Chapter 1: Girl Meets Boy

Growing up in a small town was always fun because you knew everyone, first loves and life long friends evolve in a small town, John Cena and his 4 brothers grew up in a small town just outside Boston, Massachusetts, some say this is the story of the second oldest Cena brother, and in a way it is but this is also her story. Growing up next door to each other had it's advantages … 99 of the time they were in trouble but that 5 when they were being good that was the best time. How do I know this you ask well that is because I was there. Ashley like John was the second child in progression. I was her older sister, her older twin sister. Ashley was 2 minutes younger than me. Our story starts when Ashley and myself were 5 years old. Our father Russell moved us to West Newbury from Toronto, Canada. Ashley loved it immediately but then again Ashley loved anything.

"Looks girls we have our own backyard now" our father had said.

Ashley was ecstatic because we had lived in an apartment building before which didn't leave much space for an overactive 5 year old to run and play. I myself was more reserved and quiet than my sister but then again a child with asthma couldn't do much back then. Ashley ran outside and stood there for a few moments just looking around. I watched her from the house, our younger brother Owen was sitting in my lap. He was a year old then complications with his heart killed my baby brother before his third birthday but that isn't the story at hand. Like I said Ashley was outside just marveling at the trees and flower that grew in the backyard. But then a baseball seemed to have fallen from the sky. Of course it had only come from next door but then again Ashley was 5 who really knows what she thought.

"Ok Matt I'll go get it" a boy yelled walking into our yard.

He was wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts, a Boston Redsox hat and a baseball glove added to the reasoning that the baseball was his. He had come from the woods in the back of our house. He turned around to find Ashley standing there holding said baseball.

"Hi" he said.

"Hi" Ashley replied with a smile.

"My name is John, what's yours?" he asked.

"Ashley" she said.

"How old are you?" he asked.

"I turned 5 in March" she answered.

"I turned 6 in April" John said. He grinned showing off the places where baby teeth had once been.

"So this is your ball right?" Ashley asked.

"Yep, me and my brother Matt were playin" John replied.

"I have a brother too his name is Owen but he's a baby" Ashley said. "I have a sister too we're twins"

John explained that he had four brothers, Matt who was older and Dan, Steve and Sean who was younger. They began talking and this day that was probably the longest conversation John and Ashley ever had. That sounds crazy but Ashley and John spoke through actions, they always had to be doing something because they would drive themselves and everybody around them crazy is they were bored. By the time the conversation was over it had started to get dark. John knew he had to leave his mother would want him in soon.

"I have to go" he said "but I can come back tomorrow"

"Ok" Ashley replied.

"Bye" Ashley watched John disappear before going in herself.

John did come back the next day and everyday that week. He and Ashley became instant best friends. This was both a good thing and a bad thing I guess. I lost my best friend then and it would take years to get her back.