All right, I know I said that would be the end, but I had some very murderous fans who pushed me... So, here it is. The alternate ending. Yes, I'm sure you all can guess how it ends ''. But anyways, this one starts from the Tsunade and Sakura scene.

Hinata sat in Naruto's apartment, unable to think, unable to move... Simply breathing. Naruto's friends were there as well, and not a word was said. It was a sad thing... They all were going over past pictures and memories... of Team 7... of a loud-mouthed kid who claimed he would become hokage, that he would not die before he became hokage... And now, they all prayed for that one man who fought for his dream unlike any other... Suddenly, the door creaked open. Hinata's breath went short.

Opening the door completely, Kakashi revealed a tired and sleepy Sakura, and more importantly, a safe Naruto. He was bandaged up completely. A collective sigh was heard.


Sakura knocked him off Naruto in an instant with such force Kiba broke the wall. "Shut up!" she harshly whispered. "Do you want to kill him?"

As she sat down, she explained what had happened. "The antidote also had some rather harsh effects on his body. His skin was nearly obliterated, and his muscles were torn as it was a strong acid, but the natural buffers in his blood kept the pH balance at a 6.9... Any more and he would have died. He'll live, but he'll have to be in bed for about three months... I'm guessing in about six months he'll be back to normal..."

"So, is he awake?" Kiba asked.

Everyone stared.

"What do you think hotshot?" Sakura glared.

Hinata took over from there. No one was allowed to see him for another month.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto slowly said.

"Naruto-kun, hush. You shouldn't talk."

"I need something..."


"I-Ichiraku-san's ramen..."

She smiled and kissed him.

"But that works, too."

She hugged him tightly. "Don't you ever scare me like that again..." she whispered."

Naruto had a devious glimmer in his eyes. "Of course not."

Everyday, Hinata would care for him. After one month, Hinata allowed others to visit him. Tsunade would come weekly to check if all his system functions were getting back on track and for a general check up.



Tsunade turned around. "Yes?"

"Naruto-san has gotten a baby boy."

Naruto had Hinata on his lap who had their baby near her breast. Gently, he kissed her cheek. "So, you think Ichiro will like ramen?"

She sighed as her husband massaged her worries away. "I'm sure he'll take after his father."

Another kiss was earned this way.

"I want a girl, too..."

"Well, then, Naruto-kun..." Hinata said kissing him. "We'd better get busy then."


The public now came and surrounded the three. Naruto smiled brightly. "Well, the newest member of the Uzumaki family has the entire village's attention... What better way to enjoy it than to be asleep." he joked. "Ouch!" he winced as Hinata slapped him.

"Don't insult my baby."

Naruto muttered something about 'sharing' and turned to Tsunade. "Well, open the doors!"

Guests poured in.

Everyone celebrated Naruto's getting better, his and Hinata's child, as well as his induction into Hokage-ship.

Kiba came and gave Naruto the long-deserved punch, only to have pie thrown back at him as revenge. "GETTING EVEN! THAT'S ALL I ASK! JUST GETTING EVEN!"

"You'll never catch up now."

"Now that you have ten ANBU guards watching you 24/7?"

Naruto nodded. "Plus, Hinata would get you good."

"I don't think so. Don't you pull me into your little fights."

"But – I – he, Hinata-chan!" he pouted.


"So, guys, what do you think of the soon-to-be Rokudaime?" Sakura sekd.


"SSSSSHHHH! Ichiro is sleeping..." they all hissed.

"Of youth still burns within you." Lee whispered.

Neji, meanwhile, was showering Naruto with thanks for uniting he and TenTen.

"Really, Neji, it's no pro --" he mouthed 'help me' to his friends.

"Well, I guess I'm losing my number one customer then?" Ichiraku said smiling. "Being Hokage, you won't get too much time!"


"Do you have a to-go option?"

They all laughed. "For you, yes."

"Good! Sakura-chan can be my ramen lady... TenTen can be my secretary, and -- uh oh..."

"Sorry, Hinata, but as you know, I have to give a quick tutorial to the new hokage, so I'll have to borrow him for a moment."

Hinata nodded.

Naruto kissed her on the lips and gently kissed his boy on the forehead. "Sorry guys, duty calls." He grinned in a very cheesy manner.

"Rokudaime-sama, Godaime-sama. Please, this way."

Rokudaime-sama... Naruto smiled. I like it...

Tsunade and Naruto appeared in the center of a stadium, and Tsunade inducted him in to Hokage-ship. Naruto thought the whole deal was a bunch of BS, but he smiled through it. At the end, he sat in his new desk. First, they had to tell the village although most of them knew it was he anyways. Next, they had to ask the Council if they could, and if the Council approved, they would tell the villagers. Unfortunately, the Council didn't. But with Tsunade... persuasion they agreed. Then, they reported to the villagers it was a success.

His room was simple – it had a desk, a pencil, and a stack of papers. On the wall were pictures of previous hokage's. It seemed the stern Yondaime was almost smiling... On his desk were pictures of Hinata and his new son, Ichiro. Frowning at the paper work, he shifted his view to the academy where he could see children playing. Above the academy, the great Fire Nation torch was lit; Konoha had become the capitol. While it did mean more paperwork, it was worth it. It blazed spiritedly in the sun. Children were pissing of Iruka sensei again, and he could hear Iruka's voice through the open window. He smiled, realizing not too long ago he was one of those kids...

"In order to protect the village, all of Konoha's shinobi risk their lives and fight! In this society,
true power is not attained from mastering all the world's ninjutsu... When there is something
important to protect, a shinobi's true strength emerges... We will meet in another world, to where the leaves dance and the fire burns, the shadows of fire illuminated by the village... and a
new leaf sprouts...

The spirit of fire is passed down to the Konoha ninjas... The small fires in Konoha will become big fires... And will one day become the next generation hokage... Continuing to shine in the village..."
-- Sandaime Hokage.


Well, there you have it. I didn't really like this one. Mostly it was written because of my murderous fans... I rushed through it, yes, I know. What can I say? I have five finals coming up, and I'm busy. Well, it had a lot more, but I decided to cut it out. Well, that's all for now!