Sorry for the wait. I had a few brain farts here and there, writers block, SEASON FINALY OF AVATAR SEASON 2!!!, playing avatar the videogame and ect...but here is chapter 14 of A zutara and I'm going to finish this no matter what the cause (unless season three of avatar starts).

Chapter 14: Katara hears a story

Aang, Sokka and Zuko took off on Appa. Zuko dicided not to ponder about them knowing his name when he realy didn't say it..but he was thinking how he was going to get back at Katara.

" were almost there" Aang said " Sokka can you take over for awhile".

" ok" Sokka said with out any though. Aang went over to Zuko to explaine how there going to get threw this.

" Is her brother realy that stupid?" Zuko asked

"uh...lets just say he's sometimes a Goofball" Aang said.

Back on the ship. Katara was putting on a pouty face and it's making the crew laugh at her. She was with Iroh as he was drinking his tea.

" Goodness Zuko I haven't seen you this pouty ever since you were 3" Iroh said, Katara tried to think of somthing that will let her listen to a old Zuko story and act like him at the same time.

" well I was three, now I'm 15" she said in a manly voice

" 15?, Zuko your 16 not 15 what made you think that?" Iroh asked. Katara was bitting her nalies thinking she screwed up UHHG! since when was the last time Zuko... she quickly stoped.

" uh..I was.. not thinking at the time" she quickly said

"well ok..but when you were 3 years old, you were quite a child" Iroh continued

" I was?" Katara asked, a little evil smile came across her face.

" Yes, you were, why so intrested all of a sudden of hearing your past?" Iroh asked

" don't know,maybe it'll help me remember the good times I had as a kid" she said or a way to get back at the jerk.

" Well, when you were 2 and after you compleated your potty trianing. you ran around the palace telling every one you were the lord of the potty. your sister who was still in potty trianing she went up to you and called you Mr.Potty show off". Iroh looked down at his nephew who was realy Katara, she had her head in the coushin that she brought up from her seat,the whole head was red.

" I didn't mean to embarass you, you brought this apond your self" Iroh told her. Katara wasn't realy embarass, she was trying so hard not to laugh.

Iroh just chucked at her amusedment.

Um...yeah...Katar needs to have somthing to stab Zuko with so yeah what better way to embarass Zuko then with a old potty traing story...Zuko is so going to kill Iroh for this