Harry Potter was not an ordinary boy. This fact had been established many times in his life, especially when considering the fact that he was only 15 years old. Well, really he was almost 16. Harry was currently awaiting the stroke of midnight, when his birthday would arrive, and he would be one year closer to getting away from the hideous muggles that he was unfortunate enough to call his relatives. At 17 he would be an adult in the wizarding world, and blood protection or not, there was no way that Harry was going to be staying at the Dursley's one minute past his 17th birthday.

Harry sighed, after all there was quite a bit of time left before that miraculous moment would arrive, and looked at the clock: 11:59. 'Well' he thought, 'better make a wish now…' Closing his eyes, Harry wished for the only thing that he had ever wanted: a normal life, free from the restraints that had been placed on him for his 'safety'.

Harry could not see his clock as the numbers changed to 12 midnight, but his birthday came none the less. And with it came pain such as he had never felt before. An all consuming fiery pain that traveled up and down his body as if searching for the place that it could cause the most damage to. He clenched his eyes shut to ward against the pain, willing his body to relax. Willing the pain to simply go away.

His plan was unsuccessful. A blood curdling scream was wrenched from his lips as the pain increased, sharp daggers seemingly tearing at every inch of his body and soul. And than Harry blissfully fell into unconsciousness and knew no more.

Harry's return to consciousness was slow, as if he expected to be assaulted by pain again and wanted to be able to run back and hide in the abyss if any hint of it were to show up again. Fortunately for him, the pain was remarkably absent. He opened his eyes, blinking at the light that somewhat blinded him.

Eyes adjusting to the light, he stared up at the ceiling, the sight causing him to groan. He had not imagined the pain, though he still had no idea what caused it, because it was not the ceiling of the house on Privet Drive, but the ceiling of Hogwarts' hospital wing that he was now looking at. A ceiling that was all too familiar to Harry's eyes.

Footsteps shuffling near the bed caught his attention. "I see you're finally awake Mr. Potter," Madame Pomfrey said. "drink this potion while I get Professor Dumbledore. You've no doubt questions to ask, and I'm not the one that should be answering them." She thrust a vial in his hands, and Harry glared at it. It would no doubt taste extremely foul if his past experience was worth anything. Mentally preparing himself for the worst, Harry downed the potion in one large gulp, grimacing at the taste. Eck, it was like stewed cabbage and some sort of rotten garbage. He grabbed a glass of water from the bedside table and downed it quickly in an effort to rid his mouth of the taste. His efforts were futile, and he knew the after-taste of the potion would probably linger until he was forced to drink another potion.

Harry settled back in the pillows in defeat. What had happened to him? What was that pain? And what the bloody hell was taking Dumbledore so long! He wanted answers and he wanted them now!

Feeling his impatience rise, Harry mentally calmed himself. His emotions had been slightly off since Sirius' death. He no longer blamed himself, but he couldn't help feeling as if he'd lost his family all over again. He didn't really have anyone to love. No parents left, no god-parents, his best friends Ron and Hermione had hooked up and had no time for him, and he had no girl friend. Or boyfriend, for Harry suspected that he was gay. He didn't know for sure, as he'd had only the one kiss with Cho to base his feelings on, but he was fairly certain that if he kissed a certain Slytherin professor, whom he was willing to admit was very attractive despite his attitude, it would have taken a lot more to ruin the kiss than a little crying.

Dumbledore's quiet cough brought Harry back from his reverie.

"Professor, what's going on with me?" Harry asked, sounding desperate despite his intention to remain calm.

Dumbledore smiled leniently at him. "Nothing s truly wrong with you Harry. You just came into your inheritance. You see Harry, when a magical creature reaches the age of 16, they take on the traits of the creature that would previously have been hidden." Harry inwardly blanched. Did that mean that he wasn't human? Apparently it did because Dumbledore continued with, "You are what is known as a Royal Elf, Harry. Their major characteristics are the dark hair and eyes and light skin, the pointy ears, and in the submissive elf, their short stature. Qualities that have all shown themselves in you." Dumbledore looked at him appraisingly. Harry was only 5'5'', and extremely low height for a boy his age. And while this could have been due to the malnutrition that he had suffered as a child, Dumbledore rather suspected that Harry would have been short regardless.

Sighing he continued, "They have the ability to control the elements to varying degrees, and most can talk to the animals and exert a degree of control on them."

Harry sighed. He had always been short… damnit that would mean…. "You belong in the category of submissives, which means that you have the ability to bare children." Harry audibly gulped. "And that you'll be emitting certain pheromones that are bound to attract other dominant magical creatures, who will wish to bond with you. Most likely only one of these will feel 'right' to you, though it is possible that there be more than one, and that one will be your mate. You'd never be happy with anyone else after that." Everything seemed to happen to him.

"You're sure that I'm a submissive, though? Maybe you made a mistake." Harry looked rather hopeful at this thought.

"I'm sorry Harry, but I have solid evidence that you are submissive. And no, before you ask me, I cannot share this with you. It is not my news to share, though I have no doubts that you will be informed of the situation before long." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. There was no way that Harry was not a submissive after the display with all of the magical creatures outside. They had fought over the very powerful sub that they had sensed inside of Hogwarts, though only the victor, or victors, would be allowed to even see him.

"So… When do I go back to Privet Drive?" Harry asked quietly, no longer wanting to sit in silence, as he was resigned to his fate.

"My dear boy, there is no way we could allow you to return there. Your Aunt and Uncle would certainly not appreciate it if magical creatures began showing up on their doorstep intent on bonding with you. I must warn you Harry, many of them can be rather insistent. You'll have to chose your mate very quickly." Dumbledore replied, eyes twinkling brightly as he mentally added, 'Not that any of your mates would really allow you a choice in the matter.'

Despite the fact that Dumbledore knew that this would be overwhelming for Harry, he also knew that those that had chosen Harry as their mate would protect him. He would no longer have to worry about protecting the boy. Voldemort was gone and the rest of the remaining Death Eaters were not such complete fools as to go up against Harry's new mates.

Harry simply nodded in response. Dumbledore seemed to sense that he needed time to process the information and he stood to excuse himself. "Oh, and Harry? Remus Lupin said that he would be coming to stay here at the castle with you for the rest of the summer. He should be here any minute. I believe he will be bringing some companions with him as well. This way you won't be… lonely this summer." Dumbledore inwardly smirked. There was no way Harry would be lonely this summer, or more likely, ever again. Rather than reply Harry simply nodded once more, though this time there was a slight smile on his face. Dumbledore swept out of the hospital wing, and Harry sat back against the pillows.

He was an elf. A submissive elf. He was going to have a mate. He was going to become pregnant by said mate. First all that mess with sodding Voldemort and now this. Well, at least Voldemort was gone. Harry had hit him with Avada Kedavra and pushed him through the veil. He wasn't going to be coming back. Harry thanked whatever gods there were for the fact that Lucius Malfoy had been a spy. He had pretended to capture Harry during their fight at the Ministry and informed Voldemort that it would be safe to come and kill Harry. Unfortunately for Voldemort, Lucius had released Harry shortly after his arrival, and Harry had thrown the killing curse at his unsuspecting rival, the force of it pushing him backwards through the veil.

Harry had been hailed as a hero, but Harry had been to upset over losing Sirius to fully enjoy the fact that the man who seemed to live to torment him was gone. Deep down he knew that Sirius' death wasn't his fault, but he couldn't help wishing that he'd listened to Snape before the battle. Afterwards, he and Snape had become friends of a sort. Snape had told Harry that most of his personality was an act to fool Voldemort, and Harry had apologized for the situation with the pensieve.

At least he had the powers that Dumbledore had informed him of to look forward to. Speaking to animals seemed incredibly appealing. Smiling slightly to himself, he wondered if he could find a unicorn to speak to. They were such beautiful creatures, always had such interesting things to talk about… wait where had that thought come from?

Before Harry could figure out why he suddenly knew that unicorns were superb conversationalists, he was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of the door to the hospital wing slamming into the wall as it was opened rather forcefully. He looked up fearfully, and to his surprise the door was filled with his friends. But instead of looks of worry over his health and friendly smiles he saw looks of possessiveness and desire. And love.

"Remus, Severus, um Mr. Malfoy? What are you three doing here?" Harry asked nervously. They couldn't all be… no it was impossible. Besides, Dumbledore seemed to know something about his mate, and he surely would have warned him if it was one of his friends. He had assumed that it would be someone he had never met before. He tried to ignore the feelings that the other men were radiating, but the looks they sent him as they rushed into the room were unmistakable. They wanted him.

Remus reached his bed first, immediately leaning over Harry and burying his face in Harry's neck, inhaling deeply. "Mine" he growled. Harry was incredibly surprised. Remus didn't seem to be in his right mind at all, and he was never so possessive. In fact, he had just growled! That had to be the wolf in him trying to get out.

As engrossed as he was in trying to figure out what Remus was doing, Harry didn't notice that the others had reached him as well. "No, ours" a voice hissed. Someone bent down and nipped at his ear. The voice was so close, and it sent shivers down his spine. Some part of him, a part that was hidden rather deep down but that was fighting its way to the surface whispered back, 'yes, yours'.

"What's going on? What are you ah doing?" Harry gasped. He knew that Remus was a werewolf, and therefore a magical creature who was well within the bounds of possibility as a potential mate, but what about the others? Were the rumors about Snape really true? Was he a vampire? And what about Mr. Malfoy? He certainly didn't look like a magical creature, though there was a beauty to him that Harry simply couldn't ignore.

Hands were all over his body. Mouths kissing every inch of available skin. The heat was incredible, and Harry didn't want it to end. Despite his desires he began struggling, pulling away from the four men who were intent on getting their elf.

As everyone's inner natures struggled to calm silence reigned. The only audible sound harsh breathing. Snape was the first to regain his composure, though his voice was somewhat hoarse as he said, "The three of us defeated the rest outside. We decided to share you. You are ours." The other nodded in agreement, all looking at Harry like he was some sort of sweet they wanted to devour.

"What others? How could anyone get here this quickly? I've only been 16 for a couple of hours right?" Harry asked, confused.

Remus smiled at his mate, he was adorable when he was confused. "Its been three days since your birthday. All of the dominant magical creatures within England had flocked here, but the three of us defeated them, and sent them home. We, um decided that none of us would mind sharing you." Remus looked slightly embarrassed at this admission, but the look in his eye made it evident that he was not going to back down.

Snape continued, "I can't explain why, but for some reason sharing you with these three felt right. Which I know for a fact it isn't supposed to. Not unless you have more than one mate… so it would appear that you are destined to be with all of us." Snape smirked at his mate. Harry's eyes were comically wide, but it wasn't fear that was reflected in them. Instead, all of his mates could see the realization in them. Harry knew this was right. It felt as perfect to him as it did to them.

Lucius chose to step in at this point, "The war is over, and we all fought on the same side. We won against incredible odds, and I for one, know that I was attracted to your strength and beauty even before you turned 16. I think its safe to say that all of us love you, and would do anything to protect you. Our perfect little elf." Lucius smiled warmly and leaned down over Harry, capturing his lips in a soft kiss. Harry knew he should have pulled away, told them all that they were crazy, but the feeling of Lucius' lips on his was amazing, and it just felt… right. He couldn't have stopped it even if he wanted to, which he didn't.

Harry was lightly panting as Lucius broke the kiss. He closed his eyes, content to feel all of his mates around him. He could not see them, but he knew that each of them was touching some part of him in some way. It felt so perfect, and so soo good. He heard a low rumbling sound and could not place it. He cracked open one eye and realized that his three mates were looking at him like they were ready to pounce on him. The sound stopped briefly before starting up again, and Harry realized that it was himself, and the sound was his purring! Since when did he purr? Harry shook his head softly but could not bring himself to stop, or to move at all. He was happy, and if he had his way he wouldn't be leaving the safety of his mates' touch for an extremely long time.

Harry relaxed and fell back into a deep sleep, and the three men arranged themselves around their little sub so that he was cocooned beneath them and they were comfortable as well. They realized that while Harry would always be at the center of this relationship, they were going to become a lot closer to each other as well. And while the thought of sleeping with each other might have at one time disturbed them, they knew they would do anything for their Harry.

Unbeknownst to the men, they were being watched from the door way. Professor Dumbledore smiled at the obvious affection between the men. He knew they would develop a happy family in a way that many would not understand. There was, after all, the obvious difference in age. He knew they would overcome that. Wizards live a long time, but magical creatures tended to live even longer. And as a Royal Elf, Harry would not age normally. He would probably change in a few days to appear about 25 years old, and after that not age again for many year. Vampires were similar. Severus still looked like a young man, and would for a great deal of time. Veela would never appear old. To look old was imperfection, and veela simply did not have any imperfections, it was against their natures. And despite the gray hair, Remus Lupin was still young and healthy. He was a werewolf, but the werewolf was by nature strong and long lived. Remus would probably be the first to show signs of aging, but even then it would be a slow and graceful process, slowed by the newest edition of the Wolfsbane potion, which effectively eliminated the pain of the transformation.

These four young men were going to be very happy together for a long time to come. And Dumbledore was going to make sure that no one got in their way. They would be bonded and adding new additions to their family before they knew it. Dumbledore smiled, Molly Weasley was sure to be thrilled at that.