Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since he was eight. Now, seven years later, Severus Snape has a one night stand that just doesn't seem to end. How long will they be able to keep their secrets? HP/SS

Background: Because Harry was not at Hogwarts to stop Voldemort in his first year, Voldemort's attempts to regain a body were at least marginally successful. Voldemort has been an active presence in the wizarding world for a number of years, but the attacks haven't been too bad. It is not yet a full out war.

Harry has been living on the streets since he was abandoned. He has no true knowledge of the wizarding world or his family, although he does know that magic exists.

Warnings: Harry is underage in this. The very first night of their relationship Harry has not yet turned 15. Yup, that means he's 14. The under-age-ness doesn't last terribly long though. The majority of the fic takes place when Harry is 17 and older.

Disclaimer: Not mine. If you tried to sue me, you'd probably end up giving me money once you saw my bank statement. Really.

Rating: M (to be safe)

Ship: HP/SS (see above warning)




Severus turned away from the bar, ready to call it a night. Merlin, he had forgotten how loud and crowded and generally unpleasant nightclubs could be. What the hell had he been thinking, going out to a club like this?

He shook his head ruefully. He was entirely too old to go clubbing, particularly at a club that so clearly catered to the younger set.

The music seemed to throb even louder as he took one last look at the dance floor. He halted his exit, instead turning back to the bartender and ordering another drink as he leaned back against the bar to watch.

He immediately decided that he was really quite young, and that this particular club was perfect for him.

It was the eyes that caught him. The deep, brilliant, emerald eyes that seemed to constantly be taking in and analyzing those around him without ever losing a single, sensual beat.

He was breathtaking.

Severus sipped his drink absently, his eyes glued to the perfectly proportioned shoulders and tight arse as the young man danced with those near him, never committing to a single partner. He wore tight black pants and a black tank top, his long dark hair tied back in a messy ponytail.

The young man in question seemed to feel his stare and he turned his gaze toward Severus, staring at him just as blatantly. He winked and turned away again, gyrating against one of the many men competing for his attention, throwing his head back as the man's arm circled his waist and pulled him in closer.

He moved away easily as another man approached him, shrugging off his previous partner's hands without a thought. His green eyes glinted in amusement as he moved on to another partner.

The petite man flitted from partner to partner, never staying for long and seemingly enjoying each equally. He was both aggressive and submissive at once—eagerly seeking out a better partner while momentarily submitting to his current one.

The other dancers couldn't get enough of him, and they all sought him out for even a brief touch.

A particularly eager man started tugging at the dancer's tight shirt, pulling it up enough to reveal a taut stomach, deeply tanned skin and a dark trail of hair.

Severus nearly choked on his drink.

Severus set his nearly finished drink down on the bar and walked purposefully toward him, barely noting the sweaty, sexually charged dangers that he pushed out of the way. Sliding in behind the nameless dancer, he slid his hands down the man's sweaty chest to grip his hips, pulling him in tightly.

The dancer swallowed a deep groan and willingly accepted his new partner, completely ignoring the others who still sought his attention.

Something about Severus made the man accept him immediately rather than using him for a moment before moving on.

Severus' hands swept over the toned body, taking in as much as he could, smirking when he caught a hint of another moan. He bent lower and nipped at the glistening neck, his tongue teasing the man's earlobe.

The dancer turned as best he could with the iron grip Severus was keeping on his hips and caught his lips in a deep, needy kiss, his tongue invading and tasting hungrily. He pulled away reluctantly when the need for air became too great and simply leaned his head back against Severus, panting softly.

"Shall we leave?" Severus murmured softly.

The dancer nodded jerkily and then allowed Severus to pull him from the dance floor, out of the building and into a nearby alley.

Severus wrapped his arms around the young man and then concentrated for a brief moment before reappearing in his London flat.

"You're a changer too?" the dancer asked, more of a statement than a question.

"A changer?"

"You can change things. You know, like when your clothes are wet and you change them so they're dry. Or when your tea is cold and you change it so it's hot. Changing."

Severus nodded his understanding. He had known the moment that he touched him that the young man had magical abilities. Witches and wizards simply felt different than muggles. That is why he had not hesitated to apparate him.

He had not been able to tell though that the man was completely untrained. He wasn't entirely certain he would have brought the man home with him had he been aware of it.

What was he thinking? He didn't give a damn either way. Nothing but a blatant rejection would have enticed him into leaving that man behind.

While he was thinking about this the dancer had discovered the bed and started stripping out of his clothes. "Are you coming?"

With a start Severus came back to reality and realized that he had an incredibly hot young man standing in his bedroom stark naked. He eagerly started pulling his own clothes off before climbing into bed next to the still nameless man.

The dancer swung up onto Severus, straddling his waist comfortably and bending down for another deep kiss.

All thoughts of how the man came to be as old as he appeared to be without having received proper training fled his mind as Severus succumbed to the kiss, willingly giving up control.

When the dancer was satisfied with his conquest he eased up, pushing himself up on his arms to look into Severus' deep black eyes. "You have beautiful eyes," he said softly, before shaking his head and getting back to business. "Top or bottom?"

"I prefer to top but I am not adverse if you wish to."

The dancer slid off of him and spread himself out on the large bed, opening his legs invitingly. "Maybe later. I've been waiting too long for this."

Severus walked over to the dresser next to the bed and grabbed a bottle of lubricant, hesitant to use a spell knowing what he did about the man's lack of exposure to everyday magic. He turned back to the bed, his breath catching in his throat as the man reached down and pulled his knees up to his chest, opening himself up.

"Merlin, you're beautiful," Severus breathed.

The young man looked startled at his use of 'Merlin' but didn't respond with anything but a groan as he felt one of Severus' long fingers circle his tight hole.

Severus smirked and pushed the finger in, biting back a groan of his own as he felt how tight the man was. He briefly wondered what his name was but decided that now was definitely not the time to stop with questions. He eagerly pushed a second finger in, searching for his prostate and then delighting in the string of curses that he heard when he finally found it.

He quickly finished preparing his partner and pushed himself in, barely able to hold back his own orgasm when the man clamped down on him so tightly.

It had been far too long since he had been with a lover.

He withdrew and pushed back in, his control once again in hand, moving slowly but deeply. He felt long legs wrap around his waist and pull him in closer. He knew he wouldn't last long.

He reached down and grasped the dancer's cock, his thumb spreading the precum as he pulled, almost desperate to bring his partner relief before he embarrassed himself by coming so quickly.

"Harder," the dancer panted, once again pulling his knees to his chest.

Severus obliged, pulling more roughly on leaking prick.

As he felt the man spend himself in his hand he lost control himself and thrust in one more time, deeply.

He collapsed next to the young man, shaken by the power of his orgasm. It had been quite a while since someone other than his own hand had gotten him off.

A dusky voice startled him out of his orgasmic haze. "Mind if I stay here tonight? It's late to be going home."

"As you wish," Severus said, pulling the blankets up and reaching over to shut off the light.

As much as he wanted to stay awake all night and look at the beautiful man sleeping in his bed he didn't dare. He still couldn't believe that the dancer had come home with him. He was not the kind of man that random nightclub patrons tended to have one-off's with.

The young man fell asleep almost instantly, snoring lightly. Severus found the sound almost comforting.

Strange, given that he usually couldn't tolerate bedmates.

He chose not to look too deeply into that.

He nearly jumped when he felt the man curl up against him, pushing his arse against his hips and his back against his chest. He reluctantly wrapped an arm around the toned chest and pulled him in closer, not wanting to admit to himself how nice it felt.



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