Chapter 1: The Island

Aang , Katara and Sokka were exploring a island.

" Where are we?" Katara asked

" I'm not sure Katara but I have a feeling Zuko's here as well" Sokka told her pulling out his knife.

" Unlce the Avatar is some where here on this island" Zuko said cutting away the tree branches that were in his way with a sword. Iroh followed his nephew while drinking tea.

" don't get your self all in a bunch Princes Zuko, If you make to much nosie he'll hear you and leave as soon as posible" Iroh told his ill tempered nephew

" then how about you, SHUT UP" Zuko shouted, the birds flew from the trees causing a racket. Zuko glared at his Uncle " don't say a word" he warned.

" I'm going to find some water" Katara sugested

" Katara what if Zuko's on this island?" Sokka asked

" I use my waterbending like this" with a flick of her wrist, a streem of the ocean's water formed behind her brother, she whiped Sokka on the foot

" verry funny" Sokka told her " come right back ok!".

Walkking through the woods, Shoving branches out of the way Katara maded her way over to a river. She was about to fill her canteen when a voice spoke to her

" this is sacred water don't touch or you'll suffer " it said

" whoa I never knew waterbenders could comunicate with water"

" how about fire" a voice called out. Katara knew that voice

" what are you doing here?" she asked.

I edit this chapter,made it alittle longer. Enjoy