Pvt. Tim Mithel was scared. The lifeboat he was in was teetering from side to side, and the temperature was almost unbearable. The pilot was slumped in the pilot's chair, and no one dared to get off of his or her seat. The lifeboat shook.

" I wanna go home!" yelled a wide-eyed Marine.

" Shut up, soldier! We can still hope!" Rex yelled over the extremely loud noise.

"Or we'll all be dead!" Another Marine put in.

" Be an optimist! There's nothing we can do right now!" Rex yelled.

" See? You're telling me to be an optimist when you are pessimising yourself-"

The Marine stopped himself just as the lifeboat gave one final shake, then plummeted down towards the ground below.

We're dead, Mithel thought. His stomache lurched.

The Covenant soldiers took up guard positions. Kiyip took his place on top of the Forerunner structure along with his Grunt unit and 'Hosamee. The Grunt felt something he had never felt in ages. Fear.

" What are the human positions?" 'Hosamee asked. The Elite seemed strangely calm.

" One human vessel is aimed right towards those hills over there." Another Elite made a gesture toward the hills. " We will cut them off right when they land."
"Good. We'll have them right where we want them."
" Commander! May I have a word with you?" A voice asked.

Kiyip turned to see a silver Elite walk up to 'Hosamee.

Strange. What is a Spec Ops Elite doing here? Kiyip stared.

"What is it you want?" 'Hosamee replied, calm as ever.

The Elite moved up to 'Hosamee.

Kiyip's watched, wide-eyed in horror, as a Grunt tailed the silver Elite nervously.

" I want you to know, that if you see a human that is…different from the others, kill him and bring him to me." Silver Elite said.

Kiyip could only half pay attention to the conversation, as most of his attention was focused on the Grunt. He could sense all the other Grunts in his unit were also staring. The Grunt whimpered.

"We will notify you if we find it." 'Hosamee replied.

" When we find it." Corrected Silver Elite, " Come, Yayap." The Elite beckoned to the Grunt. Kiyip could only stare curiously as the Silver Elite and the Grunt (Yayap, wasn't it?) left.