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Chapter 1: These Words

Casey McDonald sat face up on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She had had a long day at school and she was feeling restless. Groaning, she picked herself up off of the bed and walked over to her backpack, taking out a notebook and pen, and then sat herself back down on the bed. After staring at the paper for a while, she finally gave up and got back up. This time, she took a CD, placed it into her CD player, and hit play. Music blasted from the stereo and she made her way back to her bed, picked up her pen, and began to write. It was about an hour later when she finally set down her pen again. She read over her work and, looking satisfied, but the notebook away. She heard her dad call her and Derek down for dinner and shut off the stereo, walking out of her room and down the stairs to the dining room. The next day at school she got a similar burst of inspiration. She took out her notebook once again and began to write. She showed her works to her best friend Emily later that day, including 2 more that she had written late last night and in the morning. She read them over surprisingly quickly and smiled at Casey. "Casey, these are great. But, they're all love stories. Who are they about?" Casey shrugged.

"I'm not really sure. They just…came to me. For some reason after yesterday I just got inspired to write." Emily raised her eyebrows.

"Really? Well, could this possibly have something to do with your encounter with Derek yesterday?" Casey gave her a look.

"Emily, I don't have a thing for Derek, ok? He's my stepbrother not to mention a total jerk. We're practically from different planets." Emily still looked skeptic, but let it go.

"Whatever. Well, I've gotta go to class. See you later." With that, she stood up and walked away, leaving Casey with her own thoughts. I don't have a thing for Derek…do I? Utterly confused and perhaps a bit horrified at the thought, Casey put her head in her hands. This can't be happening.

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