOU. I have loved you since the day I first met you. Are you sasitfied."

" Very " said Alex. " Oh and Alana."

" Yes Alex."

" I dispised you , the moment I saw you."